Kevin’s birthday


Today is the ninth birthday of my nephew Kevin Bryce, the eldest son of my brother. Its been years back when I still remember him so small and now already nine years old.  Our wishes for your birthday and may you will grow with love, good values, kindness and a good son to your parents and a good brother to your siblings. May you continually be bless with good health, guidance and protection and enjoy the life of your childhood. Wishing you a very happy birthday with love from all of us.

Malling in Abreeza


I have all my time today as Monday is declared as special non working holiday in celebration of the national heroes day. I leave the house and go to the downtown district early afternoon. I have many things and errands to do and I am thankful that everything is finish by four o’clock.  I think of visiting the Abreeza mall since it is still early to go home anyway. Abreeza Mall is the newly constructed shopping destination located at the northern part of the city. Big and modern kind that caters to the lifestyle of the people here in city.  I stroll in the ground floor and check out what’s the latest in fashion. Then I go to the second floor and check out the kitchen wares and other home items. Going down from the second floor is exciting  as I see many different displays of appliances, clothes, apparels, shoes, etc.  Then I brought a grocery basket for some shops at the grocery where I buy garlic and petroleum jelly. I can feel that my legs are getting tired of two hours of walking. Before going home I buy some go nuts and breadtalk  to taste these yummy and delicious new treats . Shopping is always fun if you have money to bring with you because there are lots of items that are tempting inside the Abreeza Mall. I hope to have time again to visit this new place of shopping destination.

National Heroes Day

national heroes day
Its is a long weekend today and declared as a non working day for the entire nation. It feels so happy to be spending the weekend at home finishing some important household chores and being just so laid back from the busy life last week. Today the country is commemorating the heroism of those people who fought for the freedom of the country from the colonizers. Well most of those heroes were already dead but their good deeds continue to live on to those people who can remembered them. At present time where people already have widened knowledge about so many events and happenings around, I can say that heroes are no longer that important of maybe relevant to them.  For me heroes are those living individuals who are doing great things for their family and for the country. People who are so hard working enough for the sake of their family. Doing everything that they can just to help themselves upgrade from the bottom of poverty. I am giving my salute to those living  heroes who in some way or another bring out being the true citizen of the country.

gmc sierra denali custom floor mats

I accompanied my cousin the other day in the car dealer where he bought his brand new gmc vehicle.  The car was just delivered a week ago and everybody in the family were so excited to own another brand new vehicle. It is the latest model being released in the market and the first choice of my cousin for family’s use on recreation and other important events.  Quite expensive being a high end car but it brings out the most advance features of an SUV at this time. We claimed the gmc sierra denali custom floor mats that were specially requested for the car’s floor accessories. The mats are made of quality poly nylon that is so durable and also of good quality resistant to stain and fading. We have it personalized  with logo to add those lifestyle emblems and also the color is very much in harmony with the car’s internal features.  Looking forward for an enjoyable riding with the new gmc.

Podiatrist Jobs

I met my friend the other week and we were happy to see each other once again after years of not keeping in touch. She is already a registered doctor and passed the board examination for a year now. Finding a job in a hospital makes her busy nowadays and her time was mostly occupied with preparation of medical credentials. My friend also searched about Podiatrist Jobs and plan to submit her personal application as she has also a license in this branch of medicine that is devoted to the study, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower leg. I am hopeful that my friend could find a job that suits to her profession the soonest time. My support is always with her and we have scheduled to meet again when free time permits our individual schedules.

Molave wood door

We are living in our present home for more that twelve years now and personally I am  happy residing at our own family home. This door was installed the time we transferred and we had chosen this quality kind of Molave  hard wood as the main door. It is made of good material and sunriser design that can resist on heat and water. The weather at present is unpredictable and I just admired the resistance of the door after all the sunny and rainy days as it does not get easily worn out. Choosing for quality and durable materials is our main objective during the home improvements as it can withstand through time. For the past twelve years, I never seen it decayed by termites or any destroying wood insects.  If I can remember the last time I put some wood varnish in this door was seven years ago and see the shine until this time. At present very seldom you can buy this kind of quality door as some hardwood in the forests slowly extinguishes. I am hoping that this door will lasts for many more years to come.

Mielle’s birthday party


The daughter of my niece is turning one today. Baby Mielle is the new apple of the eye of her family for a year now. Time just flies so fast and now she is already one year old. Me and my sister attended to her birthday celebration in the afternoon. Everybody gather around 5:00pm and the celebration starts with a thanksgiving prayer. Then parlor games for the kids follow – trip to Jerusalem, ball relay, pabitin and more birthday surprises for the kids. A sumptuous food servings are being serve for us. Buffet dinner of the following foods – rosted pig, stir fried noodles, sour cream fish fillet, lengua estopada, cordon bleu , rice cakes, pearl sweets, pasta spaghetti, macaroni salad, fried lumpia, stir fried vegetables and many more. I feel bloated tasting all the foods and as my finale drink, a sparkling white grape juice that is so refreshing and cool to help digest all the foods that I have eaten. I enjoy the time with my relatives on this birthday party and am always thankful for the great fellowship with everyone.

Mall sale

It is Saturday once again but this day is special for the city because if is the celebration of the Kadayawan. I have all my time in the afternoon so I decide to visit the nearby mall first and see what is happening and the latest celebration. There are lots of people inside the mall as celebrities perform for the audiences. The department store goods – blouses, shoes, bags, accessories, kitchen wares, home decors/furnishings, beauty products and many more are on sale up to fifty percent discount. I go to the grocery section and buy some important personal items. I am able to buy a personal essential in a special shop too. After an hour, I go to another mall in the downtown district. There I buy some home slippers for two per one hundred pesos. Before  go home, I buy some groceries that are lacking on the pantry. It is raining when I pass the mall exit and I arrive home at past 8:00 o’clock already.

Kadayawan celebration

kadayawan 2011
Madayaw Davao! The city is once again celebrating its 26th Kadayawan festival in new logo. It is a celebration of bounty and thanksgiving for all the nature’s provisions in the rich culture and heritage of Davao City. There were already many festivities lined up since it started Monday and this Saturday until tomorrow Sunday will be the highlight days of the celebration. Street dancing of various locals displaying their talent in dancing, beauty contest, music presentation and entertainment, business bazaars,  live music bands and many more. Almost all the malls are congested with people who are interested to join the celebration. Good thing the weather cooperates during the parade this morning as it rains late this afternoon. Tomorrow will be the floral parade that will showcase the best of Davao City’s flowers. Happy Kadayawan to all!

Paris Hilton in Philippines

paris hilton
One of the popular news this week that is being followed by the media ( television, print) was the arrival of the hotel heiress and socialite Paris Hilton.  She is here in the country for a business visit and at the same time an opening of her personalized store shop which caters to women’s fashion and accessories. In this picture she is waving to her fans as she arrives to attend a launching of the real property business being held at the country’s prime financial district. I think it is her first time to visit the country and many fans of hers are so excited to see this beautiful and sexy American socialite.  Though there were many bad publicity about her years ago still the people have a warm welcome on her visit.  A personality with beauty, fame, glamour and money.