titanium rings

titanium ring

I am always passionate about jewelries like earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.  It interests me this time to search about titanium rings because I do not have this kind of ring yet on my jewelry collection. It is a blessing as well because with too many searches I was able to find this special design of titanium ring. It has pink sapphire surrounded by 0.12 carat worth of diamonds. Very unique and beautiful design that really catch my attention from the rest of rings on sale.  Quite pricey though but I treat this as my personal investment as a woman of passion in jewelry. This item will  be added on my ring collection  and I can wear this in any formal occasion.  One essential piece that every trendy and modern woman should have.

Recreational Therapist Jobs

Our family was very happy to attend and  celebrate the second semester graduation of our nephew. Finally he finished his four year degree with flying colors.  Being a graduate of a therapy course, it would be challenging for him to find a job that would truly fit to his course description. We encourage him to apply for Recreational Therapist Jobs through online hiring or walk in applications.  My nephew has a very good attitude and outlook with treatment services and recreation  activities for individuals with illnesses and disabilities. His personal experiences with regards to  the job training on various hospitals and therapy clinics would surely help him find a job immediately.  I am thinking that this kind of job is very important as far as health and wellness of every individual who really needs some special care and attention from a professional therapist. I wish my nephew all the best in his job hunting in the next coming months.

Personal facial tissues

I am quite particular about my personal needs and belongings and my own bag always have this facial tissue pack that is very handy for personal use.  It is  a soft, absorbent and disposable thin sheets of papers that is suitable for use in the face. This can be a good alternative to use if I do not have a handkerchief. Blowing stuffy nose with a tissue is quite a relief and you can immediately dispose the dirt from tissue  usages. I like this handy pack that is always present anywhere I goes. Also part of good hygiene is having some ever ready wipes. This pack will be useful in the next two weeks and by that time, I will have a new handy pack again.

Earthquake hits Turkey

turkey earthquake
Many people were affected when a strong earthquake hit southeastern part of Turkey. As much as 1000 were feared dead and some buildings were flattened  leaving some survivors crying for help under a big rumble. It seemed that the natural calamities like earthquake was roaming in all  parts of the earth affecting many developed and developing countries. After shocks can still be felt by some residents as the quake affected so much of the devastation on their lives and living.  There were many lives lost because of this natural calamity and people were in need of basic needs for survival. This is the headline news today on television. An eye opener for each and everyone of us to be alive,alert, active and  vigilant   in all our surroundings.

Autumn day

Autumn is one of the temperate seasons. Though there is no kind of that season here in the tropics,

I could still feel the  tropical transition as weather changes at present time could be noticeably felt here.

The cool breeze of air, falling leaves and the chilling temperature of the horizon.

It is said that human behavior is often associated with weather changes.

I hope that with this new season comes new perspectives and hopes for a more wonderful life.

Family gathering for fortieth day

It is weekend once again. As usual my favorite days for the week because this is only my time to attend to my personal activities at home.  At ten o’clock in the morning my cousin send a text message informing me to have lunch in Deca homes as today is the 4oth days of my other cousin who passed away last September 12.  I immediately fix myself and together with my sister, we join with them for a simple lunch together with other families who were present during the mourning times  of my cousin’s death. A set of buffet table is being offered for everyone which includes healthy and delicious food servings together with some desserts and drinks. Though there is still the the mourning stage for the immediate families, we can now chat with some cousins, nephews and nieces already.  I stay for more than three hours with them and spend the rest of the afternoon at home.

Miggy’s graduation


The family of my cousin was so happy that their second child Miggy already graduated in his college. Miggy took up computer science course and received his diploma with flying colors as a cum laude and loyalty award. He finished his college course in less that four years. We are so proud of his academic accomplishments being the dedicated, sweet and good boy among his siblings. My cousin and her husband was so proud of their son’s achievements.  She emailed me yesterday and told about their excitement that they only took two hours of sleep before the graduation exercises. They should arrived at the graduation hall early morning and that only two guests (parents) were allowed to witness the ceremony proper. I was also happy for my bright nephew and I am wishing him well in his new endeavors after the graduation.

Stick on note pad


I got another pad of stick on note from a client in the office. She was generous to share it to me as she knew that I always need some little note for my uploading works. The quality of the paper is good. It is thick  and the adhesive of every page  can stick well in any surface.  It is also nice because she gave me my favorite color – green.  The stick on notes have variety of uses for me. It is very useful in making memo note on applications, forms, documents, letters, journals and many more paper documents. With this little giveaways, it feels grateful indeed to received such note.  I can also share it with my office mate who often needs the note in her important documents. This is one office document that is important to have for so many personal uses.

Tea tree conditioner

I got this organic conditioner from healthy options shop when I visited the mall last weekend.  A tea tree calming conditioner that helps soothes irritated, flaky scalp. Naturally purifying tea tree oil is combined with unique blend of herbs and healthy hair nutrients to nourish and strengthens hair. Its ingredients are panthenol, soy proteins, vegetable proteins jojoba oil, borage flower, seed oil, vitamin C and vitamin E.  I use this shampoo today by massaging a generous amount of conditioner gently into my wet hair. I leave it on for one to three minutes then rinse thoroughly after. I feel that my hair is great and being organic, it feels safe and healthy for daily use. There are many kinds of conditioner  in the outlet and I like their products this time.  I prefer organic now for my personal grooming and cleaning as it promotes good health and well being.

One sweet day


It is nice to know that sweetness is being
given a special day.
I personally interest with people
who are sweet, sincere  and nice.
The world is happy to live when people have sweet attitude.
May this day be filled with lots of smiles,
happiness and sweetness of life now and always.
Happy Sweetest Day!