Olympic games 2012

I watch the live telecast of the opening ceremony this morning  of the Olympics 2012. It is London who serves as the country host. The grand opening is so spectacular especially the fireworks display. It is creatively made and the unique coming together of individual torches created a big bunch of fire torch. So nice to see in television and how much more in the actual scene. A well planned event and really has a huge budget to create such spectacular game for the world. There are many athletes from different countries that participate including the Philippines. The best of luck to all the sports men and women for the two weeks of competition. I hope to enjoy watching sports like synchronize swimming, basketball and gymnastics. 

Maui Jim Sunglasses

I have lots of personal sunglasses collection at home because I consider sunglasses as part of my daily wear. I simply cannot leave or start my day travel with out any eye wear. It is for protection from harmful rays of the sun and also a nice fashion accessory every where I go. In my line of collection, I have Maui Jim Sunglasses which is my favorite this time. Considered a popular brand and very ideal when doing some nature adventures like boating, biking or hiking together with my honey.  The designs and styles are elegant and snug fits on my eyes.  The quality is very good actually. I can even recommend this brand to my brother, sister and also to my close friends.

Shrimps in Spicy Sauce

I had a good timing when I visited this weekend the nearby  wet market shop. Shrimps were in abundance and the price was cheap. I immediately bought a kilo of it with salivating delight because shrimps are one of my favorite seafood ;-). I immediately cleaned the shrimps, cut those head tentacles and wash in cool running water then set aside. I minced garlic bulbs (more is better) to add great flavor and taste in sauteeing dish like shrimps. In a cooking tefal pan, heat the olive oil, add the minced garlic the add the shrimps. Stir for a minute then add seasonings like salt and pepper. Add the spicy chili hot sauce and simmer for another minute. Seafood like shrimps are best cook for  a short time to preserved its juices. Place in a serving platter and serve hot. With this kind of meal, everybody  at home kept on passing the rice because it brings out the yummy appetite while savoring the deliciously hot in the shrimps and the sauce. I did not have a hard time cooking this favorite meal because it is convenient to cook and I have an undying taste for shrimps.Yummylicious!

lela rose bridesmaid dresses

I will be joining the bridal entourage of my friend who will be getting married this October. Just three months from now and seems time flies so fast. As a bridesmaid, I am personally in charge of my own gown – cut, design, color motif and accessories. I want to look pretty and sexy in my outfit and I really find some time to search for some nice fashionable modern bridal gowns online. The lela rose bridesmaid dresses caught my attention the other day. The    design focuses on the body detailing and fabrication giving emphasis to the contour of the shape of the wearer. The ankle length, haltered green gown with pleated bodice would be my choice. It would definitely create a nice looks on me with slim physique and makes me stand out among the brides maids. I am already excited for the wedding and hopefully be a bride soon.

Packed lunch in office

I am still feeling full today as everyone in the office get each a packed lunch meal courtesy of the collection officer who is celebrating her birthday.  She used to had parties for the past years during her birthday and today she makes a meal treat to all of us. The meal is pack inside a special degradable box and contents are fish fillet with mayo and ketchup sauce, rice, beef pineapple stew, macaroni salad and soft drink.  I feel bloated and satisfied especially that I have no snacks this morning.The lunch pack satisfies my cravings and hunger which helps me while working with piles of applications in the office.  Thanks for the delicious lunch treat today.  

Mane maintenance

Every month I always see to it that I have time for my hair. I find it as important as being a woman. The hair is considered as the crowning glory of a woman and maintaining its luster, shine and manageability require ones personal diligence. last weekend was the schedule for coloring and I did it all by myself. I was able to learn the techniques by observing on how it is being done in salons. Of course i always buy a good and quality colorant that has less ammonia for the hair.  It feels good to have nice mane this time and this coming weekend I am planning for a home hot oil treatment to keep my hair  in good condition after the color treatment.

New LPG safety device

I ran out of liquefied petroleum gas at home for almost three months and I was able to bought a cylinder three weeks ago. It was not the gas tank that I needed to bought because I still needed to replaced the old hose and the safety device. I bought all in all – gas, hose and the new safety device. The safety device for me is very important because it helps as an aid in case of gas leaks. It would immediately shut off and controls the gas flow.  Aside from that, the said device has a built in gauge meter where it shows the consumption level of gas giving me an idea on the remaining gas contained in the tank. A person who is well trained to installed the safety device personally  went to my house for delivery and installation of the said things. Now I am enjoying  the cooking in the kitchen with confidence and safety.   

Lived life of Mang Dolphy

Everyone is joining the mourning of the loss of the king of comedy, Dolphy. He passed away the other day after battling with a disease. At his prime age of eighty three, he brought a smile in every face of the people being a great comedian. His movies and television sitcoms for the past six decades were part of every household. His personality captured the hearts of the masses and his personable, down to earth character made him so likable not just by his family and friends but almost all the people. I watched the eulogy live on television last night and I also felt the emotions of family and friends about his passing. I think it was a well lived life for Mang Dolphy. For that he will truly be missed by all Filipinos.

TomKat split up

It was a breaking news on showbiz regarding the filing of divorce of Katie Holmes to her husband Tom Cruise. I was able to follow their love story before and seemed a fairy tale romance. I personally was also shock to heard the news and until this time, they are still making headlines as to who will get the custody of their only daughter Suri. It was announced that Katie now has the sole or primary  custody of her daughter. Well this is expected on Hollywood stars.  Their lives are very public and sometimes there are issues that they just know themselves why they should go separate ways. 

live answering service

I just opened my new restaurant business that specializes on fine dining and offers special cuisine to locals and foreign tourists.  I believe in the importance  and advantage of online marketing to expand the possible  prospects and clients here and abroad. Food industry here in the city is booming and since I am a food enthusiast I believe that my skill can compete with the business society.  My thorough research about putting up a restaurant is very broad with so  many details and I plan to include my business in the listings of classified fine dining. The live answering service of a reputable company can be of help as I start to expand and look for possible customers.