Locks care

Last weekend I visited Maricel of Athena to have my hair checked because it has been months already that it needs some care and maintenance. She did a 2 hours hot oil, color and blower. The treatment made is already six months and it is important to have a hair visit in the salon to maintain the gloss and body of the hair. With my lifestyle and work where I seldom fix my hair, salon is always my ultimate solution. Now I am feeling great with my getting long hair. Though its quite uneasy during hot days , I can  still managed my hair by keeping it conditioned all the time.

Dinner with crabs

I had a chance to bought a kilo of fresh crabs in the market. The price was cheap to I took the opportunity. A kilo consists of I think 3 regular sizes of fat crabs. I cooked it the other day in just a simple dish. The crabs are pre-boiled then I sauté the onions, garlic and ginger. Add the crabs, oyster sauce, salt, pepper  and cola (use this instead of water). Simmer for 15 – 20 minutes or until the sauce thickens. Garnished with some green leeks. Serve hot with rice. best eaten using hands because you need to use a cracker to really savor the yummy meats inside it. This seafood is truly tempting on the table. Have a bite!

Slow server

It been a while until I can upload my updated posts here. The server was so slow for an hour. I had a hard time patiently waiting for the server to received and show my searches, downloads and many more online things to do. There was an instance when I downloaded paypal site, the website was broken. I spent some time checking out the problem. Tried other browsers, searching for online trouble shooting and many more. It is very time consuming since I am using a public pc. Now the server is getting better and I am able to upload , make attachments  and view my sites without the hassle of slow internet connection.

Yellow Bell flowers

When I exit at the main door of the house, these lovely flowers of yellow bell would greet me. The branches filled up the angle bars of the fence and some of it crawled at the trellis of the magic fruit.  The flowers are in bloom this summer season in bright yellow.  I am thinking that perhaps this is the reason why many insects and birds stayed on it maybe because of the yellow bells’ bountiful flowers. It really pays to have flowers at home as they add life and beauty to your gloomy and stressful days.

Spicy dipping

In most Filipino foods, dipping is always a present partner. You can have it a natural or spicy flavors. During weekdays last week, our meal at home was roasted chicken. This spicy dipping was very perfect for the roast as it tasted so yummy. The dipping ingredients include Del Monte cane vinegar, Maggi savor soy sauce, sliced onions (red bulb variety) chili slices and  calamansi juice.  I love the taste! You can have this dipping on grilled fishes, grilled pork or other roasted dishes. Spicy but yummy!

Hot afternoon

It feels very sweaty today as the city is experiencing again another day of very hot weather. I think it is ranging 34-38 degrees of hot temperature. I washed clothes and blankets early morning and it is already sun dried at about 2:00pm.  I schedule to leave the house earlier as planned but I have to stay for a while because of the very hot temperature outside when I will ride going to the downtown district.  I hope it will rain in the next coming days to balance the temperature today. The weather bureau reported that there will be late arrival of rains and it may happen in June. Summer weather here is longer for this year compared last year where the country already experienced a typhoon during the month of May.

Cooking with sinigang

Sinigang is a sour broth of shrimps mixed with variety of vegetables like radish, eggplant and green leafy kangkong (water cress).  Cooking this sinigang was so easy because it would only require simple boiling of water with onions then added with shrimps and the vegetables. Aside from shrimps, pork or fish can be great for sinigang too. Add some sour mix but for this menu I used the natural sourness of calamansi juice. Very simple but healthy meal that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Hydrate this summer

Hot weather, rising temperature , sunny clear skies, lots of perspiration–these are my feeling this summer season. Clear manifestation in the tropical country during months of  March, April and May. I get easily dehydrated and seemed my body water empties every now and then. That’s why I always keep myself hydrated. I drink lots of water, fruit juices and thirst quenching drink at this time. This weather can have negative effects to the body if you are not hydrated. Heat strokes are very common and can lead to some serious illness. So keep yourself always hydrated this summer time.

Subject stress

I was feeling drained and unbalanced after a thorough studies for the past two days in my accounting subject. The subject is getting tougher as it is about to end for the finals in two weeks time. I slept late in the morning and when I woke up still continued reviewing and comprehending the many complicated topics of chapters 10 and 11.  I took a half day off at work this morning. This afternoon I reported at the office  full of never ending work loads.  The examination was finished earlier this evening and it was a mental torture for me. I think I share it with all my classmates.