Happy birthday,sister

Sending you sister my birthday greetings on your special day. It is another year added on your age but nevertheless it made you more mature now and responsible woman. I hope you will achieve your goals and plans in life. In the ups and downs of time, keep up the faith always and never loose hope. All things come into purpose and surprises. Blessings on your birthday. Happy birthday from all of us. God bless you always!

Silver wedding anniversary

Today is the special day of my cousin and her husband as they celebrate their twenty five years as a married couple. Silver wedding anniversary and a good time to cherish the past years that made their lives as well as their family be together until now. I personally congratulate them both for the twenty five years of their achievement as a couple and looking forward for many fruitful years ahead. Blessings on your wedding day!

Bath towel from boss

Thick, powder blue colored bath towel. This is the gift that my boss gave to me yesterday. I think this is her gift to all the employees for this year. I am happy because towel is my favorite gift t received and I never misses receiving one every Christmas. A bath towel for me is very important in the household  because I love changing my towels every week. The gift towel is made of quality and durable material. I will not be the only one who will use this but also serves as a towel in cases when relatives or friends can have an overnight stay at home. Thanks for this gift!

Basket of wine and chocolate

I am glad to received a basket of wine and chocolate yesterday from a company. This is my first gift this holiday season and I feel happy that the company is the one who remember me first for the said gift. The bottle of red wine can be deliciously paired with some red meat dishes shared by family and relatives. The chocolate kisses are packed to fill the sweet holiday spirit. Aside from these there is also a canister of potato strings great to munch during a lazy day at home or perhaps when watching a favorite show. The basket is nicely decorated with Christmas balls in red and green color while the basket in colored gold. Thanks for this gift!

Busy for the holidays

It will be a week to go before Christmas and I am very busy not only in my work but also in my personal errands. I have many uploading to finished before the month of December ends because of another assignment. In as much as possible I try to keep myself as relax as always but with the many deadlines I cannot avoid the season’s rush. anyway, I have received some personal gifts already and I am very thankful that even though that the holiday season brings too much demand on me. Looking forward for a meaningful holiday season ahead.

Christmas decoration

 It is always fun to decorate home especially that Christmas is fast coming up.Finally I have my time at home to put some decorations in celebration of Christmas. I put on some letter trimmings inside home. The wreath displays at the living room. It is filled with red ribbons and miniatures perfectly fitted to the wreath. I put silver miniatures, red ribbons, silver mistletoe and more in the round wreath then placed it in the wire. It is quite tiring because I need to arranged each item in such a way that it will coordinate with the green round wreath.

Fruit basket gifts

The early gift that I received this holiday season was a basket full of fresh fruits. It consists of apples and oranges.  I love it and I am thankful because I am being shared with such generosity.  Fruits are very healthy and basically recommended as rich in fiber and good for digestion. My siblings enjoyed eating such fresh fruits. My office mates  are also very happy to received fruits because they can have something to eat when they got home. I am thankful for this generosity  and hopefully such present will continue to flourished in the next coming weeks. Thanks for the blessings!

Preemployment examination

I am scheduled to take the pre-employement examination today.  It was supposed to be last week but it was cancelled due to the typhoon. The exam starts with a series of tests like English,grammar, spelling, math, verbal analogy, abstract reasoning and psychological exams. It is under time pressure so I have to finish answering the questions of forty items before the time ends. The easy items come first and it gets harder from one exam after the other. On the second day, we are all required to take the hands on computer exam. I am familiar with the program because my present job is basically related into it.  I am prayerful that I can pass the said exam. 

Devastating typhoon

The week was devastating to the nearby provinces as the strong typhoon hit some key municipalities destroying lives, properties and livelihood of most people.  The news for the past days were so heart breaking because many lives were lost. They were begging for food, drinks, personal necessities and cash donations. My heart goes for those victims of this calamity. The government already declared national calamity day as the casualties of the typhoon already reached to five hundred. Some are still missing and still recovery is on going.  This is time to make a reflection of the natural disasters happening here in the country.  Such tragedies that need a stronger faith to be able to move on, be vigilant and careful in the next coming days. 

yamaha mg32 14fx

Our family is into music and part of our bonding is playing our favorite musical instruments like guitar and piano. We are planning to buy a brand new yamaha mg32 14fx before Christmas. Just two weeks from now and our dream piano will be finally realized.  It has been our plans to buy one because our old piano is no longer functioning well. Besides having a brand new one can be very useful because my sister and brother are members of our local church choir.  It is nice to sing music with a good musical instrument.  The music sounds crisp to hear making me more open to express my feelings and heart through songs.