Ricky Martin is gay

One of the controversial entertainment news on television and newspapers nowadays is the admission of a once popular Latin singer Ricky Martin. He went out of the closet and publicly admitted that he is gay. ¬†I had been a fan of this singer before. I listened to his music and watch his dancing videos. Many girl fans swooned to the ever good looking singer but sorry girls he is not into you now. ūüôĀ After a long time of being silent in the entertainment news, he came out and declared to the world being a homosexual. Perhaps this is another gimmick of him. Maybe he is coming out of a new album for release or a major comeback concert. Anyway, whether you are gay or not, its always your craft that the world would believe in.

metal buildings

I had a friend who worked before as a mechanical engineer in a construction company. He used to be one of the engineers who was assigned to supervised  with the installation of metal buildings in an air force base. The company that he worked with had a project for aircraft hangars.  At first he was hesitant to got the project but when he accepted the offer it became an extra challenge for him. He said that the materials that were purchased were of very good quality especially the pre engineered steel. For him, it was one of his great project  achievements as an engineer.

Tuesday chika with MyMy

It was very seldom when I met MyMy for the past months due to my busy schedules at work and in school. Now that my class is over I can now have time for my other personal appointments. ¬†I meet with MyMy this afternoon at ¬†her clinic. We chatted a lot of things and get some updates about each other. I also updated my “bobo” savings payment because it is already month end. It is almost 2 hours of chats and I enjoyed keeping in touch once again.


My cousin was so happy when he bought his dream car late last year. It was considered to be a dream car of the family out of hard work.  The car acquisition was hassle free as it was promptly delivered with all the basic components and needs  being delivered. In short it was a quality service rendered by the car dealer. However there was one thing that my cousin forgot to secure and that was the insurance of the brand new car.  I offered him an advise and recommended carinsurancelist.com where he can get very useful insurance information on his new car. Good thing he agreed with me. Now the car can be driven safely anywhere and at any place in the city.

Fern-C helped me

I had been writing posts about this wonder vitamin, sodium ascrobate non-acidic Fern-C but for now I would like again to give my positive review about this vitamin. For the past four months of balancing work and studies my health was doing really well. I was able to keep things moving with more stamina to work during daytime  and did some reviews at night. It was not an easy task but with the help of fern-c  my physical health was in stable condition inspite of the pressures.  I am always grateful for the great health benefits of Fern-C.

term life insurance

I never regret that I was able to avail of insurances. I actually have one term life insurance and the other is memorial/life insurance coverage.  I already paid the first one and have the remaining two years of payment for my other  insurance. It really pays to be protected these days because the future is uncertain. When I got those insurances I based it in my lifestyle and my capacity for payment. The premiums were affordable in such a way that I can regularly paid my annual obligations. The insurance at the beginning could be considered as an obligation which has no use but the benefits of it would be enjoyed on later life.

Pneumonia Vaccine for Tatay

A month ago my father took some pneumonia vaccine shot because there is already a need for him to be vaccinated at his senile age. Thanks to MyMy for referring me to Juliet in her clinic because I was able to buy the vaccine at cost price.  The pneumonia vaccine is an important shot to get particularly to the elderly and people with a weak immune system as pneumonia is a common and dangerous disease. Tatay is now protected from pneumonia for 5 years.

buying flowers online

I love flowers! But I love it more when somebody sends me a bouquet or a basket of fresh flowers. It really feels special to received some flowers. I can remember my friend who  gave me bunches of beautiful, red roses. He always did with the buying flowers online because of the fast and easy access. Through the internet with some clicks , the flowers that he sent would be automatically prepared by the chosen florist.  I can immediately received it right on the day of the occasion. (that was my birthday anyway). I am looking forward to received some flowers again from him.

Dean’s exam day

It was a very gruelling day for me ūüôĀ Mostly sleepless nights for the entire week in preparation for the final examination. ¬†I was very early this morning for the deans exam day. It was a 2 hour exam with very complicated theories and problem solving. ¬†A brain cracking exam I should say with coverage starting from chapter 1 up to the end. Good thing I was able to hurdle the difficulties. I feel relieve now for the 4 months of sacrifices on ¬†my accounting subject. A worth it back to school experience for this semester.