Black distressed jeans

I am a very fashionable woman ever since. Well, that is the truth about my personality as a modern woman. The other day I was able to bought a new black jeans designed as a distressed one. Its been a common trend now that men and women are using or wearing  distressed kinds of jeans regardless of the brand. For me it is one way of connecting yourself to the modern world. Kinda weird for some but I personally like wearing it. Great to pair with plain top blouses and a nice pair of shoes. 

File organizer in the office

My day at work in the office is often busy and there are lots of incoming documents and reports everyday. So it is very important that my files should be organized or else my place would be like a mess. I was able to asked for a file organizer for office use so that i can put and arrange some important documents on where it has to be placed. By doing so, I can do things in the office smoothly and easily locate my documents well.

Japan travel of relatives

I got a recent post on social media that my  relatives are on travel to Japan. It is the whole family who are on tour for recreation. Japan is a nice place for tourists as my relatives already visited the country twice for the past three years now. They usually visit sights in Tokyo, some museums, scenic parks,  famous landmarks and most importantly the delicious and fresh foods of Japan. Me personally, japan is one of my favorite travel destination if ever given a chance.

Renewal of contract

Its July and another month to make a renewal of contract. This contract is for the job order personnel whose contract ends every three month period. So its time again to make a new contract for the month of July until September thirtieth.  It consists of a two page long bond paper size with some eight paragraphs of guidelines and undertakings to do being a job order personnel. It would be sign by the heads of offices who are designated and authorized to sign for approval of the said contracts. I am the one in-charge in the facilitating and routing of the said documents until its fully signed and have it back to the second parties.

Downloaded application for android

Most people now are updated and using the latest technology as far as communication is concern.  Android cellphones are very popular nowadays. These modern gadget have lots of features that sometimes I cannot understand and doesn’t even have time to check what is it all about. But there is one application that for me is very useful. This is clean master application that i downloaded as it helps to clean junks,  boost phone memory, enhance speed and protects from malicious apps that might harm my phone. The more advance and updated your phone be, it is important to get updated too on the security of the phone.

Slow internet connection

I almost use the internet everyday especially at home. It is one basic necessity for me because I am doing my daily online blogs. Just the other day, I got a problem with my slow internet connection.  Signing in on the network was so annoying. I kept logging in but it kept on saying no connection. It was not my line connection that was problematic but when I met my friend, she also said that her internet connection was also in trouble. Well it seemed to be a city wide problem. Hope this will be alright tomorrow if now today.

Service printer at the office

I am using a good quality of service  printer at the office made by Canon. One thing that I found to be very inexpensive is the use of service printers where the ink that is being use is the ribbon type kind. Use of things to keep you saving from the expensive colored ink is this one, the ribbon kind. It usually takes about three months before I can replace it with a new one.

Five days with flu

Its been  bad days for me since this weekend and until now I am having a hard time getting well because of the influenza virus that attacked me making me so weak, dizzy and tired. I have a high fever that sometimes up in high temperatures and sometimes down when it wanted to. I feel that my immune system went down the past days and so flu came in and made me feel with high fever. Good rest, sleep and rest was able to help me get over with this viral infection. keeping myself hyrated really helped a lot to get full recovered.

New ladies watch to wear

I recently was able to bought a new ladies watch. It was not planned one because I had no intention to but I was able to buy one nice Citizen women’s watch, a crystal two toned watch.  I am personally stylish and in fashion especially on my get up and wardrobe especially on Fridays and some important occasions. Thin gold hands, and a mix of gold dial markers and Roman numerals. The artful stainless steel bracelet is composed of silver stainless steel pieces highlighted by Swarovski crystals against a gold-tone background. Love to wear this watch and add it to my collection.

Gospel for today

(Luke 10.33-34)
“But a Samaritan who was journeying along came on the beaten man and was moved to pity at the sight. He dressed his wounds, pouring in oil and wine as a means to heal. He then hoisted him on his own beast and brought him to an inn, where he cared for him.”

A marginalized person is often caught in cultural conflicts at the boundaries of society and communities. The Samaritan in Sunday’s gospel has compassion for a stranger left on the side of the road. During Jesus’ time Samaritans were the marginalized people in Israel, a heretical group detested and despised by Jews and pagans alike. For Jesus to hold up a Samaritan as a truly compassionate and wise person was to send religious and cultural shock-waves through his listener’s ears. People must have thought, “How could anyone make a Samaritan the hero of the story, a person obviously so unworthy and unacceptable? The gospel today is about being compassionate to those who are least in life. I am personally least in some aspects but in somehow continued to be blessed in God’s grace.