Davao City flash flood

It was a devastating Wednesday morning when a heavy rainfall happened in the city. The rain continued pouring for three hours that caused a flash flood particularly on Matina areas. I was thankful because the place where I am residing was not affected. We were safe but not spared from the heavy rainfall with thunderstorms. The water subsided immediately though. The water almost reached more than five feet and damaged the properties and lives of the people living in that areas. The river in that area just raised up more waters and overflowed to those low land areas sweeping away houses, cars, trees and other properties. I saw this swept away taxi car by the flood in Bangkal area. My commute and travel  were  also affected because of the heavy traffic, destroyed roads and unavailability of public transportation.

Remembering my mothers’ birthday

It would have been the seventieth birthday of my mother today if  she  is with us. This day  always reminds me of the thoughts of my mother during her years with us. My emotions seemed to be longing about her because she was a good, loving and caring mom for the family. I can imagine her  in her seventy years of age as a senior citizen. Obviously retired from her work as a public school teacher and already receiving her monthly pension.  Perhaps enjoying her senior years together with my father.  Being here on earth and living life would always reminds me of my mother and her legacy will forever live to all of us.

Sunny Weekend

I had a great feeling this weekend because the sun shone up once again after days of mostly rains due to the typhoon that hit the Philippines.  The sun just gave so much light and warmth on my days. All my laundries were dried up. Some rainy mess at home were thoroughly cleaned up. I walked on the down streets with umbrella as protection from the sunlight. Not so scorching hot though compared to the sunny days of summer months . The heat was tolerable and still sun protection was needed.  There was no news about any typhoon coming up and hopefully be expecting more sunny days this week.

Aunt’s birthday


Today my Auntie Ching is celebrating her 80th birthday and everybody in the family feel blessed for the years that she have endured until now. Reaching such an age is already a very big bonus in life. We are prayerful and thankful for this another gift of life on her and wishing her more happiness, peace, love and always good health in the prime years of her life. Happy, happy birthday!

honda portable generators

EU3000is_250x250-136x136It is already rainy season and some suburban areas are already affected by the rotating brown-outs. My cousin who is living  kilometers away from the downtown area has been experiencing power outages almost everyday. It is hard especially that his present business is using electric energy and also at his home.  Yesterday he asked me to accompanied him in a shop that was selling generators.  Luckily we were able to bought some  honda portable generators to be used in his business and home. It is of good quality and the name itself had been in the market for many years.  I think this was already my cousin’s third time to bought such kind of generators.  The machine can be of help especially that brown outs are often present at any time of the day. I am thinking of buying one also for home so that my electrical needs can be supplied regardless of the daily power interruption.

Bunched of garlic

I had a chance to bought this bunched of native garlic in Robinson’s Department store, a newly built grocery shop inside a new mall here in the city. Garlic is one of my favorite spices in my cooking. It is widely used around the world for its pungent flavor and I commonly used this ingredient in most of my menus and dishes at home. What I like about this native kind is that the aroma is very strong and I don’t have to use a lot of its bulb not  like those big garlic kind being sold in the market that i have to use almost one bulb to get the right aroma for my dish. This bunch is quite pricey as compared to those imported kind.  I just used one when I cooked some shrimps and vegetables yesterday. Tastes good and the aroma of the garlic really shines out of its flavor. I have to buy another bunch again when I will consumed still in that department store again.

150th birthday of Jose Rizal

The nation is giving a special tribute today in celebration of the 150th birthday of the country’s national hero, Jose P. Rizal. Many people in some key cities are having activities for his heroism for the country’s freedom. He was a freedom fighting patriot who battled for reforms against the colony of Spain. A great artist, writer, doctor, novelist and more. The main celebration today takes place at Jose Rizal’s town in Calamba where a big statue of him ( 22 feet high)  is being unveiled by no lass than the country’s President Noynoy Aquino. The activities are not also spared from the bad weather day because almost the entire day the rain keeps on pouring because of the current typhoon affecting  the country. Overall the celebration is peaceful and  meaningful. I just hope that what Jose Rizal did for the country be continuously reminded to the younger generations today and always will be a good example to each and every Filipino.

Beaded pink blouse gift

I got this blouse gift from my cousin’s visit last month (thanks for her generosity) when  she arrived for a vacation.  She knew that I am reporting for office everyday so this blouse can serve as one of my daily get up for work. It is colored light pink with some  beaded designs on the neckline. The fabric is very light with double clothing inside to keep the shape in form.  I think the ironing of this is very quick and only in low warm temperature because the cloth is pre wrinkled and no need to press hard. Also light detergent and hang dry. It can be under sunlight or air dry. It feels for great to be remembered by someone with the thoughts of sharing a gift. I am planning to wear this during office days to be paired with a nice fitting slacks and an open toed heel shoes or sandals.

school equipment

Our youngest little girl in the family just started her class for two weeks now. She is already in grade one. We were all excited for her new schooling  as it was her first time to be detached from her parents and be alone in going to the class. It was good then because she did not cried just like during her kindergarten days. Her mind was already focused in her grade one class with new teacher and classmates. I visited her the other day in school and she was very happy to see me. They were having their play time and my little girl enjoyed so much in the new  in the playground. It was made to order by the school itself exclusively for the children’s use. I was thinking that it was a good idea because it would help the children to learn more and also have time for fun in the school.

Family trip to US

I enjoyed looking at the pictures of my cousin and her family during their family vacation in the United States last month of May. They stayed there for almost two weeks including their travel days. She sent me this picture that was taken at Universal Studios in Los Angeles together with her husband, three children, mother in-law and father in-law.  There were so many tourist during their visit that time. They were even wearing some jackets because the temperature was cold. I thought it was like sunny weather here because it was daytime and the  sky seemed clear. Their trip was worth it because everybody enjoyed so much of the scenery, museums and most of all the chance to avail of the discount sale on some branded and specialty shops in Los Angeles. I hope I can have the chance to have a vacation in the US too.