Mourning time

Today our family is mourning over the loss of a dear man whom everybody truly love and admire.  My uncle passed away at nine fifteen in the morning. We are so sad about his demise and even until his last breath all of us have witnessed on how he succumbed to the attacked of aneurysm.  It was a very painful situation while we were at his bedside because he is physically suffering from the pain. We were just so lucky to be able to talked to him the past six days while he was at the hospital. I feel emotional remembering his goodness to us. We will surely miss you Uncle Gene. You are now in God’s home of eternity. 

Electric bill payment

I am quite busy at the start of this day until mid afternoon. Good thing I am able to remind myself that I have to pay my remaining balance last month. I should pay it or else my electric connection will be cut-off. I leave the office at five o’clock in the afternoon then ride going to the paying office of the power company. There are lots of people lining up to pay in almost all of the counters. I am thankful because I am fully paid on my previous month. Now my monthly balance is the present billing only.  It is hard these days especially when the power consumption charges is increasing and the disposable income that i am receiving is just enough for my daily expenses.

small business financing

I had been dreaming of building my own personal business and finally it is a reality now to start one. I have a passion for cooking ever since and I always cook dishes that are authentically local and foreign menus as well. It is not an easy one because I have many things to consider like market, money, place, prospective clients and many more. My friend introduced to me about small business financing wherein they are offering an amount to businesses like mine who is just about to start. What I like with this kind of method is that it is very easy for the approval without many hassles with regards to documents and processing. I am guaranteed to avail of their offer at less interest in a certain period of time.  I will be availing this financing immediately after checking all the necessary documents.

Blank compact disc

I was busy on some important reports every first week until the second week of the month. This is very often when a new month is on and most of the reports that I am making are encoded, printed and send through email. Aside from that I also have to send copies to many recipients like chiefs, divisions and other important agencies for their information and record purposes. I was able to use a black compact disc on some of my reports. The CD’s are very helpful as it can store multiple files in just a single disc. 

new traktor s2 at guitar center

I had a good chance to talked to my friend who just landed from his sea trip. He is working as a musician in a  cruise ship where his destinations are mostly in the North America, Europe and African continents.  He has been working with a big ship company for five years already. My friend seemed to be excited during our meeting. We had lots of chats actually. He even treated me to a delicious buffet dinner. he mentioned to me about buying a new traktor s2 at guitar center. I got no idea what is it all about. He told me that it is a musical instrument that he can use when he will be back to work in the next two months soon. 

Organic shampoo

I  choose to use organic products for personal use this time as health is very important for me . I bought this organic shampoo in an exclusive shop in the mall weeks ago. It has no sulfate as present in common commercial shampoos in the market. The sulfate ingredient is the one that causes the shampoo to lather a lot. This kind that I  bought is very mild and does not irritate my sensitive scalp. It has minty flavor which soothes the skin head after every use. The shampoo is made of plant botanicals and other organic ingredients. I do not need to pour a lot on my hair and the bottle would serve for more that a month. Very organic and pocket friendly kind for me. I hope to try other varieties when I will visit the mall this weekend.

hydrogen peroxide cleaning

I was very busy last weekend at home. This is the only time wherein I can concentrate on arranging and cleaning of my personal mess in my personal room, kitchen, bathroom, living room and on the yard. It is quite tiring but with the help of some useful household agents like hydrogen peroxide cleaning, my work was not so hard. This is a very useful chemical that can get rid away of stains in the clothing, tiles, floors, ceramics, wood, cement and many more surfaces at home. The upholstery in my living room area are already looking clean because I wiped it out using hydrogen peroxide. Household chores could be more fun having this kind product.

Sunday gospel

Gospel: Lk 10:38–42- As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he entered a village and a woman called Martha welcomed him to her house. She had a sister named Mary who sat down at the Lord’s feet to listen to his words. Martha, meanwhile, was busy with all the serving and finally she said, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do all the serving?”But the Lord answered, “Martha, Martha, you worry and are troubled about many things, whereas only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen the better part, and it will not be taken away from her.” The gospel today talks about being with yourself to God and to others. With the fast phasing of life nowadays, we seem to be occupied with the wordly things. We tend to forget the essence of our existence. Lets have a break from the monotony of life and reflect of the gospel and learn to undertand what God really wants and expects from us. 

Thankful Friday

Thanks God its Friday! One of my favorite day of the week actually. I am at the office early morning at about quarter past seven. I have all my time before the eight o’clock time in starts. Life has been very challenging for me the past two months now. Financial hard up is one major reason as I am tied up with some important payable that the only solution is an amount to settle such obligation. Life has been good in spite of these chanllenges. I am still thankful for the problems as impossible as it may seems, without any expectation, there is a generous spirit for us who willingly  help in this times of financial needs. I feel so blessed and thankful.

Attorney visit today

I am quite busy with regards to the checklist of requirements that I am personally complying regarding the housing process that I had been dealing with for the past two months now. Some of the papers are not yet done and I have to prioritize the ones that would take longer time to process. Though I have time for a noon break, I choose to visit the attorney’s office today to request for a copy of the deed of absolute sale. This is a very important document that I need to accomplish together with other papers. The secretary is very accommodating to me as I have known her for the past years already. I bring with me some important documents needed to make the deed of sale. I hope to get it this coming Friday.