Red and white wines for the holidays

Celebrating the Christmas season with my family is a blessing.  Happiness of being together for this most wonderful time of the year. The reunion is so much cherished as we keep in touch and join all together to celebrate the festivities.  As the one taking charge of the cooking and the kitchen, I am making sure that I always have some red and white wines. These wines are essential on parties and gatherings like Christmas get together.  Food servings need to be given of paired with these wines like red wine for red meat like pork and beef. While for white wine would be for chicken or some sea foods.

New Samsung phone of my sister

I always heard my sister complaining about her cellphone the past weeks… no signal, hangs up, does not connect etc.. It is quite annoying if these things happen on your phone everyday. Good timing because she was able to buy a new one. A little pricey though but in terms of quality and reliability of its features, well its worth a new buy.  Its an android phone that has lots of features that are specifically enhanced to cater  the needs of those demanding consumers. My sister is now happy to have her new cell phone.

Post holiday office work continues

Christmas season does not end yet. I am back to work today. Though a bit lazy to be back to work after the holiday stress, I still manages to report to the office and do my job. Well, I need to be present of else I don’t have a pay.  Good thing though because I can manage my time. It is not a busy day for me and I do not want to be busy and get tired after the day is over.  Hope this week will be a productive one until the last working day.

Beverly skinny slim fit jeans

Its the most wonderful time of the year.  I am very blessed this Christmas season because I got a gift from my sister. a beverly skinny slim fit jeans by Guess 🙂 thanks sissy!  I had been a fan of this brand and good thing because it innovates into some trendy jeans for modern woman at this time.  It is made of polyester, spandex and cotton materials. The color is a little washed up that do not get easily worn out after several washes. I can pair it with any color of blouses or tops and on flat shoes, pointed heels or some sneakers.

Birthday buffet treat at cafe marco

It is the day before Christmas. This is one special day as my sister celebrates her birthday. Since it only happens once every year, she wanted it special. I made an advanced booking for our lunch buffet at cafe marco the other week. This Christmas season, buffet dining is often fully booked because lots of people spend time dining outside their homes. Restaurants and some hotels are often  full of people so advance reservation really is important. The foods are very delicious. Servings from local to international dishes. The sweet station looks nice in a cookie house treat with some cakes and pastries. Sumptuous buffet but you also get to challenge your gastronomic preferences by trying cuisines from around the globe which take turns on the buffet menu daily.  A wonderful day to celebrate a birthday.

Christmas gift from my office mate

My office mate just send her liaison personnel this morning in my office. She send me a gift, wrapped in a Christmas wrapping paper. I am so excited to open her gift actually. She has been a generous office mate ever since because every December, she never forgets to give some little presents. When I opened the gift, it is a souvenir pouced bag colored cream and green. I really like her gift and thankful for her generosity.

Wedding anniversary celebration

Oh how time flies so fast! We are already on the last weeks of the year. The holiday season is almost coming up. Husle and busle of the city, late night get together, parties, reunions and more. These are some events that usually happen during Christmas season. Today my dear cousin is celebrating their wedding anniversary. Twenty nine years of togetherness. Sustain by love and Gods’ blessings. Its been a happy celebration together with her family.

Nude cami top for woman

I was able to visit my favorite shop the other week and good timing because I got a nude cami top for woman. It is a camisole with a built -in bra cups provide shape and support without constricting. With a smooth texture and added features to keep you dry and fight odor, giving you confidence and comfort. Adjustable straps let you create the perfect fit. For me this is one essential wardrobe for any woman because of its versatility. Just perfectly fit for a woman on the go like me.

Red striped ladies blouse

Once again I was hanging around on my favorite clothing shop and so I found a nice red striped ladies blouse.  It has a three fourth sleeve with some red stripes in front and in back. The background color was golden yellow in color. I can best pair it with a nice fitting jeans and a brown leather shoes. It can be a comfortable clothing for me because the weather is a little bit cold and windy. Also in the air conditioned room in my place in the office I can be protected and would not feel too much coldness.