Debenhams jeans

Its Friday again and a fashion day at the office. The only day of the working days where I can wear casual clothing  like jeans and blouse. I remember that I have a jeans given by my cousin last month.  So I check my cabinet and try wearing it today. It is a skinny blue washed effect jeans, low waist, size twenty six made by Debenhams. I never expected to got such branded jeans because Debenhams is a popular brand in the United Kingdom. The fit is nice to me and the skinny design can match with any kind of blouse. I wear the big stripe long blouse and a flat shoes on this.  When I check   the label of the jeans it is named as Red herring. I am lucky enough to be given with a gift like this. 

Birthday serenade

The assistant chief of the division who is next to the unit where I belong celebrates her birthday today. We are all invited for a birthday lunch treat in their division. The foods are serve buffet and we all enjoy the servings of beef stew, tuna salad, stir fried noodles, fish fillet, sauteed shrimps, fresh fruits, desserts and soft drinks. The office head serenades the birthday celebrant. He brings with him a ukulele and sings in akapela  the happy birthday song. She is in all smiles and very happy because she does not expect the boss to serenade her. All fun and happiness especially that our lunch is free. I feel so delighted and it somehow gives me a relief from so many works that come everyday. Thanks for the delicious birthday treat today!

New travel business

I met with my friend the other day in the downtown area for some important thing  to got and attending to a blessing and opening of the business of her cousin were not actually part of it. I joined with my friend and we saw her new business outlet. Delicious foods like pasta spaghetti, creamy macaroni salad, local delicacies, fried chicken,fruits, sandwich clubhouse and soft drinks were served before us. It was a fun time to saw people who joined with the gathering. Hope the business will prosper with more clients to come for booking, reservations and other travel needs.

Rainy Sunday night

It is Sunday and I feel so obedient to do some unfinished household chores today. It has been weeks since I thought of finishing some house works. The sun shines bright when I wake up this morning. Very good for my laundry to get dry until noontime or until late afternoon. I never thought that it would rain tonight. My brother tell me that according to the weather bureau, the city would be experiencing some isolated rain showers during night time. This is because of the easterlies affecting the region. It feels hot while at home after dinner earlier today. Now I know that this is the usual sign that a rain would come. 

how to make my computer faster

I was scanning my computer drivers, hardware and program one morning and I have noticed that it was not as fast as I expect. I thought that my computer needs some upgrading to the latest software versions.  Good thing my brother was not busy the other day so  I requested him to look for some programs that could help on how to make my computer faster. I love my brother because he is so kind as always in helping me out on my computer problems. He is able to find one today that will help boost and upgrade the operating system and software of my computer.  They are charging it online and the process will not take long according to the technician. Hopefully my computer will run in good condition after the upgrading process.

Weekend salad servings

I always love to eat salads. It is one healthy and refreshing food and also very easy to prepare.  Actually this is a recipe of my cousin that she shared to me. I combine sliced  apples ( two pieces) , pineapple chunks, chopped celery stalks, ranch dressing and a can of tuna chunks. Toss everything until well blended together then keep chill before serving. Great to eat together with a meal either on breakfast, lunch or dinner.  It is a unique taste for me. The blended ingredients make a good taste of a fresh salad. It is good for the heart especially with the corned tuna ingredient that also adds flavor to the dish. This salad serving is very delicious and my siblings love to eat it.

exceptional spector bass

I watched a concert last night together with some of my friends. It was a live performance featuring the popular band here in the city. It was also a good chance for me to watched the band of my friend who is part of the team. He is a bassist and using an exceptional spector bass instrument during the performance . So far the best night for me and friends listening to great music of the years eighties, nineties and early two thousand. The crowd joined in singing the famous songs of retro, reggae, pop, love songs and new wave. What a night indeed! I even took my friends to the dance floor to groove ourselves to the sounds of live music. I hope to have another night like this again when me and my friends have time for a get together.

Black trousers for office wear

I had been looking for some alternative trousers that I can wear in the office during weekdays. Very good timing yesterday because I was able to bought one. Black colored trousers made by nine west made in perfect fit for me. The length is just exact on my torso. Made of light yet durable clothing material. I can wear it with a nice top like polo shirt, buttoned down shirt, floral blouse or any fitting knitted blouse. Since I bought it new, I cut some excess threads that usually appear on the inner hems then washed it is mild detergent and cold water. After I ironed it so keep the trousers neat and clean. I will be wearing the trousers  tomorrow.

excellent stage lighting

I am part of the production team in the upcoming concert of a big star this coming June. Our team is very busy in preparation for the said event. the first time to happen here in the city that is why it demands more time of preparation for us. I am the head of the stage effects and I see to it that there is an excellent stage lighting during the performance. The concert organizers from abroad are very meticulous with regards to the effects. They want us to have a state of the art and very modern lights to be used to achieve good results during the performance day. This is so far a very demanding job for me but I am enjoying it at the same time.

Measuring steel tape

I was strolling in the mall last week when my brother sent me a text message through my cellular phone. He was requesting me to buy a measuring steel tape because he will be using it at home. The old one that we used to have was in borrowed by their shop. Such old tape is quite defective already and this new one would serve as its replacement. I immediately went to the hardware store to checked out their available measuring tape on sale. I bought the three meters,  self retracting kind of coil for immediate storage. The color is yellow and the numbers printed on the coil are very much readable in any work that requires this tape. This is very durable as compared to the old one and would lasts for years depending to use.