Island summer trip

The summer season is still on and spending for some enjoyable activities whether in beaches, fields or mountains are always in this time. I personally had fun when my friend and her husband spent a vacation here. They invited me to joined with their family in an island summer trip. I had to be off from office work to be able to spent time with then. We had to walk in a drop off point going to the island and rode on board a nice speed boat. It took us just ten minutes going to the beach resort. My friend purchased a residential area in an exclusive beach resort and residences and being an owner, she is privileged to use the amenities and facilities as well as her families to use the beautiful infinity pool and cottages. I enjoyed swimming a lot in the swimming pool and even forgot to put on a sunblock lotion and that caused me to had sun burns in my skin that was exposed to the sun. Delicious foods were served like spaghetti, chicken salad, fried chicken, chips, soft drinks and beer.  I really experienced life in a millionaire’s haven in a  high end exclusive living close to the beauty of nature. Great island summer trip for me.

Perfume collection gift set

 It was an enjoyable get together when my friend arrived for a home vacation here in the city. Its been three years since we last saw each other and so missing our friendship was the main reason as always. I am thankful for her present. This time  a perfume gift set , a collection of white diamonds,  forever elizabeth,  sparkling white diamonds and elizabeth passion. Each one has its own distinct scent that I love to use. The scents are so mild and feminine in eu de toillette spray naturel and  eu de parfum spray/ vaporisateur.  Now I have many variants to use in my daily activities depending on my mood and aura. Our friendship is one of a kind even when we are separated by distance as she is living with her husband in Australia. Thank you for this gift and thank you for our time together.  Hope to see you again soon.

Sunburn and muscle pains

I had a busy life since last week. Aside from work, I got lots of invitations for a night out and party from my friend who arrived for a month long vacation here in the city. One Thursday last  week was just so tiring because we went to an exclusive residential resort that they just purchased as part of their long time investment. I enjoyed the swimming pool a lot and just did not mind the scorching heat of the sun until early hours of the afternoon. I got sunburns on my back, arms, shoulders and legs. When I got home  and woke up the following day feeling the muscle pains in my lower legs and back. I just had my share of physical pain from our trip and it was ok anyway. It is getting healed now. The enjoyment and get together were very memorable.

Night out party

I was having fun last night together with my friends as we planned for a night out party. It was a treat of a common friend to our a balikbayan visitors Libby and Ken. We party all night at a local bar. All fun and lots of fun actually- delicious food servings, drinks, good modern music and dancing to the groove of modern songs. Our chats were never ending,  as always expected because its been three years since we last saw each other.  We enjoyed each others company until early hours of the morning. They were a little tipsy though but I was doing alright. I needed to be home safe and sound and it would be uncomfortable for me to got tipsy that time.  The night was unforgettable because everybody had a great and fun evening. I hope to have many more parties to come the next time again. 

Stay at home weekend

I was feeling tired to go downtown last weekend.Besides I do not have something to do as all of my important transactions were already done. I just preferred to stay at home so that I can attended on my personal mess – laundry specifically. There were lots of soiled clothes for me because I did a beach getaway together with friends. I needed to arranged the things especially in my room. I also had to do most of the cooking as usual. It is really hard to be at home actually because work is never ending. It is up to you on how are you going to manage the many mess without getting yourself burn out from physical stress. 

send an easter gift

Easter for me is one special occasion  that I always love to celebrate because it is a triumph for Christians as Christ is  risen. I would always make this day extra special to my family, love ones and even to friends. I often prepare special food servings like fruit salads, stews, desserts, pasta, roasted pork,  fresh green salads and many more. This is also a time for me to send an easter gift  for special people who have touched my life in one way or another. A simple token like greeting card with a personalized Easter notes and Biblical verses. I personally make dedications as my gesture of appreciation and being grateful for their presence in my life.  I hope to give some more gifts in many occasions that are coming up. 

Binbining Pilipinas 2012 winners

Last night was the grand coronation for the Binibining Pilipinas 2012. This the annual beauty contest wherein the winner are  declared to represent the international beauty pageant like the Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Tourism.Here is a qoute on the question and answer portion f the universe winner Janine Togonon, I believe women have the right to choose between what they want. Just go for what God wants you to do. Between the two, whatever it is, you must do your purpose in this world. Just have faith and mature obedience, and everything will go smooth,” Janine said in the question and answer portion when asked about women foregoing a happy family life for a successful career. She will be competing international this June. Good luck to all the winning beauties.

Sunday cooking

I go to the wet market early this morning to buy some food consumption for the week. I intend to do my marketing early morning so that I can be home earlier and also to escape from the hot sun as it gets up later this morning. I bought fresh fish, vegetables and fruits. Almost an hour of marketing is finish already. Good timing because the public transport service cooperates so I arrive home in time. I immediately prepare the goods that I bought then prepare the charcoal cooking for the pork stew. Adobo as locally named, it is a famous menu of sweet and  sour pork belly in onions, garlic and pepper sauce. As a twist, I add some banana slices (saba kind)  to add some sweetened taste.  I also cook vegetables like mongo beans, jack fruit, shrimps and green leafy vegetables boiled together to create that delicious, healthy taste. I am feeling tired early in the afternoon but it is alright because I do not have to cook for dinner  later at night.

water feature

I am very happy to see the fruits of my labor when my home renovation was finally finished last week.  Some parts of the house needed improvements already like the kitchen, living room, backyard areas and the front patio. I hired a good architect that can make a modern design for my planned home improvements. I thought of adding a touch of nature to make a serenity in my home living. A water feature was installed in the outdoors. The sunrise spring wall water fountain is so beautiful in green slate with rustic copper trim. It feels so close to nature when I see such feature at home.  My dream home is finally fulfilled this time and it is always rewarding to see my achievements.

Cousins’ summer vacation

Every summer my cousin always sees to it that her family can spend an out of the country vacation. For this year she and her family spent a grand vacation in Beijing, China.  Just arrived from such grand vacation, they all enjoyed the fun being in that hot, cool place feeling the Mongolian air of the country.  They visited lots of wonderful places and the main attraction that they visited was the Great Wall. I saw in the pictures that the weather was summer but the cool winds can be felt by the tourists who were mostly wearing sweaters and jackets. I thought that it was all walking adventures going to the top of the Great Wall. Her family considered such vacation as very memorable – place, food and many adventures. Great time together!