Thankful weekend

My week has been very busy-home,office and some personal stuffs. I was having a hard time coping up with the daily obligations especially in the financial aspects. Yet with much persistence, faith and hope I was able to overcome my hardships in life. Thanks to the generosity of hearts especially my relatives who in one  way or another helped us financially.  The moral and financial assistance were greatly acknowledge and appreciated.  With grateful hearts I am giving thanks to the Holy One who always sustained my life. Thank you! 🙂

acoustic foam And Other Treatments at musiciansfriend

I just met my long time friend the other day. We had a great time together and just missed our friendship. He is presently working as a musician in a cruise ship. With his schedule sometimes we cannot meet and it was a good chance this year that we were able to see each other again.  He told me that his job is doing very well and the salary is also very rewarding. Though lots of hard work and demands but its part of his job. Just recently their cruise musical head ordered an acoustic foam And Other Treatments at musiciansfriend . It is very much needed  for their performances and other musical needs. I am happy for my friend and hope we can catch up again.

New office uniform

Finally our office uniform has been changed. After almost two years, the collared polo shirt that I am wearing at the office is being set aside to give way for a new one. It is also collared polo shirt colors blue and yellow. There is an embroidered design located at the upper left chest area to identify the office. My size is large but when I tried to wear the sample one for me, It was very loose. So I have it repaired by the same sewer who is the maker of those made to order shirts. Now I am size medium. Great to pair with dark colored jeans, trousers and leather shoes.   

Wedding invitation of my friend

My friend’s wedding is fast approaching on the first week of November and she requested me to help her in the wedding invitation particularly in the print out stickers for the individual names of the guests. A wedding invitation for me is a piece of a special paper or a note give to a prospective guest that will be coming to attend a special occasion. You will have a small glimpse on what will the event be look alike by simply looking at the wedding invitation alone.  She will be expecting a total of one hundred guests to come on her wedding day.

Food tasting at Marco Polo

The wedding of my friend is a few days away. Time flies fast for this special day where my friend is looking forward to soon. She called me the other day to join with her and her sister for the food tasting. The foods that they selected on the wedding menu are being served before us to taste and check the quality of every serving from appetizers, main course, soups, desserts, drinks and more.  I savor all the foods stating from the initial serving up to the last one. Love the taste! really. It tastes so delicious, from pork, pasta, vegetables, fish and more. Some may sound unfamiliar to me but when I taste it, it is so yummylicious. Hope every guest coming for the wedding will enjoy the special servings.

Farewell party at the office

The director of our office will be transferred to his new assignment this coming month end. The office organized a special party for him and every division presented some song numbers as a tribute to our boss. Songs that are meaningful, funny or something that can inspire and be  memorable to him. The program starts from three o’clock in the afternoon and end at five thirty in the afternoon. Everybody enjoy the food servings like fried lumpia, white buns, stir fried noodles, drinks, pasta spaghetti and coco dessert. A fun and enjoyable night to spend with colleagues in the office. 

Lunch cravings

I missed eating noodle meals and I think my last cooking was a month ago. I feel great to cook for lunch today this Seafood Sotanghon Guisado (stir fried seafood in mung bean noodles ). I go meatless this time and made squid and shrimps as the main ingredients.Cooking this meal takes less than 30 minutes and it is important to prepare beforehand the carrots,chicharo,onions,garlic,celery,bell pepper, squid and shrimps.This way the cooking procedure would be much easier. I always love to cook pasta noodles and looking forward for more cooking posts of this delicious dish.

Breakfast meals

Saturday morning last weekend was a very busy day for me because I had to prepare some breakfast meals for my relatives who traveled from the province going to he city very early in the morning. The seniors were scheduled for tests and after that they had to took a short rest at home. Ampalaya & egg, steamed hotdogs and onioned beef strips were served in the table.  Everybody was quite hungry and these meals just made their morning bright.

Tropical storm

The country’s weather bureau announced that a tropical storm named Megi further intensified as it approaches the country. The storm is expected to have heavy rainfalls just like what happened on the last years’ Ondoy tragedy. This would be worse then. This might be the caused of todays’ heavy rainfall here in the city this afternoon when I got off from the office. It is a heavy rain also but it ended very early this evening. Its been months already since it last rained and I am thankful that the nature cleansed and watered the earth again.

Ibuprofen for headache

As I worked through out the day, some slight headaches kept on tingling my head. I decided to take some Ibuprofen already so that I can hurdle myself  with lots of things to do until the office time off. A 200 milligram of Ibuprofen was taken by me at eleven in the morning. I took a short nap at 12:30pm. When I woke up at 1:00pm, I felt a little better and no more pains until I got off from work.