Happy birthday,Bro!

Special wishes on my brother’s birthday today. I am wishing him all the best as another year of life is added once again. May you be continually blessed in all that you,  grant your plans and wishes and stay healthy, happy, responsible, matured and loving brother to us.  God bless your birthday.

Enjoy your special day!

wii game

My nephew just graduated from high school last week and I was happy that he finally finished the second part of his education.  I am so proud of him because he accomplished his high school with flying colors. He got a golden medallion as the class valedictorian for the year twenty twelve among his batch mates. He really is excellent in class and so he deserves a gift from me. I buy him today a new wii game because he likes the play station set. It is the latest gadget being released in the market. The programs are very updated with different kinds of videos to choose from. The price is great and I am able to avail discounts and freebies from an exclusive distributor.

Rainy afternoon


The weather is abnormal this time. Heavy rainfall this afternoon when I left the office. I do not have any update about the weather from the television but I think there is again another tropical depression happening in a nearby place in the city. I am always bringing with an umbrella as protection not just from the rain but also  from the heat of the sun. I am still updating my posts  here and hopefully the rain is over when I go home tonight. 

dock ramps

I just arrived from an out of town trip a few  weeks ago and it was such a good experience for me to see other places that I have not visited yet. My travel consisted of bus, plane and ship trips. During my sea travel, I was stationed at the pier where I waited for the ship being docked for hours loading not just passengers but also container vans and cargo. The modern facilities  just made the loading process easy with the use of dock ramps wherein a forklift passed through it carrying loads going to the ship cargo area.  Such motorized equipment helped a lot and I was able to depart the pier just on time. 

Music enjoyment


While doing some important posts today, I plug in my headset and listen to music being played on the you tube channel online. I am feeling sleepy earlier being tired from a day of work.  Quite stressful today because there are lots of things that I have to attend to.  Music is always fun for me and it keeps my mind alive while doing assignments. It also keeps me updated on the new uploads and various track online. I like listening to music lie remix, pop, ballad and slow rock. Selected modern sounds can impress me but I am into those music in the nineties and early two thousand songs. Now I am feeling alive and active while typing in here. 

charm bracelets

I am always a fashionable woman and I always see to it that I am in style and trend. When the new year this year  began, I checked out some coming trends for women and one of them are charm bracelets. Bracelets are part of my daily form of  accessories. It feels so feminine having some bangles of fine jewelries in my hands as I walk or stroll and so my personal errands.  I go for neutral colors like cream, lime green, pastels and brown. These colors can match any wear that I have whether in office, malling/shopping or just simply when I am on my casual get up.

Rainy Monday

The start of the week is slippery and wet. I thought it is summer season but some rain showers are affecting some parts of the country. The rain started last night until early this morning. The sun is up noontime today until early afternoon. It rains when I get off from work and good thing I bring with me always my umbrella as a protection from sunny and rainy weathers.  I like to rain though because it helps those withered plants and at the same time makes the temperature cool and free from dusts. I hope the rain will not bring  a heavy downpour until  arrive home this evening.

Wear pink for March

The month of March is women’s month. A special tribute to all the women in the world for their valuable contribution on society. The office where I am working is in support for this advocacy for women and as a sign of  such support, the women employees are required to wear pink t-shirt every Friday. This is about women empowerment, giving them the equal justice that they always deserved to have. It is sad to know that some women in many parts of the world are being treated unfairly and they do not received the proper care especially on their health, gender equality in work place and many more cases which put down the dignity of women in general.  The color pink which symbolizes femininity would somehow create an awareness to society  and that women are always important part of humanity.

Jeia’s birthday


My niece on my cousins’ side is celebrating her birthday today. She is Jeia and she turns seven years old today.  I just love this cute, chubby little girl because she is so adorable just like her sisters when they were kids like her. She answers the phone when I call this morning and very happy to heard me greeting her in today’s special day. I hope that you will continue being a good kid as you are and enjoy life more as you grow.  My sweetie baby Jeia, a happy, happy birthday to you!

Conserve water

It is already summer season and there is a growing demand for water consumption this time. At home my daily usage for water also increase because I need to hydrate myself by consuming lots of water. Washing of clothes, watering the plants, household cleaning, cooking and many more. These are some of the things that I do daily  at home which require cubic meters of water. Scarcity of water is being seen by researchers when we reach in the year 2050 because of population growth. We may be using a lot of water everyday but this time we can conserve it when there is unnecessary to use.