Blooming day

I was happy to see my dancing lady orchid in bloom yesterday and that I cannot wait to had it a shot and captured its fresh and beautiful flowers. This orchid is planted on a branch of a mango tree at home. I never miss watering it every day to sustain it from drying. I even had it sprayed by the organic solution of Plantex. Perhaps it aided to the growth and flowering of the orchid. What a lovely day to see it yielding in flowers! Looking forward for more flowers soon..

artwork prints


My birthday this year was full of nice presents and surprises. One of the most unforgettable gift that I received were framed artwork prints. One of them is an abstract kind about love and romance beautifully printed in red. I felt so touched and inspired by the giver because I never thought he would still remember me after all those years.  I like abstract printing because it will boggle your thoughts by carefully seeing what the picture is all about. The craftsmanship is hard and I think only a genius artist is capable to do it. Anyway, I am thankful for this gift of wonderful piece of art.

Kids’ halloween party


I was busy at work in the morning and some follow-ups slowed down in the afternoon which gave me some time to break my eyes and hands from the computer monitor and keyboard. Some of the office employees organized a Halloween party for their kids. Those who attended were babies, toddlers and preschoolers. They looked so cute in costumes like superman, fairies, witch, ghost, tinker bell and other portrayed characters. I only saw their parade of costumes because I have to be out after office to attend to some personal needs.

photo holiday cards

Holiday season is barely two months from now. For me this is the merriest time of the year. Many  occasions are celebrated such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays, family reunions, school reunions, office parties and many more.  I never missed sending  during Christmas to my siblings, parents, relatives and friends. This is my personal way of sending the spirit of the season. I manually do the writing to make it  real and sincere that is truly from me. Creativity here is the key. So starting from now I have to write down notes on some messages to people so that I wont get a cram when December falls in the calendar.

Indonesia tsunami


Another tragedy is back for Indonesia as the tsunami strike Mentawai Islands. It raised death toll to 343 as more bodies were found.  the number is likely to climb higher because hundreds of missing people may have been swept away.On Thursday, more than 100 survivors crowded into a makeshift medical center in the town of Sikakap on Pagai Utara. Some still wept for loved ones lost to the 10-foot (three-meter) wave as they lay on straw mats or sat on the floor, waiting for medics to treat injuries including broken limbs and cuts. It is hard for the people to recover with this kind of natural calamity.



I always enjoy receiving coupons on my groceries, shoppings, travels and dining. I think this is one way of giving credits to those customers who valued products and services.  Personally I am price conscious because in today’s living you have to be practical and smart enough to be able to manage the finances. Months ago I was very happy to get some rebates from my shoppers card and I am privileged for some dry goods in the mall. I immediately went to the kitchen section and selected some breakable glasses for use at  home. That was a great savings for me and before this year ends I am expecting again some gift certificates that I can use on the coming holidays.

scanner software


In today’s modern world, the society is becoming more advanced and almost all our transactions – groceries, shopping, banking, internet, payment systems, trains, offices, airports and many more are using a scanner software. This is a very helpful tool to make the transactions faster and easier. There are millions of transactions and in order to speed up the services, data should be saved in a large data storage. I think this is one great technological advancement in computers that made life easy this time.  If I will be given an opportunity to have my own business, I would choose a scanner software as my priority because this is one major tool in achieving the business goals.

Questionable invoice


Before getting busy this morning in the office I found a chance to talked to Sir James of the assessment section regarding a questionable receipt or invoice as referred to me by Mymy. I presented to him the story about that invoice and its details. He told me some ideas on it and the right way to deal with such kind of transaction. I am hoping that this problem will be resolved the soonest possible time.



I had lots of hectic schedules for the past months and now is the only time that I am able to give myself a break. Travel, food, leisure and  vacation getaways – these are my personal favorites to unwind myself. One thing more to include is my love for fashion. For this time I would like to pamper my beautiful feet with this sexy beautifeel sandals in  olive color. The suede and leather combination are perfect for my choosy personality. Also the materials are of good quality and I can wear this beautiful sandals in most of my casual attires. Good timing because I will attend a workshop seminar this weekend.

Local elections


Today is the nationwide election for the local areas which includes the barangay captains, kagawad and SK. There are many hopefuls who joined the local posts. In my area there are three who are vying for barangay captain. Since it is declared as special non-working holiday today, I wake up early morning. I prepare my breakfast, fix myself and proceed to the voting precinct where my name is posted. It takes only an hour for me to finished my voting process. There are many people who lined up to vote and many complained about their unfound names on the voting lists.  The local election is generally peaceful here in the city as compared to other areas in the country.