Processing of new appointees

There are new appointees that I have processed for the past weeks and until now I am still processing the second set of requirements. Many documents are being set for compliance because it is the rule of the bureau to process such initial documents. Most of the documents are authenticated or certified photocopied to be able to clearly identify the authenticity of the said documents. Hopefully, I will be able to finish all these requirements of new recruits.

Cheap and effective natural beauty secret

I had been buying some expensive beauty products but it seems that its not that effective at all. With so many natural claims on beauty using many kinds of ingredients, there is one thing that I found to be very effective on me after several uses. These are the apple cider vinegar and baking soda. The combination of these powerful kitchen ingredients are truly proven to make my skin looks naturally radiant, clear, minimized pores and blemish or dark spots free. I often do my personal ritual two to three times a week. I am already switching to the natural method to save money and to get the natural benefits without side effects.

Fashion Friday

Thanks God its Friday again! One of my favorite day of the week that i always long after a grueling work in the office. Though stressful at time, still I have to work for a living and find time to relax to balance life of course. Its fashion Friday for me.  One of my favorite get up today is wearing a distress jeans colored faded blue rolled a little up to look like a cropped one. Then my top is a nice floral in coral pink background. The brand of the jeans is Guess and the top is Merona. My shoes is a nice Nine West black with a half an inch heels. The bag that i have is a printed Kipling in colors of dark blue, white and red prints. Love the feeling of being femininely fashionable this Friday.

Its rainy season now

The city where I am living have been experiencing a scorching hot summer months since February. Quite longer for this year because of climate change. I pity those farmers who are not able to plant for their harvest and suffered a lot for the El Nino where longer dry season is being felt in mostly all areas of the country. According to the weather bureau, the rainy season starts now.  Some heavy rainfall on mostly all areas and able to water the nature. Thanks be to God for sustaining life here on earth.

shure in ear headphones

I had a chance to met a friend who is working on a cruise ship overseas. He’s been working as an audio technician for the past five years. Its been a tough and challenging job for him actually because he has to deal with different kinds of people in various cultures around the world. He would say that his job is really world class because their cruise is using the advance audio systems. The new shure in ear headphones are their latest for studio recording and music arranging works. I know that my friend likes his work very much because he is doing great and had been recently promoted. Big congratulations for a job well done.