Brother’s birthday celebration

Another year of life is given to my dear and beloved brother today. Its his birthday and its time to celebrate another year of good life for him. The working day never stop me and my sister to check with some nice restaurants where we can dine this evening. We choose a seafood restaurant named boiling point located in the northern part from the downtown city district.  Its a nice, cozy place as we meet in the evening after working hours around six o’clock in the evening. My brother invited his friend so its the four of us who savor delicious food servings like deep fried crabs, stuffed squid, pork and tuna fish in vinegar and spices marinade, more of rice cups, beer and soft drinks. We do not bother the mess of eating crabs using our hands because it is just so finger licking goodness. A birthday worth celebrating today. 

Holy week 2016

Its a blessed holy week again for this year. A time for reflection on the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Also a great time to give myself some time to ponder my thoughts on things that matter most in life. I may always be busy in the worldly things such as work,   finances, schedules, appointments and many other things that sometimes made me to question what am I really for in this world. Existence in this world is uncertain but there is only one thing that is certain and that is Christ died to save us from the punishment of sins. Have a great holy week everyone!

Thankful weekend

My week has been very busy-home,office and some personal stuffs. I was having a hard time coping up with the daily obligations especially in the financial aspects. Yet with much persistence, faith and hope I was able to overcome my hardships in life. Thanks to the generosity of hearts especially my relatives who in one  way or another helped us financially.  The moral and financial assistance were greatly acknowledge and appreciated.  With grateful hearts I am giving thanks to the Holy One who always sustained my life. Thank you! 🙂

acoustic foam And Other Treatments at musiciansfriend

I just met my long time friend the other day. We had a great time together and just missed our friendship. He is presently working as a musician in a cruise ship. With his schedule sometimes we cannot meet and it was a good chance this year that we were able to see each other again.  He told me that his job is doing very well and the salary is also very rewarding. Though lots of hard work and demands but its part of his job. Just recently their cruise musical head ordered an acoustic foam And Other Treatments at musiciansfriend . It is very much needed  for their performances and other musical needs. I am happy for my friend and hope we can catch up again.