Wearing silver jewelries

I always love wearing jewelries. Such accessories are important to me especially when there are certain occasions  to attend to. However during my ordinary days I like to wear silver jewelries like earrings, necklace or bracelet. The silver quality of jewelries is nice and it can match with any casual wears or office wears.  I do not have a hard time thinking on what will be my attire and what accessories to match with it.  Silver jewelries are so many on sale in some exclusive shops in the mall.  There are many cute designs to choose from. I go for classic styles because it would last longer and in time, the quality never fades. If I have extra money and given time to buy jewelries, I think I have to buy silver kinds again.

Slacks repair

I had a slacks that I never used since I got it because the size is smaller on my average frame. It came to me with an idea to had it repaired by a dressmaker instead.  I pulled out the slacks from my closet and brought with me when I reported for office  last Monday morning. The dressmaker checked it out and good timing because the said pants  has still an allowance to make the size bigger.  I instructed her to make the waistline twenty nine inches so that it would fit me. The lower leg should be adjusted in such away that it would have a slimming effects when I use it for my daily office pants. I am hoping that the repair will be finish next week.

Electronic office attendance

We just started to use last week the biometric system of the office. It is the use of a computerized program wherein our attendance is based on checking in using our finger prints.  It is a form of identification and access control of the employee’s daily attendance.  When I arrive at the office every morning I always see to it that I have time in using my thumb as the key punch to a little gadget placed on the wall.  At first, I wasn’t able to register because it said please try again/invalid access. It is just a matter of timing though and when the check mark appears on the screen, it means that my log in is successful.  This is one of the advancement of the modern times wherein everyone has to adapt to be able to make things faster and easier. 

Daily cleansing shampoo

As usual some of my personal necessities in the bathroom are already consumed after a month. One is my shampoo so I decided yesterday to bought a stock before going home at night. I am using products that are sulfate free in my shampoos and conditioners because it is important for me to take extra care as far as health is concern. The commercial products being sold in the market have hazardous chemicals that in long run of usage might harm ourselves. The shampoo that I bought is herbal kind good for daily cleansing and that it gently cleanses all hair types. What is good about this product is that it is sulfate free. The perfect blends of herbs and botanical s purify and help revitalize hair.  The bottle that I bought would lasts  for up to a month of daily use.

platinum wedding bands

My dream to be a bride is coming up this coming October. It has always been my personal  aspiration to tie the knot in the sacrament of matrimony to the man whom God has given to me.  The preparation for my wedding is so far organize and properly plan. I have to visit my jeweler this weekend to check out the platinum wedding bands that we ordered as our rings for the wedding. It is said to be that platinum is a precious kind of metal and the jewelries that are made of it are precious for life.  I consider my soon to be wedding as  a special celebration of love hence I want the event as a private affair with family, relatives and friends. Looking forward for my big day with Gods perfect plans.

School credentials request

I am busy today aside from work in the office because I need to request some  credentials from the school where I graduated in college. Such credentials will be submitted next month for a scheduled examination this coming December. My transcript of records consist of the subjects that I had taken for four years as a graduate of bachelor of science in business administration major in management. I also earned units of accounting subject from another university last two thousand ten. It would also be included on my request for my credentials.  Such credentials are required to be authenticated which means the documents should be signed and sealed by the notarial public.  I am advise to be back after ten days of processing which will be at the end of this month. 

Sporty ladies shorts

It feels comfortable for me wearing some shorts at home, adventures, outdoor activities or just by being laid back during weekends. I was able to buy a sporty ladies shorts weeks ago. The design is simple, colored white with some sewed cloth name tag of a brand in it. It is a known brand actually and of course I can say that the quality is really good. It is made of cotton about two inches above the knee in length. I  also bought one for my sister and hers is colored gray. It is not the common apparel with a garter on the waistline but instead a shoe lace type being used as a binder. Now I can have a sporty ladies short whenever I have some trips or adventures soon.

Organic lip balm

I have noticed that my lips often cracked especially during humid weather or during rainy season. Sometimes it happens also during changes of weather. The season at this time is unpredictable actually and I need to keep myself hydrate always. I do not want to have cracked lips all the time. So I bought the other day an organic lip balm.  It is sold in an exclusive healthy shop . Such lip balm has SPF 15 that can protect my lips everyday whenever I go for office work or at any weekend activities that I have. When I use the balm, it has a mild color pink that adjusts to the acidity of my lips. My lips feels good now after I use the organic lip balm for a week already.

Feeling hungry

I already stayed for hours here and I can already feel my stomach grueling for hunger. I already requested my sister to cook some food for dinner and she might be preparing a fish menu or some broth vegetables. Hunger already strikes to me at this time after my working, walking for pick-ups and all computer posts for the whole day. I hope I can rest tonight well with sound sleep with out the pains just like what I felt this early morning.

Cordoba Guitars

My brother is joining a new band this time. He used to have a music band before but due to some circumstances, their band mates  were no longer interested to joined with their music mates. Their group decided to break and move on with separate lives. I am happy as a sister because my brother is now back to the music scene. He requested me to accompanied him last weekend to buy a brand new guitar. We checked out the latest models of  and we were interested to it. A good timing because there were many latest models and designs on display. He bought two kinds of guitars. I wish my brother the best of luck in his new band this time.