Social media day

I consider my self as part of the social media because I am a blogger and at the same time a user of some social media sites like Facebook. The advancement of technology at his time brought the people to get involved and be updated on the internet. This is the basic and fast medium that is getting popularity worldwide. Connecting with family and friends makes easy with the use of the social media. Even in the news and updates about politics, celebrities, sports and more are in an instant with the use of this popular media .  It is very useful especially that it helps living easy and news and communications are  there in an instant. I am hoping that people will use the social media in a very responsible way. 

Remembering Nanay’s birthday

The end day of the month of June is always memorable for me. It my mother is alive today she is already in her seventy first birthday.  She is a person that we all cherished and will always be remembered throughout our lives. I stayed at home today and do most of the household chores. Late in the afternoon, I prepare a tuna pasta as planned to cook for our mother’s birthday.  It is a special dish made from angel hair spaghetti, tuna chunks, chopped button mushrooms, onions, garlic, cream sauce, basil leaves chopped and tarragon dash. Combined together creates a very delicious pasta treat for nanay’s birthday today.  A blessed day to remember our dear mother with love and thoughts as always.

Reformatted card

I am thankful for my brother who helped me in curing the memory card of the digital camera. The past days I had problem with it because it can longer save and open photo images on the computer. Though I can view the pictures on the camera. The pictures were corrupted when I tried to download on the computer. Good thing the card was not damaged and it was saved using a reformatting program. I tried this morning taking some pictures and now I can download it already here on the computer. I think I will be extra careful now when using this memory card. Aside from being expensive, the pictures saved are very disappointing to be deleted on files.


My mornings always start with a cup of this FernCoffee. A product of Fern company that was just introduced to the market. I personally like and patronized the product because I benefited from it as far as my health is concern. It is not just a plain coffee but has essential vitamins and minerals (B1,B12, C, calcium, zinc) that would help improve ones health. I used to have muscle pains in my right arm and I have vitamin B12 deficiency in my body. For two weeks up to a month of taking FernCofee, I slightly can feel some pains anymore when usually happened in the morning when I woke up. Aside from its healths benefits I can also earn an income as well. This is another great product that I should not miss every morning of living.

Bill payments for the month

Payables for this months seemed unending. : ( Yesterday I settled the bills for electricity, insurance and credit card. The other day I paid the water bill also. I am having a hard time juggling funds for all these payables.  It is financially draining. I have to be responsible for all of these or else living would be affected. I tried not think of these sometimes but they are all inevitable. Anyway, it is part of life.  There are news that the electricity billing will again rise up next month.  I am just looking forward to be financially blessed to cover up all my payments by prioritizing the important bills.

Easy saver account

I decided to open an easy saver account in a bank weeks ago. It has been my plan before but just recently finalized because of my busy schedule. This kind of account is not a headache to a depositor like me because there is no maintaining balance. Unlike my previous accounts where the bank deducted an amount should my account fell below the maintaining balance. The application requirements are valid identification and an identification picture. I filled up the application for then processed for about thirty minutes. I received immediately my atm card. The activation took two days and now I can use my card account  either deposit or for withdrawal. 

Baked treat

The people in the office this afternoon never expect to have another continuation of the birthday treat of our section chief. Someone send a baked spaghetti as her belated gift to yesterday’s birthday celebrant.  Better late than never they say because the spaghetti is good.  It is placed inside a rectangular aluminum pan then wrapped with food serving cover. It arrive still very warm and perfect to eat immediately.Everyone feasted on its warm, creamy and moist taste. A little treat for everybody in the section that is worth a share of happiness because everybody is non stop busy in the hour to hour transactions. An afternoon to be truly grateful for this food blessing.

Weekend skywatch

This was how the sky looked like one Sunday afternoon at home. Days before that it rained almost daily. I was so amazed with the sky because it was fiery colored that day. There was no rain though but all of a sudden in the afternoon it looked this way. It was 5:30 in the afternoon when I took this shot. As I have observed our environment is already abused and the effects can be felt and seen through the climate,  weather changes, solar system and many more. The earth is already old and the human species like us are all responsible on this world that we are living in. 

Set of undies

I had a chance to met my cousin on vacation last weekend and we had a happy get together after not seeing each other for almost a year. We went to the mall and had some little shops in the women’s section. She bought me a set of women’s underwear. I chose the kind of cotton undies because it is comfortable and easy to wear.  It keeps my outer garments from being soiled from body secretions like sweat and discharges. The colors are stripes of pink, green, orange, blue and yellow. It is of quality kind as I can wear it daily whether in jeans, skirt, dress, shorts or capri pants. I immediately washed it and hanged dry before wearing for hygienic purposes. Now I have many undies to change on daily. Many thanks to my cousin for the set of undies that she gave to me.

Malunggay capsules

My elderly aunt and uncle have special needs because of their age. Their health is the most important thing at this time so they are taking some food supplements that would aid to their deteriorating physical condition. One supplement that they are taking is this malunggay capsules. Moringa in English is one important supplement because it aids to the deficiency of the body especially to the olds where diets are carefully monitored and food intake is not the same as it used to be before. Malunggay capsules can give them vitamins and minerals that their body needed. One organic food supplement that is beneficial and can sustain to their immune system.