Royal wedding

APTOPIX Britain Royal Wedding

Everybody is just so excited today to witness the wedding of Prince William  and Kate Middleton. All the local television here are on hook up on the live streaming and coverage of the wedding.  It is 6:00pm here when the live broadcast is seen on all the television networks. There are even news anchors sent by the broadcast companies to make the live feed. I am one of the millions of spectators who also watch the royal wedding. The ceremony is very organize and solemn. The beautiful and elegant couple Prince William and Kate  Middleton are seen so happy and in love.  I also listen to the wedding sermon (homily) and it is  meaningfully perfect for the couple. This is also the first time for me to see this kind of royal wedding. The guests are so elegant in their wardrobes. Very chosen elites of the royal society. This is a real world fairy tale and I hope Price William and Middleton will live happily ever after.

ProFlowers promotion codes

My friend will be having her wedding day this weekend. Scheduled on Saturday afternoon in a private garden ceremony to be attended by only close families and friends.  I will be one of her entourage as the maid of honor. It is my pleasure to be part of her special day. My special gift for her is a big bouquet of special kinds of flowers beautifully arrange as a wedding present. I personally choose roses, orchids, tulips and other imported ones that would match to her wedding theme. Thanks for the ProFlowers promotion codes that I availed. It was really a big help for me because I reserved  the special bouquet through great deals plus quality services. Hopefully the flowers will be ready for delivery on the wedding day this weekend. I can’t wait to see my friend on her dream wedding with such special flowers bouquet on the scene.

Corrupted memory card

I was bothered the other day when I can no longer open the photo files of  my camera memory card. I tried every thing using the computer in the office, in the cafe but to no avail. The pictures that I recently shot did not appear. I requested my brother and I learned from him that the memory card  got some virus. The photo files were infected and that caused the problem. The only solution is to reformat the card. All files will be erased and deleted. Too bad because I already have lots of current shots for uploading and posting here. It feels frustrating actually. But I have no choice but to reprogram it. My brother text ed  me earlier that he finished already the reformat and would try taking some pictures later when he arrive home.

acne treatment

I pity my office mate whose face is being popped up by some acne. The sizes of the pimples varies from small to medium with some pus on most of them. It really looks ugly. As this saying goes – it is  hard to face a problem if the problem is your face. Too bad!  She used to have a clear face but now the acne angrily attacked her face.  I suggested her to see a doctor who specializes in treating skin disorders like acne or worsening pimples so that she can be given an acne treatment. She already schedule an appointment hopefully tomorrow with the dermatologist. Her self esteem is so low this time because of her facial problem. I am hoping that her skin treatment will be successful after consultation with the doctor. This is also a personal learning for me that I should always take extra care especially to my  skin being the largest organ in the body.

Earth Day


Many nations in the world just celebrated the Earth Day. I feel thankful that mother earth is being given with special attention at present times. Each individual regardless of culture, race or religion has big responsibility on this planet. Whatever is our current status and lifestyle now, we must think always of what is good and beneficial for the environment. There are many valuable things that we can offer to save the planet that we are living– pollution control, energy saving, proper waste disposal, using organic or biodegradable things, plant trees, grow vegetables in the backyard, cut electrical and water costs,  walk a short distance instead of riding in a vehicle, turn off or unplug appliances that are not in use and many more beneficial deeds that we can do to save the planet. Earth day is not just a one day celebration but it should be a daily act of doing what is good for Mother Earth.

Holy Week


The Christian world is having a special observance of the passion, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ this holy week.  It is declared as non working days starting Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday in the Christian calendar. I do not have so much preparations for this week. I am at home this morning doing some important household deed then have some important updates on my posts here. Perhaps I will stay at home until the weekend. This will be my only time to relax, meditate and make some personal reflections about life in general. Some people usually have personal “panata” during this lent season. Whatever will that be may it be for their own good and benefits. It is always great to to give thanks and praise for this holy time of the year. The Lord is so gracious and loving that He give His only begotten Son to save the sins of mankind. And that whoever believes in Him will not perished but have everlasting life. Sometimes we are so focused at this time with the materiality of this present world. Our time is often occupied with worldly things which at any blink of an eye will extinguish or expire. May this holy week be a great time to reflect and think of the beautiful things that happened because of faith, hope and trust in God. He is always our great source of provision and that it is right to make the day be unto His honor and glory. Have a blessed Holy Week.

Sunday’s specialty

I was adventurous on the kitchen at home one Sunday morning as I had all my time to think on what to cook for lunch. This was the result, stir fried pork, shrimps and mushrooms in steamed green brocolli. Pork and shrimps were sauteed in hot oil together with onions and garlic. Then stir until it seeped the liquid. Pour some water simmer until sauce thickens. Add fresh mushrooms simmer for a few minutes. Adjust salt, seasonings and pepper to taste. In a separate pan boil the cleaned brocolli  florets then steamed in a minute. Do not over cooked to retain freshness. Topped on the main dish then serve hot. Simply yummy together with rice. Everybody just loved eating this menu. The brocolli is one healthy vegetable for treating some stomach disorder of my brother and I think I have to cook more dishes with brocolli as the main vegetable ingredient.

sexy bridal lingerie

The most awaited time in a woman’s life is about to come. I am already very excited on my special day. I can say that this is a moment wherein I will giving my heart, soul, self and mind to my one true love to be witness by God and my close family and friends.  I have so many preparations this time — church preparations, wedding receptions and more. Every detail is meticulously scrutinize by me and I always wanted myself to be a hands on bride to be.  So far I am already in the ninety percent accomplishments on such preparations. This week I am making some bookings for the honeymoon getaway. There are lots of choice places here  especially those beautiful exclusive beaches. I personally have fun on what to wear on my first night. I should look beautiful and sexy for my groom. My choice for sexy bridal lingerie is already ready for the memorable night to come. Wow, now I know how it feels to be a soon to be bride! It is stressful yet exciting. By the way, I should find my groom first. (Laughs).

Busy Tuesday

It is holy Tuesday today and I have one more day to go until the four days vacation for holy week. I am busy in the office since this morning until late in the afternoon. There are still transactions even at five in the afternoon. What is hard is the very slow system to process the transaction on priorities. It is so slow that it can hardly process the numbers every time I encode. I have no choice but to turn down many of them because I already feel tired of waiting for the slow processing. There are even follow ups and dues by tomorrow. I do not know of these people why they keep on going to the office in spite of the holy week.  During lunch time I see to it that I eat a lot to have more energy in the afternoon. My lunch includes cucumber salad, deep fried fish and rice wrapped in banana leaf. In the afternoon my officemate shares her ice cream and I am delighted to eat it while making so many typings in the afternoon. A busy Tuesday! I hope tomorrow will not be the same as today.

hip hop clothes


I have an office mate named Desiree who aside from working is making some dance  shows in an entertainment mall every weekend.  I can say that she is a good dancer and her specialty performance is about modern hip hop. I accompanied her yesterday in a specialized boutique to buy her hip hop clothes. She bought lots of stuffs from skinny jeans, blouses, hats, boots, high heeled sandals, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, jackets and many more items for her shows. She had only limited time because of the upcoming schedules including an out of town shows this weekend. We enjoyed fitting so many choices for her and suggested to only buy quality and durable materials that would last even for many performances.