Brown ladies’ shoes

I had been planning to buy shoes for office and good thing I was able to buy one. Very good timing actually and unexpected for me.  A brown ladies’ shoes catches my eyes the first time I see.  It is best recommended for me because I am always on the go.  I often walk from the ground to the third floors of the building where I am working.  The brand is Rockport with suspension for utmost comfort. Stylish in a sense that I can wear it even if I am wearing jeans and, trousers. It can sustain walks on the sand and stone.  Comfortable  all day long from the office and even beyond the party hours of weekends. 

exciting chauvet led fog machine at musicians friend

My friend is a music lover and ever since he always plays music, it becomes his source of income. His exceptional talents give him the opportunities that he never expected in his life.  The other day we met at the mall and he told me that he just bought a new music instrument. I am not so familiar about it but he already have an exciting chauvet led fog machine at musicians friend, a famous site that sells many kinds of musical instruments and gadgets. I am happy for my friend especially on his achievements.

Coconut jam with pandan

I love food and I an very adventurous when it comes to trying some new. The other day I was walking to buy some special breads at breadtalk located in the mall.  I bought a jar of coconut jam with panda. This is their special recipe spread for breads. It is made of coconut , sugar, eggs and pandan extract. Yummy taste as I open and have it spread on my favorite bread. Even my siblings cannot stop eating the jam together with their favorite breads as well. The jar is empty is just a week! This means it tastes really good. I have to buy one again when I have time to go to the mall this week.

classic hipshot tuners

Every Monday we have a convocation ceremony in the office. It is a gathering of all the employees during the first working day of the week. The program includes singing of the national anthem, prayer, vision and mission statements, announcements and speeches of some heads of offices. Sometimes there is a program presentation where the host district would present a singing or dancing shows. The weekly programs require a good music instruments so the office just bought recently some classic hipshot tuners. I am curious about these tuners and the operator told me that such instruments are needed on guitars. This makes the performance lively lively and entertaining all the time.

Raspberry Eu de Toilette

I am fond of perfumes. Scents for me is like an essential of every woman. Whenever there are sale on perfumes shops, I would always drop by and see what are on price cut items.  During my visit last week in a body shop outlet, I found out that there was a sale on their perfumes.  The raspberry eu de toilette smelled very good for me. It is priced off at fifty percent discount.  Fresh red color and the scent is mild and sweet perfect for a woman on the go like me. I bought one for myself and happy to have one item and availed it on sale.

print postcards

The holiday season is coming up and I want to prepare as early this time some personalized cards for my family, relatives and friends. Actually , I am always doing this every year.  I am very thoughtful person and keeping in touch with my love ones is very important for me. I am planning to print postcards on a specialized shop that exclusively do some nice prints on cards in any occasion.  I personally did the lay out design and they have to modify for more enhancements . Unique designs for Christmas are available to choose with colors fit for the season. It feels great to have this activity especially during December.

Computer encoding week

The middle week of the month is here and as usual I am occupied by so many reports and deadlines. I encode my reports using the computer in word and excel formats. I type as fast as I could to be able to finish before the deadline. Using the windows vista version of the computer, my work gets easier and faster. I am able to encode and save my files immediately without any hassle and cramming just to beat the deadlines.  I will be starting to route it after the documents will be signed by respective divisions.

Devastating typhoon

A sad day to all who were lambasted by the strong typhoon that hit the country. Another natural calamity the biggest so far that ruined lives and properties of so many people.  It is already known worldwide and many nationalities offered to help deliver relief goods, services and many more  things for the needy. I felt sorry for the loss of some lives and it is very heartbreaking so see stories on television and in the internet with many faces of people begging for food because they had not eaten for days already.  I hope that this devastation have to end or else many people will suffer and the government can no longer cater to all their needs.

Stormy week

The country is making headlines the past days as it was affected by a typhoon which is considered by the weather forecasters as the strongest to hit this year reaching up to signal number four. Many cities and provinces were hit carrying a strong speed of winds and rains. I am very thankful because the city where I am living was never affected by the storm. There was no rain yesterday. Though cloudy and windy in the outside.  There were ruins left and some properties devastated.  Some of the cities who were affected had not recovered yet from the devastation of the earthquake that hit last month.  Natural calamities are happening in almost any part of the world. Preparation and awareness are very important.  

earthquaker devices dispatch master

Its been months since I planned to buy a new earthquaker devices dispatch master. This is one important thing especially in my music activities. Being a musicians for so many years now, I still have many things to learn especially in the new and modern trends in musical instruments. There are lots available for sale in an exclusive shop and I think it is about time to buy a new one. I will be using this on my next cruise schedule where I will be performing with some new band members and talents. My friend will be happy to know about this because like me she is also a music lover. Sharing one’s knowledge about the latest would be beneficial for both of our careers.