Organic fries

I like eating fries before but not for now because fast food servings of fries has high level of saturated fat. Obviously not healthy at all. I was having my time in the mall and I visited the shop that I often buy my personal needs. This shop sells organic and healthy products. Some organic fries were being displayed in the food and snacks section  and I tried to taste this pack of regular fries. Not so pricey though but the taste is delicious actually. It has low salt content and I can really taste the real potato ingredients. It is not oily and the taste of the  baked fries that I used to know is still incorporated in this product. I would like to try the other flavors when I can visit again the shop this weekend.   Living healthy for me makes life happy.

Jeremy Renner in Pinas

It has been a month already when Jeremy Renner is here in the country for a shooting of the coming film Bourne Legacy. A hollywood star that is known for his acting craft in various films. The movie production is having a film shot in many key places like landmark bridges, market place, highways, beaches and more. This picture was taken during his courtesy visit to the palace where he met the president. He looks handsome wearing the national costume of barong . Jeremy was polite and limiting answers when asked by some television reporters. I am looking forward of seeing the movie by August and it would be the country’s pride to be part of that film soon. A cutie guy with looks and talent that keeps me interested this time.

Modern banking system

I was requested by my brother the other day to did some inter branch deposit on an account so I immediately proceeded to the bank in a mall who was open after my office hours schedule. This bank schedule is favorable for as a worker whose only time to do some important personal errands is after five o’clock in the afternoon. I like the modern banking system now because the processing is fast and I did not wait for a long line to get finished with just a single transaction. There is a machine that would help you in giving a priority number. It can only be issued upon typing of the account numbers of the person you wish to transact.  My time of service was only about five minutes and I was glad to be served on time now.

Green charmed bracelet

It was fun when I visited the mall during the celebration of the Chinese new year. Me and my brother enjoyed spending time together looking at the many colorful decorations, stuffs, foods and many other items that signifies about the celebration. I bought this green charmed bracelet in one of the many displays. According to the sales lady, this is a bracelet for those who are born under the rat sign and I am one of those who are born in this zodiac. A coincidence because green is my favorite color. Just a fancy accessory that I can wear in my casual days. 

Sunday’s stir fry dish

I always love spending time at home during Sunday weekend. It is the time of the week where I can attend to my personal things. While watching a cooking show in television, a dish is being prepared  and as I follow, the ingredients are so available and easy to cook. I bought the ingredients and try one at home last Sunday. This is a stir fried menu of vegetables and seafood. The vegetables included are broccoli, carrot, onions and garlic. Sea foods are peeled shrimps, white tuna fish and squid. I follow the usual stir frying procedure and put on the sauce that made the dish so flavorful. I love the taste and prepared just like the servings in a restaurant.  One yummy Sunday indeed.

motorcycle helmet

My cousin just bought a new motorcycle for her personal use in her daily travel. She is working in a nearby town as a medical practitioner in a hospital. It would take her an hour to reach the  work place and driving a motorcycle from home would be a big help in her daily travel. The motorcycle is scooter type and easy to drive in a highway. Safety is always her priority so she included a  when she bought the new motorcycle. It is colored pink ladies’ helmet that is full faced where it can cover and protect the face of the driver. The quality of the material is very good and would surely be durable in long time of use. Motorcycle driving is an enjoyable activity and safety should always be taken into consideration.

Throw pillows at home

These four pieces throw pillows are part of the living room sofa at home. Having these pieces makes me comfortable when laid back at the sofa. It also serves as decorations too. From a functional perspective, these throw pillows serve as support for head, neck and back when laying or resting one’s body. I choose light color  cream as covers because it matches with any sofa color and even the hanging  curtains.  The mini pillows add some glamour and nice furnishings in the living area making it look homey and comfortable for living.  I often wash the cases weekly so that it will always smell good and nice to cuddle when I watch television and relax at home. I plan to buy additional pillows soon and just waiting when the mall will be on sale so that I can avail some discounts on home furnishings.

farm stool

I am thankful that our family farm harvested again for the first cropping of this year. It is a two hectares rice field that yields our staple food for the local produce. My bother is the one who is managing the area starting from the land preparation, cleaning, planting and until harvest season. I visited last week and I was happy to see plenty of rice produce this season. I thought of buying a farm stool which could be of many uses  in the farm area. It is made of quality material and that can resists weight when used as a feet stepper when carrying some loads to the upper part of the bodega where rise sacks are being stored.  I bought three pieces of the stool and my brother was happy because he really needed such items for the farm.

Electric bill payment

I have decided to paid the electric billing this week for the month coverage of January. The billing for this current month is already in so I had to had the previous month be settled so that it will not piled up until this month end. It is quite hard though because I need to update it or else I will get a notice of disconnection for the electrical services at home. It is important for me to personally track the consumption on the monthly basis so that I would be aware of the charges and the usage or consumption. I have the payment done in an installment basis so that it would not be hard for me to cope up with the monthly bills. 

Egg slicer

When I visited the kitchen wares area of the mall last holiday season, I have decided to bought an egg slicer . This is colored white classified as food preparation utensil for the kitchen. I made some valenciana and other food menus which required some egg slices and I found that having an egg slicer makes the preparation easy. I can place a peeled hard boiled egg on the top of the slicer and it is evenly sliced right away. This is one kitchen utensil that has many beneficial use for me as a cook at home. I hope this utensil can serve its purpose in time.