A jar of cookie butter for us

I am a fan of marmalades, butter, creams and other kinds of stuffings for my favorite breads and sandwiches. Recently my cousin arrived and gave us a present a jar of cookie butter. New to our palate, we tasted it by placing in a pair of loaf breads. It is made of crunchy biscuits similar to a peanut butter but it is not buttery. Tastes delicious for my picky taste. We all love this new introduction of the cookie butter. Pricey actually as compared to some local and imported brands available in the grocery shops.  Another taste of imported flavor. 

Family dinner get together

Our family have a get together this week because it is the first anniversary of our uncle and we all join in commemoration of him one year has past. I am assigned to loo out for a nice restaurant where we can dine in. since we are near the mall, I choose a restaurant just a drive blocks away from it. It is a restaurant that specializes on seafood meat dishes. We order the following foods- steamed crabs, sauteed vegetables in oyster sauce and shrimp paste, seafood hot soup, deep fried fresh fish, rice and soft drinks. Just a coincidence also because the wife of my cousin is celebrating her birthday. Everybody enjoy the dinner. Thanks to the host for this delicious family treat. 

Imported leather shoes

My sister had been looking for some shoes that she can wear at the office. One day her friend arrived from the United States of America and gave her a gift of an imported leather shoes for ladies. She is so happy because without any expectation and to her surprised she was able to received a gift from her friend. It is  a nice doll shoes colored gray with a pink ribbon accessory. When I checked the shoes I found it as durable and made of good quality material especially that it is an imported product.

Blue knitted top blouse

The weather the past days is cool and rainy. There is a low pressure area in some parts of the country which causes for the occasional rain showers here in the city. A very good opportunity for me to wear my brand new blue knitted to blouse. It is a three fourth sleeve to that can resist to the rainy weather. The cool air is breezing especially then I walk on streets together with my umbrella. The quality of the clothing material is very good and I think it would be a great match for my jeans and shoes.

Black doll shoes

My sister arrived one night bringing with her a pair of doll shoes. She was so excited and happy to showed the new pair that she bought on sale. It is colored black made of quality leather material clothing. Can be worn in any kind of get up like jeans, shorts, trousers and more. It is made of durable materials, crafted to ensure the he quality and freshness of this block doll shoes. The upper sole has some tied pink ribbon that serves as its decoration statement and style.

Black striped cardigan

I have found a new fashion statement. This is a modern cardigan in black stripes. Cardigan is the popular fashion trend today. A type of sweater that is being worn by most people who live in mostly four season weather or in winter. It is colored creamy white with some black stripes on the front and back.ts versatility means it can be worn in casual or formal settings and in any season, but it is most popular during cool weather.I have many plans in mix and matching my clothing s. A fashion trend to have at any occasion.

Health benefits of fruits

There are lots of fruits in season here in the city. Such fruits are from the farmlands and usually harvested from months of June up to September. This year is so blessed because there were no fruit harvest last year that are plentiful as today.  The fruits include rambutan, lanzones, grapefruit, mangosteen and durian. Mother nature has a very amazing creation that satisfies the bounty harvest of fruits in this middle months of the year.  Fruits are always healthy and beneficial so I personally grab to eat as much as I can as long as these fruits are in season. 

Social security papers

I was tasked to take charge on the social security papers of my father for the benefit claim. The in-charge gave me two pages of the checklist that need to be  submitted the soonest time. The lists include the death certificate, affidavit of expenses, my identification cards, valid identification, birth certificate,one by one picture and more that I cannot remember to enumerate here. I have to carefully comply all that are stated on the lists in order not to delay the process of claim.  Most of the documents need to be authenticated or certified true copy in order to validate the files. I took really time for the social security papers so that when I file, it will be final for processing.

Windows movie maker

Me and my brother were very busy the past month because we had to gather some pictures of memories of our dearly departed father. Use Movie Maker special effects and themes to make your movies stand out. Editing movies is now as easy as dragging and dropping the scenes, still photos, and transitions where you want them. You can even use AutoMovie to let Movie Maker create a film for you. With Movie Maker, you can make movies from your photos and videos, whether they’re already on your computer or still on your camera. It took us about two days from selection,  uploading, editing and until the final slide show. We like the results after hard working days have passed. The windows slide show movie maker was watched by everyone and they were glad to watched the whole slide show.

Red mineral lip gloss

I like wearing lipstick when I am at work, formal functions or gatherings or any casual meeting. Lipstick creates a feminine touch and it enhances lips. I bought a new red mineral lip gloss the other day. The color is red island berry made of organic ingredients. One hundred percent natural, no parabens, no silicons, glycols, mineral oil or other toxic substances. Like lipstick, lip gloss comes in a variety of forms and may be applied in different ways. It can be contained in a small cylindrical bottle and applied with a rounded or sloped applicator wand (known as a doefoot applicator) or with a built in lip brush. Or it can come in a small, soft, squeezable plastic tube designed to be passed over the lips or applied with a fingertip or lip brush. Solid or semisolid glosses come in boxes and tubes and sometimes blur the distinction between lip gloss and lip balm. My lips looks fuller and kissable with this new mineral lip gloss.