XXI earrings

I got a present yesterday, a fancy pair of earrings that was bought from an exclusive shop. It is a studded earrings of colors blue, silver, light yellow and pink. The lock is like a push – pull kind and detachable a compared to my other earrings where the locks are built in. The design can be fine with many different colors of my get up everyday. This makes this earrings a versatile kind of jewelry. I immediately wear it today and it matches with my office uniform which is sky blue. I am thankful to received this simple present that in somehow brought me a little happiness from the daily stresses of life. 

New food keeper

Me and my friend My shared to buy a new food keeper that was sold on sale by an exclusive distributor. I do not have any plans of buying it actually but it was My who convinced me to buy one. It is colored lavender with tight fit cover. This has many uses for me but I exclusively used it as my food keeper for my food for lunch when I am in at work in the office. The foods can be keep safe in this kind of container. Though plastic but it is made of special kind of  material that is durable and of good quality.  I am planning to buy another one if ever there will be another sale again.

Ozonizer machine

I was requested by my uncle yesterday to get the ozonizer machine for delivery to the province. Before packing up the machine, I was curious to check out what is all about this machine.  It is a type of air or water purifier which uses ozone to kill bacteria and filter out some harmful contaminants in the air. The machine can be a useful therapy for a wide range of ailments. I have not really tried it yet but according to the product  labels it can be a useful at home to maintain the alkalinity of water and air.. The cleansing effects would be very beneficial to health. I hope that such machine will be very useful in the province.

Jupiter Instruments

My friend has been working as a musician in a luxury ship for five years now and he recently arrived for a short vacation here in the city.  We had a get together at his newly built home and everyone enjoyed chatting with him after a year of being away for work.  He showed to us his newly purchased . Such instruments are so precious for my friend because it were of quality kinds that he can use when performing on live stage show.  Included in the set was a virtual instrument software that hosts modern features like advance step sequencer,  new line of dynamic effects and lots more about  music components.  We are hoping to see his live performance if ever we can make a tour  cruise this year.


Idol season finale

The television in the office is on hook up for the live telecast of the season finale of American Idol show.  I am happy and excited to know who will be the grand winner for this year.  The two remaining contestants Philip Philips and Jessica Sanchez are very talented and sing good in their individual craft. But in the end of the show there has to be a winner.  This season winner goes to Philip and for me he deserves the title.  His personality and style of sing captures the heart of the audiences. Jessica is also great in her own way and  has promising future as idol’s first runner up. Great achievements of new generation of singers. Congratulations!  

Bills payments

My electric and water bills were delivered together last week and I had to spare am amount for each one so that I will not be included in the cut off of service. I have noticed that the  electric consumption at home last month increased by about twenty percent as compared to the previous billings. While my water bill was also a bit higher compared last month. The usages of such important elements in our day to day living would alway depend on our consumption. Now I am making each day a  thrift day in cutting some possible costs that I might incurred on the next billing cycle.

Stay at home weekend

I decide to stay at home today because I have many things to attend at home most especially in my own personal mess. Most of my weekends were occupied with so many things and  had neglected some important household chores. Well, most of my time during weekdays were occupied of personal time to rest only as sleeping is always the last thing that I should do after having my dinner during weekdays. It feels tiring because I have many important and immediate chores to do.  My time was occupied mostly in the  laundry. I am thankful anyway because I am able to have more time at home today. Partially finished in some of my household jobs.

Souvenir toiletries

During our office get together weeks ago, we were all housed  in a nice, fully furnished cottage. The ambiance was so natural and it felt like you are home away from home. When I checked in a room assigned for my group, I was happy to saw a pack of souvenir toiletries which were composed  of lotion, conditioner, shampoo and a bath soap.  These things were packed and placed in a white towel for use of the guests like us having an overnight stay in the cottage. It was a nice gesture for the resort to provide such simple little items for the guests. I immediately used the items as  did not bring with me my personal toiletries from home.

New computer printer

A big package was delivered in my office section yesterday and we thought that it was a present for an employee. Actually it is a new printer for use in the office. It is a dot matrix printer which can be very useful in many printing jobs like reports,  document processing, client’s record and assessments and many more  computer related printing in the office. This is recommended because the ink is very affordable and you can save unlike the ink kind where the refill is expensive. The computer printer is big in size and can accommodate continuous paper, paper feed and multi paper printing.  The printer will be finally in use next week because the printing program on the network is still on process.

Multi purpose cooker

I ran out of liquefied petroleum gas for cooking at home for more than a month already. I have not buy yet a new one because I still need to replace the gadget that is being connected to the gas tank as well as a new hose to connect to the stove. I have to save some money for these to be able to buy all these things. For the meantime, I am using an electric cooker. A multi purpose appliance where I can cook rice, stew or boil dishes and even saute or stir fry some meat or vegetables. I just have have to check on my electric consumption because any appliance that generates heat uses more kilowatts on the billing. Anyway, I am thankful to have a cooker because it helps me in my cooking job at home.