National hero’s day

Another long weekend vacation because it is declared as non working holiday today. This is a celebration of the national hero’s day. Giving special tribute to those who served with their lives for the welfare of the country.  I can say that there are lots of modern heroes today. They  are those unsung persons who dedicated their lives for the welfare of the country and in service to the people. People in the military,medical professionals, street sweeper/maintenance services, rescue missions, overseas workers,government employees and many more services that in some way or another are a big help in the lives of every individual in this country. Their contributions to society are very valuable and for me they are the real heroes of today modern times. My way of saying many thanks for your wonderful deeds. May you continually be blessed as always.

Busy weekend

I wake up early today because I have to send some items to my relatives who is living in the nearby province. I have to pack up some things that I bought yesterday like the kid’s toys and dresses. Also the food items like biscuits for the elderlies.  I leave home at nine o’clock in the morning. Good thing because the van who is in schedule for the first trip at twelve o’clock noon time is on standby and ready. I immediately give my items and pay its fare. The heat of the sun is up and I need to take my lunch already because I am feeling hungry. I check my posts for a while then bought some ordered vitamins for my buyer. I go home earlier in the afternoon at four o’clock . Buying some foodies like ice cream and cake would be very good for home. Quite tiring day but its good because I accomplish my tasks.

Purse concentrate perfume

I have a client who is often at the office doing some transactions. For years of seeing him we become friends and have to greet each other at any time in the office or when in public places. The other day, he gave me a present. It is a purse concentrate perfume.  The scent is forest interlude. Very feminine scent that I like to use daily when working or during any leisure activities. The small bottle in put inside a leatherette purse which I can carry in my personal bag everyday.  It will not consume easily after many uses because it is made of a concentrated fragrance.  I just have to dab on pulse points and there I go with the scent through out the day. Thanks to the generosity of my client. 

Long days of vacation

A great time indeed! Five straight days of vacation were really blessings. I had all my time at home doing,fixing some important household mess and work that I often neglected to do for the past weekends. My time staying at home was very productive. I was able to sleep early in the evening and hours of sleep in the afternoon as well. My body was able to recharged  fully for two days of good sleep. I also enjoyed watching my favorite shows and also the news and updates here and abroad. The three day non working holidays were about the festival,fasting culmination and the special tribute day. I love the feeling of being physically relaxed and free from the weekdays of stress. 

Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2012

Its another year of celebrating the Kadayawan sa Dabaw festival 2012 here in the city. Today is declared locally as special non working day to give time to all the Dabaweneos in participating for the king of all festivals. Kadayawan is a thanksgiving celebration for the bountiful harvests this year and also a tribute for those tribes who had been the first inhabitants of Davao City many years ago.  They together with the people today join together in celebrating this wonderful festival. Festivities coming up this week will be the indak-indak sa kadalanan and the floral parade.  Some local artists will be performing on big city malls. This festival is a great opportunity in showcasing the beauty of Kadayawan festival of the city to the local and foreign tourists worldwide. Madayaw Dabaw!

wholesale clothes

I am enjoying the summer time with my friends and we agreed to join a club in our city. It is called the motorcycle riders club for women. We thought that joining this club would be a great way of camaraderie and togetherness not just for our friendship but also meeting some other women who have similar interests with us. We are planning to buy some wholesale clothes that we will be using next month for the first club trip. I personally wanted to buy some clothes like leather motorcycle jackets, pants and chaps, vests, and boots.  I think one of the most important is the helmet because safety first is the clubs’ concern. There are still so much to buy for our riders club but I am prioritizing the important essentials. When I have more budget then I can buy some more for myself.

Home cleaning and arrangement

I did not go to downtown area last Saturday and I preferred to stayed at home. The weather was gloomy and it felt boring to commute going to the malls doing nothing. I was very productive because I was able to attend to my mess at home. I did the cleaning and arrangement in my room and in the living room area. The floors were being mopped to clean from the dusts accumulated. I also washed  and changed the throw pillows,  seat covers, curtains and appliance covers.  The organic cleaning agents that I used for cleaning helped a lot in eliminating the bacteria brought about by dust mites. It took me more that two hours to finished my tasks. Very tiring especially on my lower back but I was satisfied because my time at home was very productive.

Olympic dream team

I am having a great time watching the live telecast of men’s basketball in the London 2012 Olympics. Team USA versus Lithuania are competing for the eliminations. I am for the team USA who are labelled as the dream team in the game of basketball. Lebron James, Kobe Bryant – they are popular NBA players that keep up with  the team until the finals. It is a nice competition because at the first half, the Lithuania players are able to play ahead in score points with the team USA. At the fourth quarter, Lebron James double time by making series of three point shots. Kobe Bryant also make shots and follow ups. My favorite dream team that would surely climb up for gold win in the Olympics.

Hair conditioner on sale

It was a good timing when I went to the mall last week. The hair conditioner on the grocery section was on sale and that time I was looking one as I already ran out of stock in the bathroom.  I immediately got one and bought it in sale price. After paying in the cashier there was a small stall that caters to all shoppers who was able to avail of the hair care product that I purchased.  I presented the receipt and I was given a multi- purpose small  black bag (reusable) as a free gift. The hair conditioner sale was a great deal as the brand seldom offered this kind of  marketing to its shoppers. The product for me is of good quality and made especially for color treated, dull and dry hair.  My mall visit last week was just worth for some personal shops.

epiphone joe pass emperor ii guitar

Last weekend, my nephew Bryce visited  home and I enjoyed my time with him because seldom he can visit us and the only available during vacations, Saturdays or Sundays. I asked him about his schooling as he is already in his fifth grade. Tall boy already and I am happy to know that he is doing great in class. He told me that he is joining the school band and will be playing  a special show for their school intramural next month. I told him to buy a new and updated kind of guitar. He can play well with his music using a state of the art musical instrument. The epiphone joe pass emperor ii guitar center can be a good source outlet as they offer quality musical instruments like guitars, amplifiers, drums, percussion, keyboards and many more.