Brown leather bag

I like leather material whether in my bags, purse and  shoes. Leather material has that special quality that makes a thing durable and can withstand even for many uses. this is proven and tested for me actually. When I got a chance to bought a bag, I found a brown leather one. It is made of pure leather actually and that fascinated me to bought that bag. Now I enjoy using it when I got to work or during any outdoor activities that I have. Something to keep as a modern day woman.  

WhatsApp messaging on phone

I have been using my android cellular phone for almost a year now and I have downloaded many applications like games, yahoo email, browsers, facebook and whatsapp messaging. I never had an idea about this and one time my friend told me to try downloading this application so that we can message and even call without any charges or messaging rates. The application had been installed on my phone and I enjoy the features actually. Pictures can be updated and posted for your contacts and even for the groups. However, due to some unavoidable circumstances , this friend on my whatsapp have been ignoring me for quite sometime now. This application can still be very useful on my future contacts so I still like this. 

Travel abroad of a friend

My friend arrived here in the country for almost a year now. She and her husband were here to stay for good but since their visas are only valid for a one year stay, they need to be out of the country for a while. They both decided to travel abroad in China. They have never been to this place and as they searched online, they thought of giving it a try.  The travel booking was last May and the fare was availed at a very cheap price. Fifteen thousand for a round trip travel good for two persons. Such a great deal for them. I have seen their pictures on Facebook and seems they are enjoying their vacation at the moment. It would be a two week holiday for my couple friends. Wish them the great get together.

Fruits in season this month

Its an overflowing season of fruits here in the city – mangosteen, lanzones, durian, marang and durian.  This month of August is often the time where fruits are being harvested from the farms and sold in most markets here in the city.  I feel to be blessed living here because these fruits are scarce in some other places in the country. The prices per kilo are already cheap so I can enjoy eating and satisfy my cravings for such delicious fruits.  These are rich in vitamins anf a refreshing and healthy treat when I feel hungry. Its better to eat some fruits. A once a year taste of fruits in season this month of August.

Fancy sunglasses

My sister bought a fancy sunglasses the other week. She has an office mate who have stocks of sunglasses for sale. Many of her office mates bought the sunglasses and I was able to bought one and also my sister. It is designed with plastic casing with some yellow green stripes in it. In somehow it has an ultraviolet protection that I can use daily when I go outdoors like the beach or when simply just roaming around. The price is very affordable for me. My sister also enjoyed her own sunglasses. Something fancy to wear outdoors for a change.

Black colored computer mouse

Most of my work in the office is through computer. I encode here all the reports, memorandum, letters and many more. I also do most of the printing and I find it easy when my computer works well. The other week, I have noticed that my computer mouse was not working well. I thought of checking out if the mouse was the problem. It was indeed. The computer mouse is one important computer part because it allows for the general control of all the things that you want to do with the computer. I requested for a new black colored mouse. Now my computer works well having a new mouse.

Glamour body mist

The friend of my sister arrived the other day from overseas. She will be spending her allowed rest and recreation for more than a month here in the city. This friend of my sister has long been generous because every time she arrived my sister has her presents.  When they met this month, she gave a bottle of of Victoria Secret glamour body mist. The bottle contents are generous. It smells light and can be sprayed at any time of the day. It feels good especially that the scent is cool and sweet to use.

New ladies comb

I had been looking for my wide tooth comb that I had been using before and I could not see it anymore. I was thinking that It was already lost or I left somewhere else. Since I cannot locate it, I decide to let it go. It is just stressing me looking for nothing and nowhere to find anymore. One day, I got to visit the women’s section of the mall to find some beauty accessories like a comb. There are items on sale on Goody. This brand is my favorite because I find the products of good quality. I bought a wide tooth comb colored white with green accents on its tooth. This is durable and can be very useful especially that my hair is long and thick. One beauty essential to have as a woman on the go. 

Wedding gift for the new couple

I attended a wedding of an office mate months ago and every time I got invited for occasion like this, I already have an idea on what to give as a gift. I always choose a gift that is very useful and memorable to the newly weds. For this kind of celebration, I often give a bed sheet as my personal gift. The one that I gave was colored purple and fuchsia.  I find it very practical to give aside from the quality and comfort of having it on ones home. I hope that the new couple would love my gift to them.

Silver watch purchase

I was blessed that I got a new watch just recently. It has been my plan to have a new one because I do not have an alternate for my old one. Something that I can use when I am at work for the whole weekdays. Very good timing because I was able to purchase a new silver watch by Swatch irony. It is colored silver made for the woman on the go like me.The watch has an eye for elegance and casual style, the Swatch Irony watches deliver signature stainless steel and aluminum models ranging from trendy sports chronographs to timeless classics. A compelling and contemporary look and feel. I like my new watch. A good gift for myself after those hard days of living with life.