Valentine Cooking

Cooking was part of my valentines day celebration yesterday. I prepared this hearty menu of Penne Pasta in Creamy Beef Sauce. I used to cooked some spaghetti pastas so this time I tried penne. The taste was deliciously tomato based, very creamy with some added zest of the beef and other flavorings.  A great pasta cooking adventure that delighted my valentines day 🙂

Valentines Day

Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly and without law, and must be plucked where it is found, and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration.

May your day be filled with lots of LOVE.


Oklahoma City lawyers

I had a friend Vince who once lived in Oklahoma City. He enjoyed living in that state for years. He told me one time about his nephew  who got problems regarding traffic and DUI. It was a headache for him and  he cant do nothing but to help his nephew to the rescue. Vince consulted the Oklahoma City lawyers regarding the case and immediately asked for help. The good lawyers offered their services and the case filed was finally resolved. A good relief for him and their family.

proactiv acne solution

Acne is one of the biggest skin problems in most people. It is a skin condition that has many contributing factors like diet, food intake, lifestyle, hygiene and many more.  I read stories that people having acne problems developed low self esteem and depression. Many serious problems happened because of this. I would suggest that having a proactiv acne solution could be of great help here. People with skin disorders can now try it and see the wonderful effects and results to the skin.

Time-out for today

Some of my friends were texting me today to meet in the downtown area. I just do not know what’s on their mind this Saturday.  They seem to be relax and free to roam around and have a good time. I replied to them that I am very busy for today because I have to clean and do the laundry in the morning. There are many assignments waiting for work too. Good thing they understand my part so its a time-out for today.

auto insurance quote

My cousin Pete just bought a new SUV car and I am happy for him because at last his dream is finally realized.  According to him, the processing of the car purchased with the authorized dealer was easy and he did not experience any hard time or problems in the registration and insurance. I really recommend him to have an auto insurance quote so that he would have knowledge to review on which he would choose according to his preferences. One consideration also is the financial stability so that there will no problems as far as payments on the car are concerned. It really pays to be insured.

diets that work

At this present time  you can have all the foods that you want to eat (restaurants, fastfoods, groceries,street foods, take out counters) and many more. With these establishments come variety of  yummy and delicious foods to fill in our craving appetite. However, accompanied with all of these is the weight problem which is in the increasing trend nowadays. There are many diets that work now depending on your lifestyle and choice.  My personal diet at this time is to eat in moderation in everything. Eating less on acidic foods and more on alkaline kind of foods like fruits and vegetables.

More assignments again

I am happy to received another sets of assignments for this week.  Many topics to write on in posts that are truly interesting.  I am on the mid topic now and still have more to go.  Thanks for all these assignments. I hope to finished these all today. 🙂

patio furniture

A clean and orderly house is best for living. Not only that. A home with beautiful patio furniture would sure add to the creativity and style of you. Having a patio in one’s home is one perfect idea for urban living where comfort and style always go together. I surely would consider having this part in my dream house soon. Quality furnitures and fixtures are very important choices.  I think I would recommend this  style to my cousin Mylene so that she can have a patio in her newly renovated home.

Campaign on the go

Its almost a week now that the election campaign started. There are many presidentiables going to different provinces or cities to campaign and introduced themselves to the voting public. Last Thursday while I was on my way going to my evening class, the traffic lighted up in red for stop then in a few seconds in green for a go signal. I saw a black  SUV with a man’s face came out of the window. It was Gibo Teodoro making a hand wave and smiling as his convoy passed through the downtown streets. He is one of the hopefuls for the coming election that visited the city. Many are coming over in the next weeks or months to campaign for the election.