Black blouse day

Today is the last day of October and I can say that time flies so fast. It is declared as half day of work in the office so that people can have time to go home for the weekend holiday which are the All Souls Day and the All Saints Day.  I am wearing one of my favorite black blouse for the day- a nice black top with heart beads and designs. I paired it with my skinny tight jeans and flats doll shoes. A get up that is always fashionable and on the go anywhere after work. Thanks for the holiday. Hope to enjoy the rest of the day today.

Nighttime oral care for my trip

I will be having an out of town trip this weekend and I have to prepare my personal needs for packing so that I will not cram this Saturday. I still have many things to bring with me and toiletries are one essential elements when I travel. I bought this nighttime toothpaste together with a tooth brush. It has natural extracts, antiseptics and antibacterials that help prevent oral bacteria, gum diseases and bad breath. A natural sweetener found in fruits and vegetables that odor producing bacteria cannot feed on so it helps decrease the growth of oral bacteria. This oral kit would be very useful for my out of town trip this weekend.

Orange graphic tee

I had this orange graphic tee given to me this year. Tees are one of my favorite casual attire because it gives me that comfortable feeling in all that I do. Whether on Fridays or some weekends where I can have all my time to go on shopping, meeting friends or just simply having time by myself.  Today’s fashion trend is about comfort and at the same time being stylish. Best paired with skinny jeans, trousers, micro mini shorts of cargo shorts. I have lots of new tops and hope I would be able to make some posts here in the next coming days.

Monday van ride to office

It is Monday once again and I have to get up early to be able to catch up with the first day of the week convocation in the office. I leave home at six fifty in the morning. I have to leave before seven or else I will have a hard time catching for a ride. Good thing a white van pass by and I am able to ride in a vacant seat. The vehicle has the capacity of fourteen passengers and fully air conditioned. I like riding the van especially when I can have a chance to because It does not drop by from one place to another because it has already passengers from the terminal where it stand by. The commuter drive is very good because I arrive late and on time today.

Gospel for today

Gospel: Mt 22:34–40 -When the Pharisees heard how Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, they came together. One of them, a teacher of the Law, tried to test him with this question, “Teacher, which is the most important commandment in the Law?”Jesus answered, “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and the most important of the commandments. But after this there is another one very similar to it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. The whole Law and the Prophets are founded on these two commandments.”The Law of Love is the foundation of divine and human laws. The cross represents the real love that God has shown us. It has a horizontal and vertical lines interconnected to glorify God.

Nude colored brassiere

I am very particular of my lingerie especially my intimate apparels like bra and panty.  Last week i was able to buy a bra made in quality material by a know brand of wacoal. It is made with three fourth cup and with cup foam support for sexy fit and feminine comfort. The cup snug fit on my breasts with a size of A80. I can also be wearing a B75 to B80 actually depending on the design of the bra. It has a lacey cups and wide cover straps at the back for better comfort when wearing fitted tops, shirt or blouses.  Good quality of lingerie is always a woman’s best asset.

Papaya spa salt for beauty

I always do some personal scrubbing every weekend. It is my way of pampering and rejuvenating my skin to keep it glowing and beautiful. A spa salt is always present in my bathroom and last weekend i have to buy another pack because the plastic container is already empty and it needs a refill. The one that I bought was a papaya spa salt. This natural scrub contains papaya extract, a natural skin whitener that gently exfoliates the skin by removing impurities and dead skin cells. It has the combination of vitamin E and olive oil. These can help retain skin moisture balance and prevent early signs of aging giving your skin clean and healthy soft.  Just put on hand then rub gently in circular motion on wet skin, leave for a few minutes then rinse off with clean water. You can always feel the difference afterwards and on continued use. 

Pink checkered shorts for me

I just do not know why I was so fascinated with shorts nowadays. This is one apparel that I always love to wear every time especially when I am at home.  One day I was able to find a nice pink checkered shorts that truly fits for me. It is made of cotton and polyester with nice fittings on my legs. There are buttons on the seam line including on the back pockets. It is size six and it really hugs fit on my waistline with a little allowance for some expansions later on. I love to wear it with some sleeveless or nice fitting top blouses.

Honey lamembert bread for snacks

I was very tired from doing my personal errands so I dropped by at a nearby mall and bought some snack to satisfy my cravings.  A honey lamembert attracted me in a counter of Krispy Kreme store. It is quite pricey as compare to other breads and doughnuts because this is the new line of bake creations of the bread shop. I eat one piece of the bread. I have to press a plastic straw filled with some honey inside. The bread is tastier and made of special flour because of the soft texture.  I find it delicious and hopefully will have a chance to visit the shop when I can have time going to mall again.  

Paint for cockroaches at home

It has been a busy weekend for me because I did an overtime work on Saturday morning until afternoon. My sister bought a can of cockroach paint for home the other day and now is the turn of my brother to personally paint it on the areas that the cockroach often comes especially on the kitchen, dining and utensils areas.  The painting took about hours to finish because my brother had to delicately paint all surfaces of the furniture where most of the utensils are being arranged. For the past days now after painting the cockroach killer, I have noticed that there are no more pests in the kitchen area. There are no more cockroach crawling in the sink and even in the utensils inside the cabinets. It says that the paint would last up to two years so hopefully this will served its purpose.