Friends’ birthday


I send a birthday greetings through a text message  to my friend Julie who is celebrating her special day today. Though miles apart but still the thoughts of friendship is here. I am happy that she replied and thanked me for the greetings. Just wishing you all the best  – good health, peace, love, happiness and God’s blessings for this another year of life. Happy birthday and many more birthdays to come! 🙂



I always enjoy watching the slideshow on my personal computer. These are shows of my recent pictures – personal shots, glamor photos, workshop pictures and more. I even added the pictures of my sister who just arrived from her vacation adventures.  It is always nice to be  personally creative in the computer. I am planning to download and saved all my food photos and make a beautiful slideshow of so many food presentations and styles that I had since the beginning of my cooking passion. Well this would take some  time but anyway  I will do it one after the other.

massage table


Every time I indulged myself in a whole body massage, the therapist always let me rest in a massage table. I always feel very good as my whole body, from head to toes are being massaged. Every inched of my body are so full of stress as I can feel some pains in it. My therapist see to it that I lie comfortably. The sheets are clean and organized. It has large and small towels handy for use. I can always breath comfortably while lying because there is a whole for the head on the massage table.

hiking backpacks


I am planning to join the annual mountain climbing of our association next month. Of course I am excited and already thinking on what to bring on the said activity. One very important thing that I wanted to buy  is a backpack so I searched for hiking backpacks online. Wow I love this orange one! It is cute and perfect for my get up. It is very durable and of good quality. I would also invite my brother for our mountain climbing schedule and I think I would recommend him to buy a blue color  for his use.

cheap auto insurance

Having a car is a necessity at this time especially if you are living in a place like the city and that you need to drive going to work daily. It is very important to apply for cheap auto insurance because that is a basic necessity. The benefits that you can avail would be very useful if ever you get an accident or your car accidentally bump into another car in the street. You do not know what will happen while on the busy highway. I think it is not only for cars but also for our lives as well.

Lesser bill this time


I am happy to received my electric billing last month being reduced in the total amount due. The limit of usage really helped a lot. Last time, the consumption lessened because my sister was out of the country for week. I stayed one weekend for a workshop and my brother also spent an out of town trip on one weekend. I am happy to pay my bill this time. Unlike previous months where my bills increased so much and I got a hard time on paying it all.

miami car rental

One of the memorable vacation that I had was my recent trip to the US particularly in  Miami, Florida. I was on my tourist visa when my friend petitioned for me to visit him so we can met personally. I was really happy to visit the wonderful tourist destinations in the city. The trip from one spot to another location was so easy because of the  services. It was a nice getting to know and keeping in touch with my long friend. I am thankful for the wonderful opportunity of visiting and knowing  him and at the same time enjoyed the lovely sites of the place.

compression stockings


In today’s modern world, many people are suffering with various illnesses. Some are lifestyle related and with the advancement of cure, I can say that the healing procedures are also in high trend. Well thanks for the modernity of curing illnesses. For example the products that I know and that really help in certain medical conditions are compression stockings which are made especially for therapies. This is something that the society need to be thankful for because the burden on such illness is lessened. A great relief for the patients  and their families at this time.

social security disability

At present times where things are uncertain it is always important to be informed and knowledgeable about our benefits with regards to insurance. Whether public or private insurances we should be always updated on our personal rights especially on claims. I can relate on what happened before with my friend Julie who got an accident while at work. She was immediately assisted on her and did not have a hard time on the processing because she consulted the trusted agency to worked for her claims and benefits.

production jobs

I always appreciate whatever work or profession a person possessed in life. It would always identify a person based on his or her skills, abilities, educational attainment and passion. When my brother worked abroad for production jobs, I really admired his courage and dedication on it. His skill was tested and he was able to relate himself with the basic nature of working in a manufacturing industry. Sure there were difficulties with the time shift, production, management,salaries, co-workers and more. He finished his contract with positive thoughts and learnings. If ever given a chance to work the same job, he would gladly accept it again.