Windy weather

The weather in the city is windy cold since Monday until this weekend. I had a hard time on my laundry because there is no sun this morning and some rains fall before noon time. I just have to have my clothes dried using a drier then have them hang to air dry.  I watch the noon time news and according to the weather forecast, the weekend for the country will be rainy and cold because of the wind convergence. I read about this wind convergence and it says that the Intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ), also known as the Intertropical Front or the Equatorial Convergence Zone, is a belt of low pressure girdling Earth at the equator. Some winds from the other side of the earth are blowing on the country creating cold temperatures.

Busy Friday

It has been a busy week for me but yesterday (Friday) was just one tiring day at the office. I was expecting that it would be a less torture day because the past days were tremendously busy especially on our section. People have so many transactions that needed to attend to. With priority numbers that lined up from one o’clock in the afternoon up to almost five pm. My fingers were feeling numbed of too many applications to process aside from the inquiries and requests.  I was still able to attend to my class at night and perfect the score for our seat work. A totally knocked out Friday for me.

Not feeling well

Life has been hectic this week and I was not feeling well the other day. Muscle pains on my shoulders were troubling me and I got a stiff neck for the past three (3) days. It was painful that I cannot move side to side. It even bothered me when I laid at night. One time I woke up early morning to slowly moved my head so that it would not be painful. I am trying to slow things for now because it is hard to get sick especially that I still have lot of responsibilities to make.

Work relief

My week  started better because my daily loads of so many transactions were lessened. I have already a company who joined with me in my bulk of tasks. I started to taught her the process and it was quite awkward for me because I was teaching a regular employee who had been working for years already. Obviously she doesn’t know the processing and the flow of work in the section.  Good thing she is cooperative and kind to be taught to. I already started feeding her with many documents to process and I hope she can cope up with the new  stress and pressures.

kershaw blur

Cooking has been always my passion at home. Personally, I feel the happiness of food and menu  preparation to satisfy the cravings of my family. For the past years in the kitchen I always see to it that my cooking essentials like kershaw blur, utensils, plates, spoons, forks, glasses, mugs, canisters, appliances and many other important things  are  quality kind and very durable. This is one practical way and being smart about the things that I always use in the kitchen. I can be assured of good performance and it would always result to delicious menus on the table. If given time and opportunity I will again visit the kitchen section of the mall so that I can have new ideas for home this new year.

Together with friends

I was so busy yesterday and there was no formal deal to met on Friday evening for dinner. It was Kuyakoy who initiated and sent text messages to me, LynLyn and Edjie that we would met in Buhangin. January 14 was LynLyns birthday and a good timing then because Edjie showed up to us after years of not seeing and keeping in touch about his whereabouts abroad. The dinner was sumptuous in a local restaurant – chicken/pork barbecue, fruit salad, kinilaw, coke lite, stir fried vegetables and shrimps sinigang. A very satisfying treat that made the conversation until 10:00pm. There were lots of updates about the life of Edjie who separated himself from the group for a while. Now he is back with the same punchlines “lots of payables,no money anymore”. We kept on reminding him about his financial ways but seemed hard headed as always. Anyway that was a happy get together with friends.

vitamin c serum for face

My officemate did a thorough dermatological treatment on her face just last week. She has been so conscious about her face because it is prone to acne and other skin disorders. Part of her facial medication was the application of vitamin c serum for face. This is a very important treatment to delay the aging process of her skin and at the same time helps rejuvenate the skin cells on face. Now she looks fresh, pretty and in healthy complexion because of such treatment. She even encouraged me to try and I am planning to have such treatment before the month ends.

Music update

The other day my friend helped me in downloading some songs to my cellular phone. We spent some time in checking out some latest rnb, pop and modern hits that I can used as ringtone and alert tone.Also I filled my music files with some songs from few lists of artists like Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Mariah Carey. I am enjoying in listening to songs using my phone mp3 during my laid back time. It pays to keep updated especially to the latest songs. This way you can be acquainted with the young generation’s modern world. I hope to get more musics soon when my friend will not be busy in her class.

diet pill reviews

Staying slim and sexy are one of my personal resolution this new year 2011. With so many eating adventures that happened last Christmas season, I can really say that gaining weight was the tremendous result. Since I am an online enthusiast as far as dieting is concerned, I tried to check out some diet pill reviews so that I can get the latest update on the diet pills. It is very important for me to take care and be aware of my personal weight at this time because health is always a precious wealth.

Key chain gift

Generosity is always a good blessing for me. Its another item to include in my souvenir collection. A light silver key chain from the Lion City, Singapore.I can use this key chain to be a short chain used to link together a number of keys or other items. Or maybe even hung it on walls. This act as a reminder of the trip of a friend since it can be carried around during everyday life. Key chains also are gender and age neutral and can appeal to many types of vacation shoppers as give away. I hope I can use it one of these days.