Fresh Start for August



Time just flies so fast! I can’t imagine its already August. What a relief that I finish today the updates and posts in here. I am hoping to more postings that would reap good benefits soon. August would be a fresh start. Good Luck!

Fresh Catch


Crispy squid rings deep fried to golden brown and seasoned with choiced spices and seasonings. Now you can make calamares dish with less a fuss. For this meal i use McCormick calamares mix because it is easy to use seasoning mix that will surely make meal time extra special. The secret of cooking is in the premium spices expertly blended to give a truly delectable dish your family will surely love.

Get Slim by FernSlim

This is another kind of food supplement by the maker of FernC vitamin C. These small cups contain fabuless, an ingredient of purified palm oil & oat oil. (both naturally have dietary lipids formulated in a potent protected emulsion. The micro structure of FernSlim is made with tiny droplets of palm oil covered with substances derived from oat oil. This then gives oat oil a resistant coat making our bodies digest these droplets very slowly. When the undigested fat reaches the ileum (latter part of the small intestine) this triggers our natural appetite control mechanism. A “feeling of fullness” (also called satiety) is signaled to the brain. The consumer who takes fernslim will then feel that he does not need to take in more calories (food), will eat less and still feel full or satisfied.

FernSlim takes effect 3-4 hours later. If you take a cup for lunch, it will help you at dinner and afterwards. The effects last more than 8 hours. It is nice to know about this new product of Fernslim as a safe and easy way to eat less.

Sunday Lunch with Kare-Kare

Its been a long time since my last cooking of this saucy Pork Kare-Kare. Pork hind boiled until tender added with peanut sauce, string beans, banana heart, eggplant and topped with pechay vegetables. Thickened peanut sauce was already a savory meal itself. Everybody enjoyed the lunch with this saucylicious meal.

Pancit Canton Day

Pancit Canton Especial

I missed eating noodles. Before I went home last night, I dropped by in one of my favorite restaurant that cooked specialty meals like this special pancit canton. Ingredients like shrimps,chicken and pork together with carrots, celery and cabbage stir fried with sauce in fine noodles. The noodles were specially prepared by the restaurant and cooked home-made just for the noodle specialty recipes. What a delicious noodle meal!

Functions and Work Load

I had a meeting yesterday at the office regarding job functions and responsibilities. The functions given were a piece of cake for me (honestly speaking). However, it is the bulk of the said functions that I could not take as of this time. It is hard because after the moving in to the new office, the set-up is disorganized yet. There were lacking fixtures and equipment that are very much needed to do my functions. Output and efficiency are affected by the current set-up. I hope this could be resolved the soonest time.

Farewell, Michael Jackson

I stayed up late last night just to watched the live broadcast from Staples Center, Los Angeles on the memorial service for Michael Jackson. Many people attended including big celebrities that payed tribute to the genius man in the music industry. It was a sad moment to the fans and family because MJ is a big loss. I was still young then when I heard about his name and his popular music. I could say that he is really an icon. His demise could be forgotten by people but his music will continue to live on. Thank you, Michael Jackson for the music and inspiration that you brought to the world. Farewell and may you rest in Peace.

FERN-C the Super Vitamin C

I had been taking my daily dose of vitamin C in sodium ascorbate form ( FERN-C ) for the past 3 years now. It is an alkaline-based , natural vitamin C in a pH range of 7.5 to 7.8. For quite a long time of using this product, I can proudly say that my personal health is doing great. I take 2 capsules daily and in times when I can feel stress or too busy in my everyday activities, I can take up to 10 capsules a day without being overdosed or feeling dizzy.

Here are some of the beneficial results of taking Vitamin C:

1>As super anti-oxidant, it strengthens the immune system of the body.

2>It protects the body against flu, cough, bronchitis, respiratory problems, viral and bacterial infections.

3>Safeguards the heart and entire cardiovascular system from bad cholesterol deposits.

4>Helps ease mental stress and protects against stress-related disorders.

5>The anti-histamine actions of vitamin C enable people to tolerate food they otherwise could not eat because of allergy problems.

6>Reduces insulin requirements of diabetics.

7>Serves as a natural anesthetic and anti-inflammatory.

It is best for us to take Vitamin C in alkaline-based and NOT acidic-based. Alkaline based is a natural vitamin C. It can be taken as much as 10,000-20,000 mg/day; safe and effective. The higher the dosage the better. It dissolves quickly and is absorbed by the body 5-8 times faster than the acidic vitamin c tablets. It can be taken before or after meals; non-acidic, tummy-friendly. The body’s absorption is up to 95% and only 5% is being flushed out.

Our family has been very health conscious especially on the case of my Uncle Gene. Few years ago, he undergone an operation in which one of his kidneys was removed due to a cyst formation. Later, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and abdominal aortic aneurism (AAA). The doctors advised surgical removal of aneurism but no guarantee of success after. This could just pose an eminent danger to his life. His condition is sensitive and really needs extra care. At his age now of 75, he lives life and takes responsibility on his health. He was taking 60 capsules of vitamin C sodium ascorbate (FERN-C) per day until to date. I think this alternative approach has been proven to be successful as far as his condition is concerned.

Our future hopes and goals can best be build through a good foundation of our health, so start taking vitamin C sodium ascorbate and feel better.. live longer….

Green Living is Better Living — Plantex

I was introduced by my cousin about this green advocacy of a company that produces PLANTEX products. They promote world class quality home-care organic products. Environment protection is a great challenge for us today because we are living in a modern world of degraded eco-system. Health and wellness starts with a healthy home environment thus the advocacy of these green products acts for the protection of our family’s health and the environment as well.
Let me share here some of the products and it’s uses and benefits;

* Green organic fabric conditioner
Fabric softener that does not only leave clothes soft & fragrant, it also make sure that it wont harm you and the environment.
* Green organic detergent powder w/ antibac
Effectively clean clothes w/ long-lasting deodorizing effect. It has superior cleaning power that cleans thoroughly w/ quick action. Formulated to cut tough grease & other tough stains on clothes. Clothes will stay fresh & odor free even with out sunshine.
* Green ultimate solution
Superior deodorizing, cleaning& disinfecting power. Effectively eradicates odor at its source as it disinfects. 100% killing of pathogenic micro-organisms such as e-coli, salmonella, pseudonomonas etc.Effectively removes hard stains, soot,molds,mildew & cleans tile gout.
* Green all in one multi purpose
The solution cleans, disinfects & removes odor w/ wide range of application like markets, schools,hospitals, restaurants,hotels, malls,food processing,poultry,pet shops,piggeries and other areas where there are needs for odor elimination and sanitation.
* Plantex all in one solution
Multipurpose plant extract concentrate. You can use this product as odor eliminator, as insect repelant, waste water treatment solution and as replacement of chlorine on tap water.
* Green organic bath soap
A special blend of nature’s herbs plants & fruit extracts to create this refreshing & cleansing soap. It leaves skin clearer, whiter, healthier and odor free.

I am posting about this product because I personally tried using it and the results are great. It is really proven to be effective.These are proudly Philippine made products and considered as world-class revolutionary cleaning solutions. Using these products is also a way of being responsible for our environment and the earth that we live.

Father’s Day – Hungarian Meal

Beef Hungarian Goulash

We celebrated Father’s Day yesterday and as a treat to all my avid eating fans at home , I cooked this special meal from the country of Hungary. I learned to cook this recipe during my lessons on international cuisine. This is a menu of choice beef top-round tendered by beer and flavored with herb and spices. I’ve been tasting mostly local dishes at home but when I learned to prepare this foreign menu, I always made it as one of my recipes for special occasions.