Mall visit on the 31st

Picture 016
A few hours from now will be new year already. But I still have so many things to attend to in preparation for the new year’s eve. So I decide to go to the modern mall that was built months ago. It is bigger, spacious and very modern as compared to the older malls in the city. I bring with me my Canon camera so that I can take some pictures in the location site and its nearby surroundings.  I am taking an elevator going to the third floor and take this shot of a big Christmas tree located at the center area of the mall’s ground floor. many people are amazed to see the huge tree for the holiday season.  The glittering gold and red motif are so inviting to the visitors including me. A holiday season  and worth a visit to this mall

Giving Thanks!

The year is almost ending now and I am very thankful for all the things, events, people, friends, family, relatives and circumstances that made my year. It has been a very tough year for me honestly. My life has been through many ups and downs, thick and thin yet I am here surviving and always grateful for such things enable me to be wiser, stronger and matured individual. I can remember during the first trimester wherein I was so down and troubled but with God’s goodness I was able to face the challenges with faith, hope and trust that things always come in purpose.  A year of challenges indeed but with a grateful heart I am thanking this year for all the things that transpired. I may not know whats in store ahead but with continued faith, I am foreseeing life as always great in God. Thank you, year 2011!

Red wine cheers for new year

It is always great to have some light and social drinking with a bottle of red wine.  For me it is a good cheer to toast for the coming new year. This is medium sweet kind and very perfect for red meat dishes and menus.  I chilled it first then serve in a wine glass. Everyone at home enjoy the sips and savoring taste after bite of the delicious meat dishes of pork stew and beef steak.  The red wine has healthful benefits especially to the heart. According to research, taking a moderate amount of red wine can reduce the risks of some heart problems. May the coming new year be cheerfully red and sweet like this wine. Cheers to all!

Typhoon Sendong devastation

sendong destruction
This happened about two weeks ago and just this time that I am able to post about this tragedy. It has been a sad holidays for some people who were greatly affected by the typhoon Sendong who devastated the northern part of the country. Many lost their homes, properties, investments and most especially lives. To date there are already almost two thousand people who are missing. I can personally relate on this natural disaster because my cousin has a property home in the center of the affected area.  The structure of her home was partially destroyed including her appliances and personal belongings.  She was very thankful because her caretaker who was the lone person while the big flood rushed was safe and saved. It was an unexpected catastrophe because there was a heavy rainfall that did stopped for  whole day on December 17.  It resulted to a flash flood that reached more than five feet high. I am hoping that this devastation will not happen again as it downed  the lives of so many people in that area. On the other side of this, I think this is a wake up call for everyone to be extra keen and have an awareness on the signs of times. Increasing our faith and hold on to our Creator who has the sovereign rule during this trying times.

Year end office scenario

It is a very busy year end week in the office and I feel so stressed out for the past days. Today is the deadline for the registration of book of accounts and some people have that mentality of getting into the rush during the last hour of deadline.  The office scenario is so messy that seem everyone wants to be the first one to be serve before others. Though priority numbers are given but there are lots of people lining to have their transaction be process.  Some of my office mates have late lunch because of the bulk of the transactions. I always see to it that I give my time for a break. I do not want to be messed up for the coming new year and I always consider my health above all the things that I do. I pack my belongings a few minutes before the office time out at five o’clock today. The year end office scenario is quite a disorder for me so I hope things will go on smoothly at the fresh start of the coming year.

Rice cooking accessories


I was very thankful when I received a rice cooker gift last week because seldom you can received such kind especially during holiday season. I immediately opened the contents of the box of the cooker and found some essential accessories that can be used for rice cooking. I got here a small steamer made of stainless steel, a plastic ladle for food serving and a plastic measuring cup for rice and water.  I am fascinated with the steamer because it is so cute that I can even place it in steaming food left overs for reheating in other bigger cookers.  Many thanks for the generous giver of this gift.

Electric bill payment

My day in the office today is not so busy. I am yawning around ten o’clock in the morning. Perhaps still tired from attending to my house guests last night. I thought of paying my electric bill that is due this month so I decided to get a excuse for a couple of minutes to go to the office of the company who serves as a payment center for electric bills. The distance is not so far though but I decided to take a jeepney instead. I bring with my my billing which has a balance of about five hundred thirteen. It takes a few minutes for me to be in line for payment. The cashier is fast to process and issue the receipt. I plan  to pay my electric billing in full for this month so that I will not worry anymore. I want to be billing free as the new year is coming. Looking forward for a reduced electric consumption next month of January.

Christmas time piece


There were lots of gifts to be given during the party in the office. Each office personnel was given a number and you have to pick the corresponding gift that was being labeled by the number that you got. My number was twenty six and my souvenir was this wall clock. I was happy because this is another kind of time piece to be hang on the wall at home. As soon as I opened the box, I immediately placed a size AA battery and had it hanged on the dining area. The upper part is the display part because there is no hanging decorations yet. I am thankful once again because I have a remembrance from Christmas this year 2011.

Christmas 2011

christmas card

A great day to celebrate the Christmas season for this year 2011.  My prayerful wishes with hope, faith and trust of the holidays. The real meaning of Christmas is not on the worldly things that we receive but on the birth of the savior Jesus Christ. May His presence be felt in each one of us and that we would heartily receive HIM with gladness and cheer.

Seasons Greetings!

Stir fried noodles menu

I am very busy in the kitchen today to prepare some foods for the noche buena and at the same time the birthday of my sister.  My kitchen preparation includes chopping, grating, boiling, slicing, stirring, frying and many cooking procedures to do. I always see to it that I manages well the cooking in the kitchen so that it will not be hassle and the results of my menu will be delicious as always. One of the food that I prepare is this stir fried noodles. I cook it first because this will be serve for dinner immediately. A good timing for my sister’s birthday and the rest will be for the midnight meal before the clock hits twelve o’clock for Christmas. The noodles are special kind and the ingredients include shrimps, lean pork strips and  vegetables ( pea pods, celery, carrots).  I serve it hot immediately and my cooking fans enjoy eating this menu.