My new bermuda shorts

The summer essential that I bought for myself was a very perfect timing to match the hotness of the weather. It is a light green colored women’s shorts made from an imported brand and materials. It is very nice to wear especially during weekend summer getaways on the beach, mountain trekking, nature adventures or just simply roaming around the mall to shop with family, relatives or close friends. I bought it on sale and the quality of the short is very good. The clothing material is thick and resistant even in many uses on the outdoors. Nice fashion style for today’s modern living.

New York vacation

It has been the family’s dream of my cousin to spend time together for a vacation in the United States. Finally it is realized. They are in New York now and arrived few days ago. The weather was chilly and they had to wear some winter clothing.  I can see that their faces are full of smiles in the Big Apple city. New York is considered as the most populous city in the US. Their first stop is the Times Square. There are lots of shops, fine dining restaurants, museums and more on that place. Many picture posts on my cousin’s Facebook page and I wish her safety and enjoy the grand vacation.

Scoop neck blouse

The scorching summer heat is in and the temperature sometimes cannot be tolerated. It is different from last year’s summer because it is very extreme. I thought of buying a scoop neck blouse the other day. It is made of pure cotton material. Plain cream colored top that I can pair with my favorite jeans. My sister even bought one for herself too. She also liked what I liked. The two of us are a click when we talk about fashion. Nice to wear this summer season because cotton clothing is comfortable and absorbent of the heat.  This is considered as the hottest trendy wear for summer according to fashion websites.

Transfer title follow up

It has been months already since we started on the processing of the title of our house and lot property. Quite stressful because I have to invest my time and money in order for my transaction to move. There were instances wherein I cannot control my temper and got mad because of the stupidity and negligence of the personnel handling my transaction. The other day, I made a follow up  on the transfer title. There were payables that I need to settle before the processing because their system was  generating additional payments not included on the previous computation. I am hoping that the issuance of title under our name will be process the soonest possible time.

Hot summer time

The sun is up and it is so hot today. The summer season is on and I can really feel the tingling heat of the sun that I can be fried when I am outside the open space. According to the weather bureau, it will sunny in most parts of the country including the city. The weather is sometimes unpredictable because the past days it rained at night. Daytime was full of sunshine. Anyway, regardless of what season is it, I always love to enjoy what the nature has given. Be it summer or rainy weathers as long as it is beneficial for the creation of the earth.   

Long weekend holiday

I think this is the longest holiday of the entire year–the holy week non working days starting from Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday and Easter Sunday. I have all my time today just staying at home. There are lots of chores that i have to attend to. First I have to arrange my  clutter in my room. Throw away the unnecessary things  and arrange accordingly those that can still be used starting from the cabinet dress, shelves, shoes, books, and many more. I also have to change curtains, clean the floor and wipe the walls and other mess. It is so tiring actually but very rewarding after. I still have long days to go to finish my household chores.

Organic intimate wash

It is very important for me to have a healthy well being and as a woman I always make sure I use the products that are organic, not harsh for the skin and good for daily use just like the organic intimate wash that I bought the other day. It is powder cool scent, very mild and safe in everyday use especially after bath or when changing undies before going to sleep.Many feminine-hygiene products also contain harmful chemicals that can enter your bloodstream. Alkaline products like soap leave your vagina and vulva prone to infection. Me and my sister are using it every day to keep us feel good in our day to day activities.  Being a woman is also bout taking care of ourselves using the right kind of feminine products.

Relatives on summer vacation

I was able to talked over the phone through long distance my relatives who are spending their summer vacation in the city. They are actually from the provincial town and this summer is a perfect timing for them to have a vacation.  My aunt is so happy talking to me about her arrival. She also miss her children including her grand sons and daughters. Their flight was on promo and they had no choice but to avail the cheapest fare of the airline which was scheduled at the very early hours of the morning last Friday – 4:00AM. The plane was not delayed and they boarded ahead of time by sixteen minutes. I am hoping that they will enjoy and savor every time of their vacation.

Holy week 2014

Today marks the start of the Lenten Season or the Holy week.  Time to have a reflection as it marks the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This year is another time to gather thoughts of God’s great love in saving the humanity from the bundle of sins.  People in all walks of life have their own way of commemorating this event. Some go to churches , others are hanging out on vacation, others are staying at home with families. With so many kinds of dealing with the Holy week, let us always reflect on the real essence of the celebration from holy Monday up to Easter Sunday with faith and trust to the Son of God who lay down His life for our salvation.

Movie watch this weekend

My brother had downloaded some nice movies in the computer at home.  He often does this whenever he is not busy or when the internet signal strength to download is good and fast. I find an interesting movie to watch this weekend titled “Shooter”.  This about a conspiracy thriller film of a marine soldier role played by Mark Whalberg  with screen name as Bob lee Swagger. I enjoy watching the action scenes and Mark performed great as a shooter. The actions in the entire movie are seemed real and that makes me wake up watching every move until the movie is up.  I always enjoy watching this kind of movie as a great entertainment especially on weekends at home.