Pocketbac payment collections

I  had been selling some had sanitizing gels to my friends and office mates last month and this week is already the schedule of collection for payments. I am happy that I was able to collect almost ninety percent of those who got the products before the deadline.  They liked the pocketbac hand gels because they were made of original and quality kind from Bath & Body Works. Aside from that the products have variety of scents and designs that every body can chose which item they would like to buy. This is also my personal way of helping the business of my sis and her friend. Only one have not yet paid but already promised to pay hopefully this Friday. I am thinking that doing some little business like this is easy because it is affordable to the consumer’s pockets. If ever give a chance to do some business of little items again I would not hesitate to do one.

New sunglasses

My old sunglasses has already expired after seven years of valuable personal protection especially on my eyes. I had no choice but to bought a new one as a replacement of it. I went to the mall last Monday and bought this fashionable Aldo brand of sunglasses. It has wide coverage on the eyes with smoky black and brown shades. The ultra violet protection against the harmful rays of the sun is present. When I tried it on the following day while travelling from home on board a public utility vehicle, it felt so cool and comfortable on the eyes. It really protected my vision as the sun shone bright even at the early hours of the morning. I am just thankful to avail this sunglasses at a reasonable price and availing its good protection. I hope this shades will serve its purpose well for good benefits of my eyes.

Striped long sleeves

This is a shot of a personal long sleeve blouse of my sister which she bought just recently. It is made of quality cotton and spandex cloth that really fits to wear in this modern and ever changing lifestyle. Nice to wear together with a flare, boot cut, square or skinny jeans in black or dark blue  colors. Long sleeves can now be versatile to wear either rolled up, or simply wear down depending on the weather. This time is mostly rainy and so wearing this kind of long sleeve blouse is just perfect for the season. Also the color is very unique of its kind cool and comfortable for casual days. This  long sleeve blouse is very much perfect to wear on the coming windy and rainy holidays.

Insurance maturity

My friend  is presently working in an insurance company.  Her job gives her more information about insurance in general. One time my friend called me to update about one of their clients who happened to be my relative.  It was about the insurance maturity of my niece on the educational plan that her parents got for her when she was still young. It is already matured and the insurance company now requires the validation of the policies and documents for the processing of the check payment. My friend requested my assistance to contact my  relative to expedite the submission of required documents because matured insurances would take time to process in their main office. Good thing  my relative submitted the required documents before the deadline last week. They will just be waiting for the update hopefully the soonest before the month ends.

Typhoon week

The city here is being spared from the current weather that is affecting some parts of the country particularly in the northern areas.  A strong typhoon is attacking and destroying some valuable properties. Many provinces are having heavy rainfalls that cause floods thereby destroying the rice fields, agricultural lands, community homes, animals, trees, highways, buildings, schools and many more. The local name of the typhoon is “Pedring”. Though not so devastating as compared to the worst that lambasted two years ago, but it brings heavy rain and floods to some major provinces. The city here is being blessed that no calamity like the typhoon in Luzon has happened so far. Perhaps the geographical location has also contributed to the safety ofcity from experiencing such devastating natural calamities.

Hair accessory

I often take time in fixing my hair especially when I go out of the house either for office work or any leisure or personal activities. I bought this new hair accessory the other day because those old ones that I used for pony tail were already worn out and can no longer hold well when I tied on my hair. Color brown is always my basic choice because I can wear it at any kind of wardrobe. It is the safe and neutral color when paired with any kind of dressing either casual of semi formal wear. The cute beads are nice designs on hair and I can tail it either on top of head or it can be pony tied letting the hair down as my daily hairdo.

Tiring weekend

My weekend is doing great as I made many accomplishments at home since yesterday. I did the usual weekend laundry of my clothes, bedding’s and household linens. I needed to soaked on detergent powder the soiled clothes  overnight so that it would be easy for me to do the rinsing on the next day. In the afternoon I took a nap for about two hours and later made some important update and posts. Today I concentrate on the cleaning of the surroundings at home as the grasses, weeds, shrubs and many kinds of growing grasses . The helper that I used to hire just report today after three weeks of disappearance.  I find tonight that my body is quite tired of the days work and needs a break.  I can feel the  slight ache on my nerves on my right hand specifically and on my shoulders.  It has been a great weekend though in spite of the busy household work that I have.

Personal lingerie

There was an agent who visited at the office last week and presented her personal items on sale.  She had with her some sets of panties in different designs like tanga, lacey, high cut, mid low, low rise and many more designs to chose from. I bought a set of personal lingerie and I got this set of cotton made mid low rise design.  It is made of good quality and comfortable to wear when having jeans, shorts, capri jeans, skirts, trousers, etc.  My personal share are the skin tone and blue colors while the pink one was given to my sister.  I often share her some personal items whenever I bought one. It is always important as a woman to have varieties of lingerie for comfort and style.

Today starts the Libra sign

I am under the zodiac sign of Libra that is why I am interested to post something about my horoscope today. There are many facts written about this sign and here are some descriptions that tell something about Libra. Classy, sociable and passionate, Libra is a sign with its own unique brand of sexy! If you like a lady who always looks good, can charm anyone, and also embraces her feminine and wild sides then look no further!Always fashionable, elegant and well groomed, she is tasteful and sophisticated, with an eye for quality, beauty and harmony in all things. Refined and caring the Libra woman loves everything about romance, seduction and partnership. She will constantly work towards improving a relationship, and care for her partner both physically and emotionally.Among the most sociable of all the signs, she probably has a very large network of friends and a hectic social life. This can make dating difficult initially unless you like crowds, and can often leave you wondering where exactly you fit into her life. Libras can also come across as somewhat egotistical at times, which can compound this situation. I am hoping that as the Libra enters the season, may it brings some good vibes in me.

New office uniforms

It was decided in the office that we will be wearing a new office uniforms. These two sets were delivered to us last week and I am glad to wear them hopefully immediately in the regular office days. The colored blue is scheduled on Wednesday while the cream one is on Thursday. The style is simplified  as well as the cut. I instructed the dressmaker to give an allowance on the waist, hip and shoulder areas so that it would be more comfortable to wear the said uniforms. Good thing that she did the right job when the blouses were being fitted. The basic colors of pants to be paired with these blouse uniforms will be black for the blue one and brown for the cream.