Life Insurance payment

life insurance
It is an achievement for me to have paid the annual premium of my own personal insurance for this year. This is already the fourth year of my payment for a five year membership policy. The total amount that I paid was one thousand four hundred eighty seven pesos. I paid it through the authorized bank on the cut-off date. Quite late for me because I still had to collect for the full amount. I had been joggling funds lately and my financial status had been drained. ( Very tiring, Sigh) I do not have any recourse but personally face my obligations. Strong will and faith moved me to paid my financial dues.  Thankful though because my life protection is already updated and it feels a sense of security for me. I am sowing this and looking forward hopefully soon to reap its good benefits.

christmas gift ideas

Though we are still in the seventh month of the year but I am already looking forward and planning for some  great christmas gift ideas to be given to my love ones on the coming holiday season. For me, Christmas is one of the happiest time of the year. It is because the birth of our Savior  Jesus Christ is being celebrated and everyone feels joyous and in the festive mood.  Thinking ahead for some good gift ideas could be exciting. The two months to go before the “ber” months will soon be coming  and being early on Christmas planning could give you more savings because some gift items are being on sale every fifteenth and thirtieth of the month. This is one good reminder for me. One weekend I will spend time on the mall and do some legwork shopping for some gifts.

Friday headache

A terrible headache woke me up early this morning. I am always longing forward on Fridays because for me this is the prelude to the weekends.  My pms strikes again.  I usually do not drink any headache medicine or pain reliever. Though the pain is not that painful but it is continuous. When I reach the office I hourly drinks lots of water to keep myself dehydrated until the whole afternoon. I am thankful though because the transactions are not too many and my loads are not in bulk.  The headache finally diminishes at noon time. Thanks for the relief!  It feels good to face the Friday once again.

Red hair clamp

Fixing one’s hair is always part of a woman’s personal grooming. That is why when my old clamp was broken I had to buy a new one immediately. This red hair clamp is already the replacement. Having a long hair about shoulder length needs personal time for fixings – pony tail, hair clips, brush ups and many more hair sty lings just to look neat  and orderly in the  face. Thanks for the modern hair trends and accessories because having a long hair now is no longer a misery and a hard to do work on the head. This costs only twenty one pesos. The kind of plastic can sustain even on my thick hair. I can wear it up to tame those hairs while making some important household chores at home. I also like the color red because it looks lively in filling up my day.

Jalapeno flavored pretzels

It is always fun to taste pretzels as snacks during lazy hours at home. Munching this pack of Jalapeno pieces made our mouths so deliciously hot and spicy.  Jalapeno is a kind of chili pepper with warm and burning sensation when eaten. The bite pieces of pretzels with some spicy flavorings kept my fingers from wanting more inside the pack.  Every bite piece gives that personal craving to want some more. The pieces are crisp hard kind with the ingredients of salt, wheat flour, coarse salt and other ingredients that made this snack so deliciously good to taste

Norway blast

norway blast
I read the news today about the bombing in Norway. It happened in Central Oslo yesterday killing at least 87 people. If I can remember Norway is one of the peaceful place in the world.  Well there is no more safe place on earth and everyone should be aware and keen especially to those bad elements who have nothing in mind but only attack those places  where the innocent civilians were victims.  Terrorist attacks can happen in any country and I think this is an organized group with ill motives but to spread deadly doings from country to another.  They will never prosper in their evil moves and they will have their share on judgement day. I hope peace will always prevail to everyone.

Silver earrings

It was fun doing some window shops last weekend in a nearby mall. Though I had some important purchases in the grocery but sometimes dropping by in a fashion shop just to see what was on sale made me purchased with this pair of silver earrings. I thought the fashion specialty shop was having some market mar down of prices being a newly opened stall inside the mall. Their marketing strategy was very effective because some fashion accessories were being shopped by many customers. I got this pair that can be worn in my daily activities especially as office wear. A nice alternative fashion earrings to have according to my wardrobe.  I hope to buy another set before the month ends because that will be the end of their monthly sale promotion.

Medicare part D plan

family security
Its been a great time to talked to my friend  from overseas the other day. We always shared about each other’s lives. Living abroad is not easy according to him because of the demands of his present work. He had various assignments in different states as he was tasked for the supervision of the construction projects. His concerned was about his medical security because of the nature of his job. The good thing was his employer was so understanding about his concerns so the company required him to avail of the Medicare part D plan . With this  he can have protection just in case whatever will happen to him. My friend is just being practical this time because life is always uncertain and being practical could be one of the best  plan to have this early on.

LPG purchase

lpg pic
The liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) that I am using for cooking at home is already used up. It took seven months of cooking usage before it got emptied the other day.  I am happy because it is wallet friendly and it is not a pain as far as household finances are concerned. My last purchase was end of the month of January. The price this time is quite cheaper compared to my last purchase.  Now I can have my time in cooking at home. Having an LPG gives me that easy cooking assistance especially in my fast paced daily living. I hope it will lasts for some more months again.

SUV check up

My cousin is here in the city today early this morning to check up the on going repair of his SUV car. Months ago it was accidentally bumped by another car while the family was on their way home. The damages were quite big and the car needed some thorough check up and repair. It was destined for the meantime to its dealer for various repairs for two weeks now. Today my cousin make a visit to know the developments and on how the repair is going on. He is happy that the car would be back to it normal state again. Though expecting some changes and not totally be back to its original looks but in somehow be in good running condition. My sister accompany him and the car dealer promise that the SUV will hopefully be released this coming weekend.