National Heroes Day


Today is declared as non-working holiday as the country celebrates the national heroes day. I am happy to spend the day at home doing household chores in the morning and taking a sleep for 3 hours on early afternoon. In somehow some of the mess are arranged and organized. My schedule had been busy for the past weeks and this no work day just give me time to attend to the home works. Also this holiday is all about those people who had become heroes in their own way.Whether dead or alive, I think each individual has own hero traits for others and for the country.

Miracle fruit


This miracle fruit planted in front of home is bearing more fruits that are bigger than before. I took this picture Monday morning and saw this big ball size fruit hanging in a small branch. I hope the branch would not break as the fruit grows bigger and bigger in time. They say this is medicinal as the fruits as well as the leaves can be beneficial to sickness. I have not   tried it yet but as the moment I am enjoying looking at the fruits as they grow in basketball sizes.

holiday presents at RedEnvelope


I am already excited for the coming holidays. Well its just months to go and by next week its already the month of  September. This celebration will be special for me because I will be personally  giving gifts to my friends, relatives and office mates. I am planning to share some holiday presents at RedEnvelope at this time to make the essence of giving more meaningful and personal. For Uncle Gene  and Aunt Ching’s wedding anniversary, a family keepsake quilt would be great as a gift. Also for my cousin Mylene and his husbands’ wedding anniversary, I can give them some couple bath caddy since they always celebrate their day as a couple on luxurious getaways. So many things are coming on my thoughts for the  holiday so better for me to plan everything at this early time.

Heavy rains


I was stranded last night in the downtown area when a heavy rain poured so hard for an hour. Most of the streets like Quirino, Ilustre, Bankerohan and San Pedro streets were flooded with waters.  Many people standing along side streets waited for the rain to stop. Good thing for me that I was able to walk in spite of heavy rains going to the Jeep stop because I brought with me my quality and durable personal umbrella. I arrived home at past eight o’clock already. quite tired but still found time to cook some soup for dinner.

wooden swing set

My niece named Precious Joy is a cute, chubby and hug gable kid at 5 years old. She is already attending a kindergarten  school. One of the promise of her daddy Mark  (my cousin) is  a  on her upcoming birthday. She is an honor on her class and been doing well on her grades for this year. Definitely she deserves a reward from her proud parents. Precious is so excited for the swing because it is her favorite play  whenever we go to the mall’s wonderland adventures. My cousin prefers the wooden kind because it is more durable and safe for the kids. The gift that Precious wants for her birthday will surely be on the way soon.

GoNuts Doughnut


I love eating dough nuts. When I received this box with contents of 12 pieces doughnuts I just feel so happy and excited to taste the different flavors.Very colorful circles in brown, pink, stripes, speckled and frosted varieties.  I love eating it with a cup of my favorite morning coffee. It just made my day so wonderful today. Have a bite 🙂

driveway alarm


Now I am almost done on my home renovation. Well its been months until I had  it totally finished. I went to a hardware shop this morning to check out some gadgets that I can use as a driveway alarm. I find this plug-in extend a chime very good and would definitely be of use in the driveway. By having this I can hear the sound  of any vehicle that would arrive and park in the driveway. It is very durable and of quality kind. I can even install it myself by following the simple instructions written on the packaging of the product. This is also one way of securing my home particularly on the driveway area.

Sad news

The country has been the headline for the week about the hostage taking and death of many Hongkong nationals who visited the country as tourists.  It was a day of mourning as many casualties died when the hostage taker, an ex police man shot to death those innocent tourists inside the bus. Now the people are questioning the lack of initiatives of the policemen especially the chief and even the government officials concern. This incident marked a stain as far as Filipinos are concerned here and abroad.

wedding invitations

Usually when  I received some  from friends or relatives what come in my thoughts are the ideas on what would be the wedding scenario. In the invitation you can see the names of the bride and groom, principal sponsors, secondary sponsors, parents , venue, reception and the church. It would also state what to wear like RSVP and many more wedding details that the invitee may know. Another thing is the quality of the invitation paper and how it is being styled. Some how it would reflect the personalities of the groom and the bride. For me wedding invitations should be simple, clear and that would truly describe my personality as the star of the celebration.

Better days


The start of the week has been very favorable to me. Everything is so good that I have never felt some extra torture especially in the office. Stress is not part of my days. I feel so better now and in somehow the focus in all the things that I am doing or thinking can be achieved and comprehended immediately. Now I am making again some posts that added some happiness on my days.