Post birthday celebration

I had a nice get together yesterday at Penongs where Lynlyn and me celebrated with Kuya Dong on his post birthday treat to us. Delicious foods were ordered by the celebrant – barbecue pork & chicken, seafood chopsuey, shrimps in sour broth, bottomless iced tea and mixed fresh fruit salad. We stayed at the restaurant for 3 hours of eating and chatting about our individual lives. Its been months since our last meeting and this was a nice celebration of Kuya Dongs birthday last July 26.  We all felt bloated and so full after eating all the delicious foods served before us. Thanks for the nice food treat.

First SONA

President Noynoy Aquino  just delivered his first state of the nation address in congress this afternoon.  It was live telecast so I took time to  listen to the details of his speech after being sworn into office for 3 weeks now. It was a straight forward, concise and challenging words to all the Filipino people. It is sad to know that the country suffered a lot from the previous administration. The budget of the nation was mismanaged and that it caused a big deficit to the current financial situation of the country. His 30 minutes speech highlighted those key areas of his cabinet where many anomalies were seen. These are many tough challenges for president Noynoy in the next coming months and I hope he can manage and something on them the soonest possible time.

Aloha chicken


Part of our deal with my siblings during election time was if Noynoy Aquino will win for presidency I will cook chicken aloha. So we never failed because President Aquino was recently installed as the 15th president of the country. I bought native kind of dressed chicken and marinated it in salt, pepper and seasonings overnight. Thawed from the refrigerator then fried the chicken  side to side until golden brown. In a large pot, put the whole chicken and add pine orange juice, pineapple chunks, salt, pepper, lemon grass and onions. Slow cook until tender at most for 2 hours. Place in a serving platter with garnishing. Very yummy especially that it is a native kind of chicken. The ingredients blended well. I think this is only eaten in a single sitting as everybody savored each chicken part with happiness and satisfaction.

holiday photo cards

I can remember sending holiday photo cards to my love ones last year. For this time there are lots of celebrations in the family- Uncle Gene’s birthday, Aunt Ching’s birthday, wedding anniversary and baby shower. I really like sending photo cards with my personalized dedication. With some celebrations coming up, I will be preparing some personal gifts to my relatives and friends. This is my one way of connecting and making them  feel special on the occasion. Creativity is the key here, so it is important to keep the cards simple and with meaningful quotes or greetings written.It is not about the price of the gift that matters but always the thoughts of making someone special.

No water

Most of the headlines in television for the week are all about the water problem in the  country particularly affecting many areas in Metro Manila. This is so difficult especially that water is one of the most important basic necessity to living.  According to reports there are already about 3 million residents who are greatly affected by the problem. Many are complaining that there were no water for the past 3-4 days already. Very devastating especially to the many households. Good thing here in Davao because water supply is very abundant and flowing.

Friday meeting

I went out of the office almost late already yesterday because there were various things that needed to be discussed in the section where I am assigned. The section chief held a meeting to all of  us in preparation for the office judging this coming Monday. We were updated of the things that will happen next week and what important things to do and requested for us . Concerns were raised and many kinds of transactions cited. Each of them were discussed and hoping for the good outcome by next week. It felt tiring tough because my supposed to be Friday activities were not met. I just instead went home because I felt already tired and hungry.

Dengue fever

I was upset, tired and exhausted for the past 3 days because my brother was sick. He suffered a fever last Monday with the temperature that reached up to 39.9 degrees. His body temperature fluctuated and on the next day many pin point rashes were seen in most parts of his body. We made an observation and my sister who is a nurse took the monitoring of his vital signs and the temperature. We had him rested and took an hourly dose of Fern-C, non acidic sodium ascorbate vitamin C. 10 capsules every hour for 24 hours. It was the most crucial for dengue virus attack because he was having high fever already and the rashes were spreading mostly in back, abdomen, arms and legs. I pity Dick because he was feeling weak already. The mega doses of FernC aided in excreting the virus through bowel activity. It reached to a point wherein almost water and no more solids came out from his system. After 24 hours of close monitoring, his body temperature today is back to 36.5-37 degrees for the whole morning until this afternoon. We are thankful that he did not suffered much as seen with those who had dengue cases. I hope that he can fully recovered this weekend.


My cousin Lalaine is expecting her first baby and definitely everybody in the family are very excited for her pregnancy. Most of all his husband Mark is the happiest because after so many years of waiting, their bundle of joy will be coming in the next five months.  She just did her prenatal check up and the doctor prescribed her to take some prenatalvitamins. This is for her and the baby’s wellness and health. I am wishing her the best for the next months of pregnancy and hoping for the success and fulfillment of her as a woman to have a baby of her own at this time.

Davidoff cigars

I have seen some guys who smoke Davidoff cigars especially in movies, social functions or any activities of dignified men in society. I was thinking that these cigars are not the common cigarettes that men often smoke but they are premium, high end quality and kind. One actor I can remember smoking cigar was Clint Eastwood and he looks so  manly, good looking and respected especially in most of his movie roles.  Also the former president of the country Fidel Ramos was smoking cigars. Smoking with premium cigars add some confidence, wit and manly ways to most guys and I think that could be plus points for their personality.

weight loss supplements

I am happy at this point in time because one of my personal goals on my weight was greatly achieved through the weight loss supplements. It was a very difficult work for me personally because all it took was lots and lots of disciple. Though I am not that fat at all but I still have to do managed some trimmings on some fatty deposits on the different parts of my body. Now I am feeling sexy, confident, healthy, young ,vibrant and energetic.  All my hard work really produced some great results. I feel just so blessed at this time in life.