Memorial Day

It is another day of celebration and paying tribute to the brave hearts who risked their life in defending the freedom.  The sun of their lives has long set but their deeds shall shine ever. Thanks for the freedom!

quick weight loss diets

I just recently tried quick weight loss diets as part of my personal commitment to be in good shape . Well , it really works! I am so happy to be back in my ideal figure again. It is very fulfilling  after the pain and hard work of  the weight loss program.  Now I have more self confidence. Ready to face the world with good cheer that here I am, sexy, confident, attractive, fit, trim and healthy. I just love the feeling and it is a whole new me at this time. I am looking forward in continuing this personal goal for the totality of myself.

Its Lee Dewyze!

I had been  a follower of the American Idol show and it is nice to see another talented guy who emerged as the winner during the season finale yesterday. Lee Dewyze has been consistent in almost all his performances. He sang by heart and chose songs that really fit to his voice and craft. Bowersox is also good as the runner-up including the ever handsome Casey James. The season finale was  star studded with great performances of big artists especially in the music industry. Lee would be another star in the making. Congrats and you made it!

diet pills that really work

I noticed that I gained some weight for the past months. I must admit that I had been an emotional eater because of the stress that brought about by work and some family matters. It is hard to manage my time either in working out and having office work everyday. I am happy to know that there are still diet pills that really work for me. I tried and the effect is very positive. Now I can eat in moderation anything that I want without the worries of calories and fats in my food intake.

top affiliate program

Earning a living for today is very hard. I have to double up my income because the salary that I am receiving is not enough to meet my needs especially at home, insurances,mortgages,loans and many other personal expenses.  Good thing I joined the top affiliate program where I can expand my horizons in earning additional income. It also develops my creativity and style as far as selling is concerned. At first it was very hard. Maybe I was brought by my negative feelings and outlook about the whole thing on sales. As I exposed myself in the nature of the program, I came to realized that it was great. The offers were very attractive and most especially I learned many things from it.

No power outage today

My day is great for today. I am thinking that there will be again another hours of brown out as the city experienced daily power interruptions since Monday at 2:30- 4;00pm and on Tuesday at 4:30-6:30pm. It is hard to cope up with the backlogs if there is no electricity. I think all the people are directly using power  energies at home, school, offices, businesses and many more. I hope the new power schedules will not extend until June as it greatly paralyzed the living of people.


It is hard to have acne problem. It is very depressing as your emotions and physical appearance are greatly affected.  When my cousin used to have acne all over her face, she was very devastated and that her low self confidence made her feel outcast in her school. I told her to use acnepril because I already tried this product. For me it is very much effective in the prevention of acne and other skin problems. It also promotes healthy well being as it balances the hormones.  Personal hygiene is very important and taking supplements as well.

2010 calendar

My cousin gave me this 2010 calendar as a souvenir from Tiendesitas, a Filipino themed shopping center. Her daughter Bea is one of the models for the fashion and trends and me as her tita was also excited to see her in the calendar cover. The souvenir is filled with lots of promos and features starting January up to December. Each month has its own advertising campaign either in native products, delicacies, women’s fashion, antique shops, men’s apparel and many more. The calendar is also multi colored to make it a great remembrance for this year 2010.

Lunch meal

Lunch is always great especially if you are at home and having a meal like this pork hind in tomato and pineapple sauce. The pork hind of commonly called in Filipino as “pata” is boiled until very tender. Then ingredients like crushed pineapple, tomato sauce, onions, seasonings, salt and pepper are added then simmered until it creates a thickened sauce. You can garnished it with green onion leaves or sibuyas dahon before placing in the serving dish. Taste good that you can served it in any occasion at home. The sour and sweetness of pineapple chunks compliment well with all the ingredients in the meat.

Plantex soap

Nothing beats organic and natural. Using such kind of products are healthy and beneficial not only to the user but to the environment as well. I like using Plantex products and just recently I purchased these soap for personal use at home.  It is germicidal and has  moisturizing effects as it makes you feeling fresh, cool and odor free through out the day. With the rising temperature this summer, I cannot avoid to be sweaty everyday. This natural soap really works for me.