Stormy week

Almost all days  of this week were raining and it was not just an ordinary rain showers. It was all heavy downpour with winds and thunder storms.  some main streets of the city were flooded that caused the commuters to be stranded and also traffic. The city was so luck because other places in the country were drowned in big floods that caused much destruction to some properties and lives. The education department cancelled some classes in all grade levels. This late afternoon I am supposed to be out immediately after office time but I get stranded because the streets are in waters. Typhoon rain is really heavy. The month of June is already the start of rainy season here in the country.

New memory card reader

I went to the nearest mall last weekend to buy a replacement for my defective memory card reader. I am using a reader for the memory card of my digital camera to be able to download or print some photo shots on the computer.  This is a device that is having a USB interface for securing files like secure digital or multimedia card. This is already cheap when I bought with so many designs, figures and types  to choose from. I like the orange color of the card reader and happy though because I can now download my pictures for important posts. It is hard if I do not have this kind of device that is why I really took my time in the mall ( waiting for my priority number took me sometime to be served ) to bought this item.

Computer ink

I was requested by my cousin to buy for him a computer ink for his printer at home. I went to the nearby mall but unluckily there was no stock with the Epson C45 kind of printer. I visited another mall yesterday and good thing there was one stock of such kind of computer ink.  He requested for the colored ink/toner because he needed it on his printing jobs of various documents. It was quite pricey being a branded and original item and at the same time it is colored. Since he is living in the province, I sent the item through the van transport that commutes daily from the city. He already received the ink box that I purchased and was very thankful for the effort that I had. I hope the ink will served its purpose there.

Tour of experiences in Vietnam

My sister was very lucky to be part of a group tour that was organized by her friends. Very luck because her plane tickets from here going to Vietnam and then going back were all free. 🙂 What a lucky person! Their vacation lasted for eight days including the travel time. She really enjoyed such trip. They visited lots of tourist attractions that Vietnam has to offer. Of course, shopping! She brought hope some bags for me, fashion accessories, brother’s backpack, food items, souvenir items and the popular civet coffee.  Her trip was all worth it as the group enjoyed their experiences . Astonishingly exotic and utterly compelling, Vietnam is a country of breathtaking natural beauty with an incredible heritage that quickly becomes addictive. I hope to visit this place soon.

Cellphone pouch

The little bag of my cellphone has already faded and worn out in time. I got a chance to visit a bargain center last weekend. Just killing time in the afternoon, I enjoyed my window shopping until I spotted some cellular phone accessories stall that sold many kinds to choose from. I bought this two pocket kind of cellphone holder in various colors. The material is satiny with some cushion inside that would help protect the phone inside my bag while I am in travel or walking. The price is very affordable and I even did some bargain on it with some special discount from the store. This accessory is not only for fashion but also for protection as well. I hope to buy another one so that I can have something to change as my pouch in my daily use.

Butterfly alarm clock

The old clock on top of the refrigerator in the kitchen no longer functioned so I decided to replaced it with a new one. This cute green butterfly alarm clock got my attention in the accessories section of the nearby mall.  I checked it with sales lady in charge on its functions. The size AA battery was inserted and the clock hands immediately started to ticked time.  Alarm clock functions were tested and it was good. I bought it in a very affordable price and had it placed on top of the refrigerator in the kitchen. I no longer have to go to the living area just to check out the time because I already have this clock in easy look access. Time is very important indeed because in this fast paced kind of lifestyle, I need to managed my time always.

Mango delivery

I am so busy today as I have lots of rush transactions in the office. My break is from twelve o’clock to one o’clock in the afternoon and the one hour time for a short relaxation is just enough to start again the afternoon work. I have this client who has many paper transactions almost every week in the office. Without any expectations she give me a pack of ripe mangoes ( I think four kilos  in weight) as her way of thanking me for all my help to her. I feel thankful to receive such fruit gift from. I taste it when I get home in the evening and it is sweet.  Since I cannot consume it all, I plan to make a mango float for weekend dessert at home.

Sunny Saturday

The day is favorable for me today. I wake up early this morning with the warm greeting from the sun. I like this weather especially during Saturdays because this is the only time for me to do the laundry work. My hanging clothes can drip dry easily with the hot sunny temperature. The past weekdays had been wet because there was a strong typhoon that hit the country. According to the weather bureau this weekend will be all sunny bright. Well it is a great relief from the rainy days that happened the past days wherein I had lots of soiled clothes stacked waiting for the sunny day to come. I really like summer season but it is already middle of the month of May and the summer season is nearing to end. I hope the weather will not get too much trouble in the next coming months.

Home groceries

Before my relatives left yesterday for the province, I joined with them for some groceries in the nearby mall and I was happy that they shared to me some basic groceries for home. The goods included cooking oil, shampoo, bar soap, noodles and  soy sauce. It was good timing because I had no more groceries left at home. Almost used up because I had to cooked for four meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and another breakfast). I still have to buy some  few needs for this week not unlike the past weeks where I bought many goods in preparation for the upcoming visitors. I am thankful for my week’s blessings and get together of the family because it was a once in a while event where everybody can enjoy and keep in touch with each other’s lives.

Rav4 insurance

Its been a troubled week for the family because the one year old car that they bought accidentally collided by another passenger car while the vehicle was on its way going home. The big casualty is the rear mirror that includes the lower portion connecting to the left tire. The plate number was also destroyed. The car was just released from assessment in the dealer’s shop the other day  and the insurance is already on process. My cousin was very appreciative of the immediate  assistance of the insurance company where the RAV4 is being insured. The gross  cost is about one hundred fifty thousand and the insurance company immediately approved and released it to start the immediate repair. It was very stressful especially that it was an unexpected event. What was important was the passengers on board the vehicle were all safe.