Execution in China

Yesterday was a sad day for many of the Filipinos as fellow citizens were executed in China . The three compatriots were killed using the lethal injection because they were captured and prisoned in that country due to drug mules. I felt sorry most especially to the families who were left behind by  the victims. They suffered a lot because of the wrong doings that their relatives did in a country where drug trafficking is punishable by death. What happened needed to have careful and deep thoughts for everybody here in the Philippines. Why, how come it happened this way.  Choosing between good and evil should be carefully taught most especially on values and morals to the young generation. We are always responsible of all our actions and what happened may served as a big lesson to be learned by everyone.

Birthday boy


My brother is celebrating his birthday today. Its another year of life given to him and I am wishing  all the best in life–good health, happiness, peace, love, contentment, cheer, laughter, good opportunities, perseverance, provisions and many more according to God’s  grace and purpose. Life has been through ups and down on you yet you are  still able to withstand the test of time. With another year added into your age, may you will always  be showered with lots of blessings not only for today but as always. Happy birthday and God bless you!

easy personal loan

In this time of financial difficulties everyone is looking for some ways and means to cope up with payables. I can personally relate on this because I have so many financial responsibilities. At one point I was so stressed out on how could I juggle my very limited funds in order to survive.. I am thankful that there is an easy personal loan that was recommended to me by my friend.  I feel a little relief now considering the many dues for this month of March. This would be a double time and effort for me so that I can pay my obligations the soonest possible time.

Azkals won again

This is another great achievement for the country’s football team the Philippine Azkals as they crushed into 3-0 victory over Bangladesh yesterday Friday. The team is now qualified to join the  main tournament of the AFC challenge cup for the first time. The sport of football is just new here and many are not totally fans of this kind of sport unlike the basketball and boxing. I started to enjoy watching this team since they represented the country in some southeast Asian  competitions.  To all the team members my best of luck in all your upcoming games. You made the country proud of you once again. I hope Phil Younghusband would recover from his injuries so that he can join the team in the next game.

Beef salpicao

I got the recipe of this menu  from a housekeeping magazine when I was having a haircut in the parlor. Sometimes it is fun to explore some easy to do recipes and it added many ideas on my cooking passion. This is beef salpicao menu. Tender beef cut into cubes are individually fried. Garlic cloves sauteed in olive oil then  marinate mixture combined with fried beef cuts simmered until sauce thickens. Add some green chili to add some hot flavor. Serve with rice. Simple, easy to cook recipe that can be ideal to prepare on lunch or dinner.

cigar humidors

I have an unforgettable holiday surprise to my uncle last December. He had been piping some cigars and  I knew that it was his only past time at his home in the province.  He never thought that I would gave him some cigar humidors gifts for his favorite cigars. This can keep his cigars in safety and also very useful  during travel and work. He was very thankful to me with hugs because he had been longing to have some and finally it was realized on the holiday season. I was also happy for him and at his age I am hoping for more wonderful years ahead.

Chaos in Libya

The country of Libya is on top of the headline news for the past weeks already. This country is troubled by their leader  Muamar Gaddhafi , the longest serving leader of the nation. Many people were affected by the war and some lives were already lost. I read in the news now that  Gaddafi forces attacked two west Libyan towns. The combined forces of United States, France and Britain attacked and bombed areas in Libya and asked Gaddafi to vacate his post. Many people are no longer in terms with his policies for the country. This event is greatly affecting even some Filipinos here who are working  overseas in that country.

Outer Banks rentals

I had a nice conversation with my friend from overseas last weekend. He just arrived from an out of town vacation in North Carolina.  It was their clubs’ offering to them as avid members for a long time. He stayed in Outer Banks rentals together with other members for a week. The accommodation was very good and he enjoyed the scenery and the beauty of the place.  I was so envious on him but he told me that if we were together, I can joined with his group.  Hopefully soon we can spend more time together and enjoy the good benefits of an out of town trip.

sensa weight loss

I really admired my cousin who used to be in the heavy side of his weight a year ago. He had been battling on his weight problem that brought him to the damage of his health. Because of that he developed early signs of diabetes and his doctor advised to reduced weight. It was hard for him but he really did his best to trimmed down by reducing food intake especially carbohydrates, meat and junk foods. He also tried sensa weight loss and it showed effective results. Now my cousin look good and healthy at 150 pounds from the previous weight of 200 pounds. This is his big achievement and the family is so proud of him.

Mercys’ impeachment

We were in tuned to the television coverage last night as  the house of representatives (congress) spent time on the impeachment hearings for the incumbent  Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez.  She is accused of betrayal of public trust. Her office brought no officials in anomalies into jail especially those who are high ranking position people. One of the mot controversial was the case with the former president GMA.  This is a good sign that the country’s lawmakers were doing their job  and I am hoping that this case will move up to the senate the soonest possible time so that impeachment will be immediately serve.