Jewelry renewal

Its been a busy week days for me because there are lots of things to attend to especially in the office. I log off from work at exactly the same time at five o’clock in the afternoon. I just walk from the office going to the pawnshop where I need to renew my jewelry. Today is the last day for the five days allowance period.  Good thing that shop closes until six o’clock so I still have time after office. I just do not know when will I be able to redeem it. It is hard though but I hope the soonest time.

New printed shirt

The kick off project will be this coming March six and last week our unit made a canvass of our individual sizes for shirts that would be used for the said event.  The other day, the newly printed shirt was given to us. I received one and it is collared in green color.  The clothing is good and quite durable to wear. I am size double XL. It differs from the usual sizes when buying shirts at the department store. The design is for women. Semi body fit with the logo prints at the back of it. I can pair it with trousers or denims and a sneakers or any closed flats.  The coming event would be busy time for in preparation for the tax season.

Camera video of family events

My brother has been busy editing some of the videos that he captured while we spent a short visit to my father and my brother last week. We thought that the video recorder of the camera was no longer functioning but when we tried it, it was still good. Taking the videos of my family was fun. Our conversations, talks, get together, funny faces and more were worth it. The videos have several scenes at home, road trips, and the places we passed by. My brother did great when he edited the video foot ages.  He was able too linked all the four videos in such a way that it will have no cuts just like watching a short advertisement. His camera is very good in quality. I hope to see the video with the family after making a burn on compact disc copies.

Floral fabric belt

I had been looking for a nice slim belt so that I can have something to use when wearing my denims and trousers. Good thing because I was able to found one.  It was not my intention to really buy it but chances came when I visit the mall department store.  The belt is floral pink and made of quality material of fabric. I have noticed that it has no pointed thing just like a buckle and all I have to to is to snap it and its done. Made of very light material and this kind of belt just really fits and be part of  women’s apparel. The belt secures my pants when I wear it. Now I am secured as well whenever I wear my favorite trousers with the belt on.

Olifer forte food supplement

My cousin introduced to us last quarter of last year about a food supplement olifer forte. Malunggay capsules with e78 minerals that is healthful kind of supplement for our modern lifestyle and living.  Our food intake nowadays is more on the acidic side and we often consume less on the important nutrients that our body needs like fruits, vegetables, organically grown foods (alkaline foods). This supplement has the benefits of treatment for anemia, very potent anti oxidant, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, medicinal/antibiotic, powerful detoxifier and immune system enhancer, reduces phlegm and inflammation, controls blood pressure, relieves headache, migraine, prevents diabetes, protects declining mental ability and many more important benefits. I had been taking the capsules daily for more that a month already and I feel good. My work is often stressful but now I have the stamina everyday. I can go home after work without the feeling of sluggishness and weakness. Health is important for me this time. That is why I always take food supplements to aid on my daily food intake.

Low rise ladie’s shorts

I was walking along a specialty boutique one afternoon and it came to my mind to bought some shorts for myself. I do not have new ones to wear whenever I have some out of town trips so I had to buy some. Good timing because it was on sale and discount prices were offered to most of the items in cut off prices particularly in the women’s section. I was able to bought two pairs of low rise ladies shorts. One is colored cream while the other one is off white. The low rise is in for today’s fashion. I can wear it with a fitting top or blouse whether printed, plain, checkered or statement shirts. paired with a sneakers, doll shoes, mules of a flip flops, perfect get up for a summer getaway. I just have to maintain my toned legs and keep it free from any blemishes so that I can confidently wear these ladies shorts.

Clear, smooth skin transformer

I am presently assigned in a new division still under the same bureau. I am here for almost two months already and quite adjusted to the new tasks and assignments in somehow. Being in the human resource it is always important to look good and presentable as always. I thought of buying a clear, smooth skin transformer wherein it has a revolutionary skin perfecting cream that instantly improves and perfects skin – brightens instantly, evens tone, smooth ens skin, refines and minimizes pores, clears skin and conceals imperfections. It is also moisturizes for twenty four hours and it has sun protection factor of twenty six. It feels great to work looking beautiful with this new skin transformer.

Black ladies shoes

I was thinking on what to post in here because my mind was preoccupied with so many things for the past weeks. Now I remember that I was able to bought a pair of black ladies shoes. It is flat design without many accessories on the outer part. The upper sole is made of soft quality material while the inner soles are detachable so that I can wash it separately after a weekend of use. It is best worn with any color and design of jeans, slacks, trousers etc. because it is black.       I love to wear it often time especially when I am at the office because it is very light and comfortable to my feet. One main consideration when buying shoes. 

Charmed bracelet

I was strolling in a big mall the other day and found a nice charmed bracelet. Sometimes its fun to wear some fancy accessories of women for a change. It makes me feel in fashion and updated on the latest fashion trends.  The color of the bracelet is shiny brown with light yellow stripes. It is crafted by hand using a durable elastic nylon to sew every piece of the cat’s eye pieces.  According to the sales lady this charmed bracelet creates positive opportunities bringing good luck in life. Well I am hoping so. Great to wear everyday in any get up that I have. A piece of craft to own and hope to buy some more colors when I can have time to shop.

Happy hearts day

Celebrating this hearts day is so wonderful. A special day to lovers especially. I can say that valentines day is a celebration of love. Many have interpretations but I think above all it is about the love that God has given to us. According to 1 Corinthians 13:4-8: it says 4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. Let us celebrate the valentines day with much love now and always.