Noodles treat for Kung Hei Fat Choy


Great day to celebrate the Chinese new year for this year because it was declared as non working holiday. Me and my brother decided to prepared this stir fried dish of fresh noodles and rice noodles combination (bam-e). I added vegetables like carrots, celery, beans and leaks. shrimps and pork liver were the main ingredients being stirred fried all together with the noodles. I topped it with slices of lemon. The sour juice can add some twist on the taste of the noodles.  We loved the tasted as we haven’t tasted noodles for more that a month already. Felt so satisfying to treat ourselves once in a while in every occasion  with this kind of sumptuous meal.

Retail System

I have been very busy for the past months in starting up with my own personal restaurant. I am already in the process of licensing and registration of the business. The set up of the computer machines for cash register  and database maintenance systems are scheduled this weekend.  With thorough plannning, I have come up with a good idea to use the  Retail System because it is easy and simplified.  I can immediately check out the business potentials and develop strategies for quality foods to offer as well as the services. I am personally focus and hands  on in this  project as I wanted it to be organized and smooth when the operation will start this coming February eight.  I am very optimistic that my business venture will be prosperous in God’s grace.

Cool treats on weekend

I decide to spend some relaxing Saturday as I need to relax and unwind myself from the busy days of the week. Me and my brother meet in the downtown mall and agree to join for dinner. There is a newly opened specialty restaurant located at the fifth floor. We try their dishes. I ordered a menu of chicken in soy sauce while my brother orders the sizzling plate of pork sisig. What makes  us enjoy our dinner are the servings of their halo-halo. It is made of crushed fine ice is sweet syrup combined with sweetened fruits. It is not the typical halo-halo that we used to taste in other restaurants. These cool treats taste so unique as a dessert after our hearty dinner. Great coolers to unwind for the weekend.

ace frehley les paul

I had a great get together with my friends last weekend. It was a reunion with one of our male friend who just arrived from his job overseas.  He is a music performer in a luxury ship for five years now. We just miss him because it is his  first time to be home after years of being away. It was a perfect time for all of us to gather and celebrate his homecoming. I was the one who organized the program,venue and the food servings for the get together.  There was a short program made for our friend and we listened to his speech as he talked about his nice and wonderful experiences being a musician in a world class cruise ship.  His unforgettable experience was when he was given an . It is a special kind of guitar made as a tribute to the rock and roll legend . The guitar was given to him as a token on one of his performance . My friend felt  so special because his music talent was recognized and was given such kind of gift. He presented to us the guitar and started to play it for the night’s celebration.  Everybody enjoyed the party of nice acoustic music until early hours of the morning. We all look forward for  another get together before he will be back overseas next month.

New tourism slogan

its fun in the phils
The department of tourism just recently launched a new slogan which is “its more fun in the Philippines”.  It is about promoting the country as a fun place to visit. It is also a way of making the country known as a nice place with lots of islands and spots that would truly make a visitor feel happy while enjoying the fun of visiting the nice spots that the country has to offer. I immediately tagged the photo in the facebook website and have myself as a follower of this popular tourism slogan. I could truly say that there is really  more fun here in the country and I will never replace it  but rather continue help in the pursuit of making proud of the country where I live.

Preparation of credentials

I am feeling light headed this morning as I slept very late at night already. Already early morning actually  because I needed to finalized my credentials for submission this week. I worked on my resume  by updating it and at the same time editing its contents as well.  It took me a couple of hours because I cannot locate the old file that I had. I  had to copy and paste from the old file to the new one. It was quite tedious but I patiently finished it before going to sleep. I also made a copy of my application letter. My busy morning lead me to be absent from work half day. I see to it that I can email the attachments  of my credentials for printing before one in the afternoon. At five o’clock, my credentials are already intact inside an envelop and ready for submission. I get a relief after accomplishing my tasks today.

Lunch menu at home

I miss eating some meat menu for the past weeks. I am not really a carnivorous person as I eat meat based dishes in moderation only. With some longing and craving, I have decided to cook this pork adobo menu at home. It is made of pork belly special cuts then slowly cooked into selected spices like onions, garlic, pepper, soy sauce and selected seasonings. The liquid here includes some soy sauce, vinegar and soft drink. Boiled in slow heat until the meat tenders and the sauce thickens.  It tasted so delicious that everyone at home cant stop from having some more rice in their individual plates.  For me, this is one signature dish that my family would always love to eat.

rustic bedding

At last my home renovation was completed the other day. I feel so great now that my work and dedication are  finally achieved. It is time for some interior furnishings. The first area that I want to furnish is my bedroom since I consider it as my personal sanctuary. I read that we spend  more than half of our life in our bed through sleeping. A comfortable rustic bedding was  delivered yesterday and I choose this kind of furniture because of its quality over time. It has been my personal choice  from the living room, dining table, cabinets and more. It feels so good to relax and spend nights in my new bedroom.  I think I have to recommend the furniture to my relatives and friends as well because of the nice and quality experience that I got with my new home furnishing.

Malls’ concrete art

Picture 008
It was a nice mall tour for me one weekend afternoon. I brought my ever ready digital camera with me. This was shot of a mall’s concrete work of art. It was beautifully located at the entrance lawn area where it can be seen before entering the main door entrance. I think it is made of a cement that was specially designed as an art then had them painted with beautiful colors as an outdoor display. This was the first time that I saw this kind of art in the mall. Maybe part of attracting the shoppers and to grab their attention while strolling around the mall’s vicinity.  I hope to visit some more areas on the back part of the mall when I can have more time to roam hopefully soon. A nice work of art that is worth a shot.

valentine’s gifts for her

My aunt is one special person for me. I consider her as a woman of strength through the years. She has been my mentor, second mother and  a respected elder next to my parents. At her prime age now, she is still active and living life to the best she can be. I think that she deserves my special gift especially this coming valentines day. I know she never had experienced such special attention before but now I want to give her a happiness that she truly deserves. The love day is special and I am planning to buy some valentine’s gifts for her. Something sweet like a set of strawberry chocolates,  a sleeping wardrobe and a pair of bedroom slippers.  I like her to be comfortable in living and also have time to taste the sweetness of life. For sure she will be surprise of these gifts that I will be giving this coming hearts’ day.