A mug set

It is always fun to received gifts like this mug set.  Me and my other office mates were not expecting that our boss would gave us her holiday token to all her staff before the year  ended.  The mug set consists of a ceramic cup, ceramic cover and a small stirring spoon. I have another set to put on my kitchen utensils at home. When I brought it at home, my sister seemed interested in the set and so she requested me to had the set be hers since she will be going for a seminar and the mug set could be very useful for her morning   coffee. I just gave it to her anyway.  Thanks for this mug set gift.

Insurance payment

I already paid my life insurance  for this year . It is already on its third year of payment and I feel a big relief that I am already in the middle years of payment on my life insurance.  For this whole year again I am protected and assured. I even included my sister’s insurance for payment  because she is jobless and it obliged me to pay her insurance for her own coverage too. It was quite a pain on the pocket because only days were  intervals of the payment’s due dates. But I just keep closed my eyes and be positive as it can be for our own great benefit.

Busy Friday


It is a busy day for me today. Friday once again and almost cut-off time for many reports by next week. I double my time and output in encoding the 1902,1904,2305 and 1905 forms. It is always a never ending encoding work and there are still many incoming/receiving papers.I ended my computer inputs in the system around 5:00pm already. I collate all the outputs starting Monday up to Friday this week to be ready for the weekly submission by Tuesday of next week. Good timing because the log-out activity on the system started at 5:30pm so I have to finish and save my work immediately. Keeping myself busy during weekdays and finishing all scheduled tasks before deadline are my personal way of managing my time and output in the office.

Red Tuesday

Its Tuesday again! I just want to share this cute pic of a red parrot. Me and my brother got a chance to take a photo of this bird in an animal park here in the city.  The bird is inside the cage and eventually comes out when it sees people coming by to check out his cage. One enjoyable day to unwind and visit some interesting and unique animals. This was taken during my visit in a nature park. Just worth sharing for ruby Tuesday.  I hope to visit this park again when I can have time.

Insurance Payment

It is a relief this time that I was able to pay the  2009 annual premium of my insurance from Ayala Life. This is already my third year of payment and hopefully two more years to go. At first I was hesitant to get this insurance because of financial reasons. It was not my priority after all. But when my cousin explained to me the long term benefits I was able to avail the offer. I think it is also about being practical these days. Looking forward to full payment of this life protection insurance. Hopefully this insurance would be more beneficial when my brother reaches the age limit to be able to attain the insurance company’s financial assistance on my brother’s retirement.

My Daily Bread

Bread has been part of mankind’s basic sustenance years ago and no wonder why it is always a part of our diet until this present time. I am one of those bread lovers and I would regard it as part of my morning coffee session.  Breads are made using variety of ingredients. Fruits  and vegetables are even used in some recipes but the most common ingredients include water, sugar, yeast, salt, eggs, nuts, spices and milk. There are many health benefits of eating bread, not just the high content of fiber just like in wheat bread. It is loaded with vital nutrients and minerals that are important to our health. There are many kinds of bread to choose like  apple spice, carrot bread, cinnamon, raisins or sweet potatoes styles.  Bringing home a freshly baked bread for everyone is surely pleasurable and certainly a nice comfort food. This ensaimada kind of bread was given on yesterday’s snacks in the office. I took it at home so I can had it a shot for this post. I just love the taste,  very soft & cheesy. A one whole round of creamy taste that I would consider as my daily bread.

Camera Critters

I was glad to have this beautiful shot of a unique, multi-colored fish inside an aquarium. This picture was taken at the Subic’s Ocean Adventure park. I have no idea what kind of fish is this but it really fascinated me to share here on blog this rare kind of water creature. Enjoy looking for more camera captures. Capturing creatures using a high end camera if always fun for me. Happy weekend.

Weekend Fashion Essentials

I was glad to spent time malling over the weekend. It was the only time where I can shop and find some personal fashion essentials that I had been planning to do. These are two things that I bought — headband and hair comb. Headband is a clothing accesory in the hair usually to hold hair away from face or eyes.  They come in assorted shapes and sizes and are used  for both practical and fashion purposes. For the headband I go for black or brown colors because I can match it with any color  of dress that I wear. The design is simple yet elegant.  The comb that I bought is also nice. I found it of good material and quality.  Aside from that, it is also light that I can always bring in my bag  at anytime.  It is easy to use on hair and does not tangle or loose away. When I comb it holds and grips hair thoroughly that would bring out hairs strands into place. These are some of the important fashion essentials that I bought and I am glad that I was able to buy them this weekend.

Spicy Gambas

Last night I cooked for dinner this Spicy Gambas— a tasty shrimp dish sauteed in a delicate blend of spices . For this menu I tried using McCormick Gambas mix for fast and easy to use seasoning mix. The pack contains premium spices blended to give a truly delectable dish. I sauteed some onions, garlic and chili pepper in butter then added the shrimps. It made the meal time extra special because of the spicy hot taste. One delicious meal to share at home.

Signing in problem

I had a hard time yesterday trying to access my journal. I kept on signing in with different browsers but to no avail. It kept appearing as error and try again. I had to do some important updates here but I was not able to.Sometimes your patience is being tested with this kind of online problem. I am glad now that I can open my journal without the hassles anymore. Problems using the the on line integrated system sometimes needs some upgrading to be able to minimize the hassle of updating of records and files.