Advance birthday party

I stayed late today at the office because I am being invited to attend the advance birthday celebration of the section chief of the office. Her birthday will be tomorrow but some office mates would like to make a celebration ahead as her birthday falls in Saturday which there is no office. The celebrant is the one who was also treated with the despedida party  days ago. The party starts at six o’clock in the evening with some thankful messages of close friends of the celebrant. Emotional messages are being exchange as well as funny memories. After an hour, I join with the group tasting some buffet dinner foods that are being serve for everyone – roast pork, stir fried noodles, rice, vegetable dish, fried chicken, soft drinks, mini pies and chocolate cakes. Delicious enough for everyone to feel bloated and full including me.  I enjoy the celebration and go home quite late already in the evening.

Party giveaways

These were some of the birthday giveaways of my nephew during her first birthday party. It consisted of cute mini items like party hats, minie mouse, candies, coin canisters and more. Obviously the color motif was pink that reflects the personality of the cute baby girl Mielle who turned a year older.  Party giveaways are very common especially on weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other occasions. They serve as memorable tokens of the celebration and also as a way of thanking the guests for being past of the celebration.  I personally love to attend parties and enjoy the celebration as it helps me personally in social interaction with friends and families.

Birthday roses

I would like to give this bunch of roses for my cousin who is celebrating her birthday today.

May this another year of gift of life be a great start in all your dreams, hopes,

aspirations and wishes that you have always wanted.

Enjoy your day and God’s many many blessings be with you now and beyond.

Happy, happy birthday! 🙂

Personal grooming gel

Copy of IMG_0336
This is the newly bought tube of a hair gel that my brother had for his daily personal grooming. It is made of water based gel that can be used on hair after  bath. It is not sticky compared to the usual gel being sold in the market.  The basic purpose of hair gel is to stiffen hair hair as it is being styled. It makes hair look polished even when blown away by the wind. You will look just fresh and cool when hair is being put with gel. I think gel would not fit to my hair because it is long. It would only be great to use on short hair like my brother who has a two by three haircut. He always put some gel everyday before going to work.  He has a good choice of buying this king of gel for his grooming needs.

32gb ipod touch

I am very happy now because at last my dream to own a brand new 32gb ipod touch is already realized. It has been my plan to have this gadget because of its latest features as far as technology is concerned. My current lifestyle is always on the go and I need to use a very portable unit which can have multi-functions like media player, personal digital assistant, handheld game, wi-fi mobile and many more advanced features of technology. The price is quite expensive because it is the latest release in the market. I did not have a hard time on paying my new ipod because I already saved an extra amount for cash purchase. I am still on the process of familiarizing the features and looking forward to enjoy my new phone.

Thirty nine years after martial law

The country is celebrating today the thirty ninth year after the post regime of the dictator declared martial law. Well I was inside the womb of my mother during those chaos times and about to be delivered in just a few weeks. I have no idea what was the situation of the country during those times but I asked my father and he told me that the country was under the control of the military. They were not allowed to talked or spoke against the government of else would be punished. Many people suffered from torture, death, killings, oppression etc. during those times. Even until this time they are crying for justice that was caused by the martial law. The victims had been seeking out for their claims but until now their is no assistance given to them. Perhaps I was also influenced of the situation of the martial law period n my growing years thirty nine years ago.

New TIN card for my father

My father just arrived from the province last week. He was here to joined the family of my cousin’ s untimely passing away last week. His visit was a good chance to met some relatives and friends whom he haven’t meet for quite a long time. Being in his senior years, he is already on the relax mood and cannot do the usual busy and complicated thing that he did during his younger times.  I decided to make him a personal tax identification number card as one of his personal ID. He used to have one while practicing his teaching profession but it was no longer in use and phased out already. The type that I made is non taxable as an individual in his senior years. A picture size of 1×1 is needed and his signature and the identification is ready for laminating and keep for future transactions that require the tax identification card and number.

Transportation strike

It is the first day for the working week and the planned transportation strike is on going as many public transport groups support the strike today. I decide not to report to office because the jeepneys and buses that are travelling from the place where I am living are very limited and the people line up in the bus stop are so many. I do not  like to run for these utility vehicles just to catch a ride. It would be tiring for me especially that I haven’t recovered yet from the long stress last week. I opt to stay at home to fix so many personal mess. Then in the afternoon I take a three hours sleep. I feel so relax again and recovered strength as sleepless nights last week from the wake until the internment made me on “low battery” status.  I am thankful for today’s transport strike because I am able to unwind again.

Baby Christening

Pink baby building blocks
I am attending today the baby christening of my office mate’s  daughter. She had been requesting this months ago so as friends and co-worker I agreed to her request to be one of the godmother for her baby’s baptism. The mass starts at eleven o’clock in the morning and ends past twelve noon time already. From the mass, everybody proceed to her home for a lunch get together.  The home is filled with lots of guests especially kids. The proud parents and the grand parents are very happy as their first grand daughter is already Christian. Many foods serve before us – cakes, pasta, roasted pig, salads, stewed dishes and many more. Some guests sing videoke music and hard drinks are also serve on them. The children enjoy the game as many prizes given. Surely an enjoyable celebration for the family.

Cousin’s internment

It has been a very sad week for our family when my cousin passed away last Monday. She battled on gastric cancer but did not survived with the fast and unexpected attacked of this deadly disease.  Many people attend to the internment this morning – family, relatives, friends, office mates, co-workers and many more who join the sympathy of this sad event.  I am with my siblings and father who are also being part of the family. The final ceremony started at nine o’clock in the morning with a prayer service of the nearby parish team and a priest. The hymnal songs made us all very emotional. The bereaved family of my late cousin express their heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everyone who attended the interment. I am also so stressed this time because of this occasion as we also had an overnight reunion at home with my cousin, uncle and auntie. Truly life is short and death is sure. All our prayer is that may she rest in peace and joined with the Creator.