Thank You, 2010


Today is the last day for the year 2010. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for all the things that happened during the entire year. My personal life has been going through so many ups and downs. Frustrations, failures and problems had been part of this year yet faith, hope, trust, happiness, love and peace are keeping me sane and balance  making life worthy to live as always. Thank you for my family,siblings and relatives’ support. You are all God’s great blessings. Thank you also for my dear friends here and miles apart who keep up the sunshine and warmth of living life. Most of all, praise GOD for your continued love and faithfulness. I may not know what is in store ahead of me but I always believe that all good things will come according to His great purpose. Thanks be to GOD for this wonderful year, 2010!

Noche Buena treat


With so many things to do during the holidays I just have time now to post some food treat during the noche buena (Christmas eve). I bought this take out beef steak with vegetable sidings from a specialty restaurant. The beef slices are so tender and juicy in every bite. I think this is prime beef kind. Quite pricey but it was worth the taste. I paired it with red wine. Perfect for my Christmas time at home.

baby birth announcements

I was happy to announced to the whole family months ago on the pregnancy of my cousin Roda. Now I am happy to know from her about baby birth announcements that she made just last week. Her due will be on the third week of January next year. Everybody in the family are already excited because the baby will be the first born for both sides of  Roda and her husband. I am planning to be with her in the hospital for help and assistance. I am praying and hoping that everything will be great on her expected day.

Office party

I enjoyed the office Christmas party  and it was all a happy celebration of the Christmas spirit. Each one of us was given our code names for the exchanged gifts. My code name was Maricar Reyes and the one who got my name was Melai. These are the names of the local actresses. When my code name was called I received gift of dinner set wares. I really like the gifts that  I received and thankful because I need them a lot. The items are something that I can always use daily. . Christmas gifts that are truly given with thoughts and spirit of the season.

sports trophies

Blessings just poured in the family of my cousin Pete this Christmas. Aside from his bonuses and thirteenth month pays, his son John Emmanuel won in the two sets of  competitions on his Taekwondo tournament.  He received sports trophies as his price of winnings. Unique kind of trophies that were worth for displays. The family was so happy and thankful for the achievements of  John as he always did his best in this kind of sport. The whole family made a celebration last week and all praises and thanksgiving for the wonderful blessings this year.

Christmas season

There were so many events that transpired to me this Christmas season, Family gatherings and parties, office events, shopping, home preparations, cooking and many more. Though very stressful, I just enjoyed them a lot . My time was preoccupied by so many events and that I wanted them all to be finished and done. Anyway, this season is great. I am able to recharge myself now after so many holiday happenings. I hope the coming new year would be as merry as always.

log furniture

One of the major preparations that I did before the Christmas holidays was the renovation of home. I was tasked to host the grand family affair and with such responsibility came a big planning especially for the accommodation. I bought quality and durable log furniture for the living room so that everybody could stayed in the area with comfort. With so many relatives and other extended families, I saw the need of having some extra beddings so that their stay for a couple of days could be very good.  My cousin was very keen to asked me where did I buy such beautiful designs of furnitures because she also wanted to have some for her home.

Christmas gift tag


This is the tag from a gift that i just recently received. I like the theme because it really shows the details about Christmas.Gift cards can also be custom tailored to meet specific needs. By adding a custom message or name on the front of the card, it can make for an individualized gift or incentive to an employee to show how greatly they are appreciated. Some companies offer custom designs on the cards for businesses wishing to add their logo. Special order cards are available for businesses. For me, a gift tag is a personalized note from a giver that would show his genuine thoughts about giving and sharing during Christmas.

Christmas crowd rush


The city streets here already began to be crowded and also the big shopping malls. It is already a Christmas rush for most people who are very busy buying for presents for the parties and get together this December 25. With a few days to go from now everybody seem to be excited for the most wonderful time of the year. Expected will be bonuses and thirteenth month pays for those employees so they have some to spend. While others who are jobless, well just stay aside and don’t rush with the crowd. I am spending the holidays with tight budget because I still have some important payables this time. Prioritize the needs and keep off with those unwanted wants. It is important to be practical this season.

petite and spray roses

There are many events  happening especially during Christmas. Anniversaries, family reunions, Christmas parties, birthdays, weddings and many more. My family is always celebrating events yearly particularly  more  during holidays and this coming December 24 (Christmas eve) will be the birthday of my sister. I would like to give her with her favorite petite and spray roses. This will be a surprise  because she haven’t receive any flower yet from her previous birthdays. I requested the florist to make a floral arrangement of colors red, pink and white roses and have the basket be receive personally by her. This is my  way of giving my sister a  gift that she truly deserves for her special day.