Fashion necklace

I never expected my cousin to gave me this fashion necklace as a gift when she visited home last weekend. Actually I had a plan of buying this kind because it is one of the fashion get up of the women of today. Very good timing and a blessing as well because my wishes to have this kind of necklace was finally realized through the generosity of my dear cousin.  I am planning to wear this as an accessory to my jeans and top get up.  I have some plain long blouses colored green and brown which I can wear a necklace to accentuate my fashion. I am already imagining my looks with this fashion necklace this week which is my schedule to wear. Thanks for my dear cousin for this wonderful token.

Home visitors

It was a very busy yet happy weekend for me as my relatives arrived for a short family get together. From the province they made a stop over at home before taking their early flight back on the following day. I was a host at home and it was busy for me attending to the needs of my visitors. We did some wet marketing of some fresh fruits, vegetables, and fishes. Also carts of groceries for home and the needs of of the other household in the province. I was tasked to do the cooking for dinner and breakfast. Also fixed things up for bedding to make my visitors comfortable when they slept at night.  We had lots of never ending updates with one other. This was unexpected because its been quite sometime since we saw each others ( two years actually). The left home full of happiness and enjoyment from the short vacation. I am always thankful for the blessings and I hope to see them again soon.

Headache of the day

I wake up this morning earlier than my usual routine because I was requested my cousin to cook for some food for delivery to my relative’s home in the province. I am still sleepy and groggy because of work and other personal things to attend to the day before. The start of the hour at the office is quite not good because I am feeling some bothering headaches on my temples. It seems that my head is being screwed up in pain. This is often my feeling whenever I have my period. The hormonal syndrome is high. It never subsides until I log out fro work. At this time I am quite relieve  and the day’s headache is no longer bothering me.

Daily dental floss

Oral hygiene is one of my important personal rituals daily. I always see to it that I have floss my teeth. Bacteria thrive in those unclean in between of the teeth and that may cause tooth decay. I bought this piece of dental floss last weekend in the mall.  This dental floss is made of thin nylon filaments. It is gently inserted in between teeth to remove those food plaque that cannot be remove by toothbrush alone. I always feel that my mouth is clean and healthy whenever I have dental floss.  The plastic dispenser usually can be consumed in more that one month depending on the usage of me and my siblings at home.

Home clock and decor

I was busy this weekend with so many household chores to be done. I concentrated on the living room area and did some arranging, fixing, cleaning etc of all the things within. These home clock and decor were being cleaned as well because it already accumulated some dusts and cob webs. I can remember that I bought this clock years back and the decor was a gift from my cousin when he was working abroad. I must say that these items are durable because it stayed its purpose for quite a long time already.  I like hanging some decorations on the wall at home as it adds beauty and touch of femininity. I am planning to add some more decors on the room especially that the holidays are coming up again.

Birthday greetings

Remembering the special day of my nephew Justine today.

Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday and may this another year in your life

be another time of more blessings of good health, happiness, peace and joy.

Cheers from all of us. Happy birthday!

Time for haircut

My hair is already long and unmanageable. I can already feel the bothering weight of the thick strands and sometimes it adds an additional stress on my head. I decide to go to the usual beauty salon who did my previous haircut.  I arrive the mall early this afternoon and immediately proceed to the salon area. Good timing because I wait just for a few minutes and my turn is serve immediately. The usual hairstylist do the styling. About two(2) inches are cut in the length and volumes added on top to add a more glamour look. The blow dry lasts for about thirty minutes because my hair needs to have many sectioning due to its thickness. I am happy to get a new look from my haircut now and it feels fresh, young and vibrant once again.

crescent moon snowshoes

It is winter season once again! It happens only once in a year and I personally wanted to enjoy this season and make the most out of it as others often dislike the presence of thick snows during this time.  Me and my friend from the nearby county decided to go on snow skiing on the  slopes. We just wanted to slide  on the white snows using our newly bought crescent moon snowshoes.  We were able to buy the shoes on sale at almost fifty percent discount from the original price. My  shoe color is red accent snow shoes while that of my friend is dark blue performance snow shoes.  It was a great bonding for the two of us as we get to know more about each other and hopefully be building deeper friendship in time. We hope to have some more time of snow skiing together hopefully next month again.

noise machine

It is always nice to live and relax in a peaceful and quiet  environment especially when staying at home.  The loud noises that I often hear in streets, malls, parks and other crowded places are often annoying and it irritates for someone like me who is into  quite places. My friend once referred to me about a  noise machine so I decided to buy one for use at  home . It is a device that produces a sound that is random in character. It would serve as a sleep aid  for me which I can play while sleeping on day or night time. For me sleeping for at least eight hours a day is very important for my health. Being rested rejuvenates my being and I that can accomplish my daily activities productively.

LPG re-order

lpg pic
I ran out of the liquefied petroleum gas days ago. My previous tank was consumed almost four months already and it was already  a big budget for me to have used the LPG for cooking in quite a long time. I supposed to bought it this weekend but I was forced to collect cash and bought  a one tank of LPG. So I immediately re-ordered yesterday morning. Early time because I still had to report for office at noon time. The cost of one cylinder about twelve kilograms was seven hundred seventy five. Lower in cost as compared to the last time that I ordered. Now I am confident in my cooking at home with out the worries of LPG shortage.