Aunt’s birthday

Today my Auntie Ching is celebrating her birthday. She is already 79 years old and a retired pensioner. I greeted her through text message and she is so happy to reply and very thankful for another year of life. Even if in her senior years, she still managed herself well. Cannot denied that old age comes with  different  kinds of problems particularly to health. Good though because she is aware of her diet and regularly takes her food supplements. Hoping for more fruitful years ahead. Live life well. Happy birthday!

outdoor chaise lounges

After a busy and tiring week, I always love to spend time and relax on my outdoor chaise lounges.  After all, a stretch of an aching back is what I really like outdoors and having this kind of chair really gives me such a nice feeling of being relieved from all the stress in life. I like this color orange as it compliments the color of my outdoors. When MyMy and Lydia visited home, they also enjoyed their stay on this kind of outdoor chair. They are also interested to buy one for their home outdoors. I am planning to buy another kind  again and I like the milano cast aluminum kind of green color.

Happy Father’s Day

Its fathers day once again and as usual this day is giving tribute to all the fathers out there. Fathers are those who head the family, the man for his wife and children. He is there to protect, sustain and guide the needs of the family. I think a father’s role  is not easy.  It is a responsibility that needs strength, understanding, love, help, encouragement, and support. This day is special for my father for his care and guidance from our childhood until what we become now. Happy Fathers Day,Tatay !

Linksys router

In todays technology advancement age it is important to be updated and have a know how on  the latest trend in electronic equipments  like the Linksys router. My brother Raymund had me oriented about this thing because he is a licensed ECE engineer and part of their studies was all about his equipment. Since I am not that tech savvy myself so I just listened to him and eventually become interested about technologies and equipment. This router gadget has many useful benefits especially on data  transmission in computers and internet. I want to know more about his product and maybe someday buy one for home.

pond filters

My Uncle Gene started having a fishery project that would eventually be going into business. Part of his purpose for this project is to promote environmental awareness which is very necessary at this time.  I found out that the said project needs pond filters so I immediately presented to him this idea. He was very interested and it really helped on his fishery project. Now the project is expanding and business started to move on. Hopefully in the coming months  it would help in the biological water treatments and improve the quality of the pond for better and more produce.

Posting error

I just encountered some error problems in here while making my posts. I carefully checked what seemed to be the problem and I am having a hard time for almost an hour already trying to verify every details of my wordpress site. It is complicated because my previous post could not display on screen. Good thing I was able to trouble shoot it immediately.

promotional mugs

Aside   from  being a food lover and a cook I also like to collect promotional mugs. I like these kitchen utensils because of the design, style and the multipurpose uses.  Whenever I  visit the kitchen section of the malls I always checked out if there are new or latest mugs on display for sale. Mugs are very trendy to use especially if the designs are unique. I often use mugs in drinking my morning coffee. Customized mugs are nice for collection and display at home.  I think these ones on the picture would be added to my mug lists.

Monday appetizer

I often prepared kinilaw dishes at home usually tuna fish. The procedure is still the same. Sliced tuna in cubes marinated in vinegar, calamansi or lemon juice, onions, ginger and garlic. Add salt and spicy seasonings. After 15 minutes add radish and cucumber. Combine all together. You can adjust the spice according to your taste. For this menu I added some matured (not totally ripe) mangoes. Sliced in sticks and added to the kinilaw. It taste great as the mango gives another blend to the fish and its seasonings.

Independence day


Today the country is celebrating the 112th year of Philippine Independence. It was 1898 when the country was liberated from the Spanish colonization. Various activities can be seen in most places especially key cities in the country. Here in Davao, flag raising ceremonies are held in the city’s downtown district and participated by local government groups, business centers and social civic groups. I’ve seen a mall that conducted a job fair and it is great to know that the business establishments joined with the different agencies in offering that kind of fair to the people.Though it is Saturday and it is usually declared as non working holiday, the holiday will then be moved on Monday. That means a 3-days break for all the Filipinos. Happy Independence day to all!

Anniversary cheers!

My dear cousin and her wife (Pete & Neng) just celebrated their wedding anniversary yesterday. They had been together as couple for the past 15 years. As family, they have helped us in one way or another  and we truly treasured this wonderful couple. Hoping for more happy, loving and peaceful life together in  many more years to come.  Happy wedding anniversary and God bless you both.