Public smoking ban

The news headlines this week is about banning the smoking habit of those nicotine addicts in public places – restaurants, parks, malls, shops, terminals, schools, churches, offices  etc. This has been implemented already here in the city for the past ten years and good thing it is being implemented already in some key cities in metro manila. Almost two thirds of adults and children are already exposed to second hand smoking. About two hundred forty deaths are recorded everyday and it mostly comprise men in their productive age of  lives. For me smoking brings nothing but all the negative effects most especially to ones health. Even the passive one can even get sickness from second hand smoking. I hope this ban can bring good results in the life and living of the people in society.

ATV Wheels

My family just bought a real property in the southern part of the city. This has been our dream to have an asset to be called our own as fruits of our long years of hard work and dedication in life and living. Everybody is so excited when they visit the land and they have many plans already on what to do with the property to have a return on what we had invested.  For me the land could be a good location for a garden resort and farm land where we can plant fruit bearing trees that would earn some income and money. The garden resort can be a good idea to invite local and international tourists. With these projects there needs to be an all terrain vehicle to help the mobilization inside the area. My brother suggested to buy one and already made some canvass on it. His main consideration is to see to it that the ATV Wheels are of good quality and kind to be able to serve well on its purpose. I am just hoping that our plans will soon be realized.

hair loss treatment

Weekend is always a great time to unwind and relax after some hard days work for the entire weekdays. One of our get together topic is about my cousin who is having a hair problem. His hair who was used to be dark and thick  is now in trouble. Some hairs are starting to vanish from his temple backwards. He immediately consulted an expert on skin and hair and requested for some hair loss treatment that would effectively cure his crown problems. I pity him because I used to admired his nice hair before. I never expected that it would happened this way. Maybe there are lots of contributing factors that lead to hair loss. I hope the  treatment will help him cope up the soonest  time.

custom presentation folders

It is always a privilege for me to be part of the monthly convention in the office wherein I am always task to do a presentation about a certain topic regarding taxation issues, its effects to the  nation progress in the year 2011 onwards. Though I was quite hesitant at first but with some personal drive I was able to pursue such assignment on me.  I tried to be creative in my topic so that my audience would not get bored and be convinced to listen and participate as well. The custom presentation folders helped a lot in my discussion. I handed it with some personalized and creative designs in such a way that every person who would take it home can remember the valuable discussions during the convention.  I even write my own personal thoughts that are relevant to the topic. Some  short captivating lines that would mark in my presentation. I hope in my own little way I was able to impart some valuable points to all my audience.

Chief’s birthday

The chief of the section where I am assigned is celebrating her birthday today. Though busy but she still managed to do her never ending busy tasks in the office. She treat us for merienda in the morning with some stir fried noodles in chicken and vegetables, loaf bread and soft drinks.  During lunch time, her friend treats us with some roasted chicken and pork bellies.  Creamy liver sauce adds some good tastes in every roasted menu. Everyone enjoy the small feast and all the food servings are consumed up to the last bone. Well this is not unusual being with many staff in the section. In somehow my lunch is satisfying as compared to the past days.  Hope there will be again another birthday celebrant to treat us.

buy phenphedrine

My lady friend confined to me about her personal sentiments regarding her weight problem. She’s been on the heavy side for years now and it brought her some misery not just on her family but also on her friends and office mates. She is often criticized as “mother pig”, “fat woman”, “drum girl” and many more hurting phrases. I pity her already because her self esteem is so low and it brought her to stress affecting her outlook in life. I told her to help herself because nobody could help unless she will firmly believe that weight loss can be achieved. I suggested  her to buy phenphedrine because I know of a friend who tried it and the effects are true. It can aid to faster weight loss together with proper exercise and diet. I am hoping that soon my friend can recover from her weight problem and she’ll be back to normal again.

Wellspring 1 fiesta

Today the Wellspring Village Phase 1 where I am living is celebrating its patronal fiesta.  A fiesta music was roaming last night in the entire subdivision to remind everybody of the celebration. This morning some of the neighbors are busy preparing for the early mass and some are roaming in different houses to look for some free lunch treats. I can smell some roasted tuna while I hang some clothes at the back of home. I suppose to have an early afternoon sleep to relax myself after being busy this morning from the laundry and cleaning supervisions. I cannot do because the music of the program near the plaza is loud and noisy. I just wake up instead and fix myself to go downtown and check my posts in here then do some groceries later.

online nursing degree

Medical related courses are in demand this time not just here in the local areas but also abroad. I can say that being in the medical profession requires lots of personal thoughts if the course is really meant for an individual. Being in such field is a service oriented work where your time and presence are dedicated to those sick and needy patients that require for your professional services.  One time my nephew consulted to me about her plans on taking up some online nursing degree and I told her to think of it many times because it is a tough job of being in service to the medical field.  It could be a lucrative career for her soon with hard work and dedication if she wants to pursue such career.

Lunch cravings


Honestly I am feeling hungry now while typing here for my post. This was my lunch last week at home. My brother requested me to cooked this Bam-i, a combination of noodles (rice noodles and fresh pancit). Its been a while since my last cooking of this menu.  Garlic and onions were sauted then added the liver and shrimps. Stir well until juices come out. Seasonings, salt and pepper to taste. Add water them simmer for five minutes. Vegetables like carrots ans peas are added then stir again. Lastly add the noodles. This time lower the fire while continuously stirring until the sauce thickens with the noodles. Garnish with onion greens and celery. Serve hot. Great simple cravings that filled up the plates of everyone at home.

best testosterone boosters

I just talked recently to one of my male friends and we enjoyed a great chat after his absence  for almost a year now. He was very excited to see me and and I was also happy for his nice compliments on my personal achievements. He was so good looking  and I almost cannot remember his face when we first met. Oh my, he was just so physically attractive! Well toned body, nice chest, dashboard abs–a total of a good looking man package. Since I was very detailed about his life’s update and  I asked him about his secret of looking good. He told me that one way to enhance oneself especially for a man was to look for best testosterone boosters . The supplements that he was taking helped him improved physically.  I was glad to met my friend  in high self esteem and improved personality and looking forward for more get together the next time again.