Electric bill

I just recently paid my electric bill for this month. The paper notice is in red color meaning two months over due. Actually my payment last month was not included or printed on the receipt as I paid it after the cut off date. So I have to personally visit the electric company to pay and not on its authorized payment agents or bank. I am happy that the bill reduced by 30 percent as compared to its previous months’ billings. I paid it after office time at 5:30 pm as their office extends paying ours until seven in the evening. I hope to reduced more of my energy usage as part of cost cutting at home.

social security benefits

Life is hard at present times yet unpredictable as well . We do not know what is ahead of us but at this time we must secure ourselves and be practical as far as our security is concerned. Personally, I was contemplating the other day about my own social security benefits. It had been unattended for the past years because of some financial reasons. But this time I want it reactivated because I thought the importance of its benefits. I used to be updated on my monthly contributions and there are few more years to go to comply with the required contributions in order to get the claim later on.  This will be my personal goal for this year and I am hoping that it will be realized this time.

Diningware set


I just opened last  weekend this dining ware set gift that I got last holiday party in the office. I am happy because I received my favorite item for home. It is made of ceramic, clear white with some details of red designs on the edgings. The set is composed of two items – cups, dining platers, plates and deep serving dishes. This is a worthy gift for me as an added utensils for use on dining at home. I tried using the cup for my morning coffee and it felt nice to savor every sip of it in a dainty white utensil cup. Thank you for this gift and hope to receive one  again on the next holiday.

attorney tucson

I received an overseas call last night from my friend and I was happy to keep in touch with him again. But he told me about a not so good news that happened to  while he was  driving going to the state of Arizona. He met a car accident along the way. Though not hurt so much but he suffered some minor injuries. His car was also damaged. I felt so sad on what happened to him and offered my moral help in some way that I can. It was a negligence driving of the one who collided with his car. Michael was so thankful that he did not suffered so much from that accident. With the help of attorney tucson he is now confident about the claims from the damages as the firm is willing to help him in filing for the case.

Crisis in Libya

I was tired to watched my Friday television show last night but the crisis happening in Libya got me up to listened to the headline news regarding the problem of this nation in the Middle East. The people flowed out of mosques, converging into marches and  would like to oust Moammar Ghadafi. There were pro and against the regime and many people like the civilians and even foreigners were affected by the troubles. The Philippine government started to evacuate some Filipino overseas workers in Libya whose jobs are affected too. Some just arrived this morning and talked about their misfortunes in that country. This is sad. I hope the situation  will not get worst and would end peacefully in the next coming days.

buy step stools

I just did some renovations on my kitchen and I am so happy for the end results. Though it was quite financially draining but when I see the beautiful designs of the furnishings, new color schemes, modern utensils and state of the art kitchen technology, well it is a great satisfaction. I visited the hardware in the nearby mall yesterday to buy step stools because I need a step ladder to reach the top shelf of my kitchen in the upper right side. My choice is a three step designer series  stool. I find it beneficial with multi purpose use at home.

Cuddle celebration


What a nice day to celebrate cuddle! Well this sweet and loving gesture is what everybody loves and longs for.  A close embrace from the important person in your life makes you feel love and belong to this great world. While searching out about cuddle, this is not only for couple but also for close relatives, friends and families.  For couples, this act can reduce some stress in life and would make the couple closer in their relationship.  I hope this celebration will not just be for today but always in our daily individual lives. Happy cuddle day!

Earthquake in NZ

A devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 shocked the country of New Zealand particularly in the city of Christchurch. This was the top of the line news last night and I saw the tremendous effects of the natural disaster to the lives and properties in that country. The death toll and missing people are getting more as the rescue teams  continue to do the search and rescue operations.  A natural calamity that is beyond the control of man and that all we need to do is to be vigilant and aware on what is happening on our surroundings.

Baby Mielle


I attended a family gathering last month on my cousin’s home. Everybody welcomed the new baby Mielle to the family. She is the baby of my niece Mia. Mia’s mom is my second cousin. Baby Mielle is already my grandchild actually. I cannot believe I am already a grandmother at this young age. (laughs). Baby Mielle is already 6 months now growing healthy and cute. She was so behaved and seldom cried when anybody carried or cuddled her. Anyway, we enjoyed the get together with the family with the new baby member.

best diet pills

One of my office mates confined to me regarding her weight problem. She is young at twenty two years of age but her appearance looks like that of a grown up matured over weight woman in her four-ties. She cannot control her appetite and part of her big bites are rice, meats, sugary foods,junk foods, soft drinks and food chain menus. No wonder why she gained much weight. I pity on her side because being overweight is subject to the society’s cruelty. I told her to check out some best diet pills that can be effective so that she can reduced weight the soonest possible time. Together with exercises, I think my office mate can achieved back to her normal weight.