anti wrinkle eye cream

Lifestyle for this modern times is very occupied. There are lots of things to do at work, office, school, family etc. Things are getting complicated as years pass by. Anyway, this is modern world already so whether you like it or not, you have to deal with the changing times. With this complicated life also comes stress which is the leading causes of sickness and the deterioration of our body. That is why I am taking special care and attention as much as I can on my health and wellness. Now I am busy balancing work and school and with late night of studies, my eyes are getting puffs and circles that would later lead on early development of wrinkles. It is an unhealthy effect so I need to have anti wrinkle eye cream to help relieved the eye stress. The effects are very good for a month now and I will continue doing this for my own wellness.

Give thanks


A special day to celebrate and being grateful for all the things that come in our lives for this year 2010. There may be ups and downs, thick and thin, but what is important is we are able to face the challenges with hope and love. God has been always good to me and my family. All things come with a great purpose. My personal way of saying THANK YOU for everything. Praise, honor and glory be unto you the Holy One, Amen! Happy Thanksgiving!

natural male enhancement

Men on this decade of time are already concerned about their male vanity. They give special attention to their looks, appearance and masculinity. They may have varieties of things to do in order to achieve their male goals. But some men are also taking serious attention on their intimate performance because they feel that it is a key factor in determining their  sexual life with their wives or girlfriend. One friend of mine told me that he tried the natural male enhancement and it brought wonder and excitement in his marriage. Well this is a positive feedback that may be good for others to try also.

Lesser bill

This morning my billing for the electrical consumption was delivered and it seemed early for the Davao Light to send billing notices for this month. I am happy to see that my bill for the 30-day period covering last week of October until the 3rd week of November reduced by about 20% from my previous billing. A big thank you for this!! Quite relieving for me because it is part of my monthly expenses. It is hard to budget money and allocate it on the important needs especially on monthly expenditures. It really pays to be  aware in saving energy as it also saves money.

best way to lose weight fast

My day is not so busy compared to the previous days of the week. I am able to attend to my personal stuff for a moment in the office. My friend called up and requested if we could met at the office in the afternoon. I said sure. When we saw each other, I was very surprised because she gained weight. The bulges are already appearing and it is not so nice to see her physique at this time. I immediately told her to look for best way to lose weight fast so that she can get back to her ideal self- sexy and beautiful.

Tomato and garlic shrimps


Delicious dish of shrimps in tomato and garlic. It is very easy to cook this menu. The ingredients are minimal and you can cook it as often as you want. Saute garlic in hot oil. Add shrimps, salt, seasonings and pepper. Add tomato sauce then simmer until sauce thickens. Serve hot with rice. Good for lunch or dinner that every body would always love to eat.

hp ink cartridges

Some of my family relatives have computers at home. It can be of various kinds and models either laptop or desk top computers. One day my cousin sent a text message requesting me  for  hp ink cartridges on her computer printer. She ran out of ink because of various reports and printing materials that were needed for  her inventory and sales reports. I immediately went to a computer shop that sold original and quality inks of that brand. Good thing I immediately bought one. She was very happy to received it and now her printing jobs are doing very well with my help. Before I forget I should also buy one for my computer printer at home.

Pacquiao’s victory again

Pacquiao Margarito Boxing The country’s pride once again grabbed the 8th World title in the boxing game. Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao won on a unanimous decision for the 12 round boxing fight with Mexican Antonio Margarito. Pacquiao’s speed was far too much for Margarito to handle Saturday in their bout for the World Boxing Council super welterweight title before 41,734 fans at Cowboys Stadium. Pacquiao landed fast, hard combinations from the earliest moments of the fight and Margarito could not answer. So far it was a better fight than the previous one with Clottey.  The country’s image is again uplifted in the international scene as the Filipino boxer brought pride to the Philippines.

Annoying dog

I was not able to sleep earlier last night because my neighbor’s dog barked until early dawn. It was very  distracting especially that it was already my sleeping time and being tired from the day of activities. I went out of the house and checked out . It was a small dog that  was left by an irresponsible owner alone  keeping it’s head out of the gate barking and barking. It seemed that the dog was depressed and left hungry alone. I pity him but the noise was more annoying. Good thing it stopped so the neighborhood including me were able to sleep again.


I had been discussing on my previous posts regarding my diet. Well I can really say that it takes a lot of patience to be able to achieve my  ideal weight and appearance. It is always a self determination or a personal goal in order to look beautiful. I think this is not only applicable to dieting but also in different aspects of life in general.  Back to my diet and weight loss program, I would also want to include hoodia as one of the diet pills that I have taken during my personal weight program.  I am proud to say its positive effects for me and I am thankful for what I look at this time.